I love California. I have been lucky sufficient to travel almost everywhere the country and experience some truly significant parks, museums, and also vistas, yet my heart always leads me ago to my house state.

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Creating a peak ten perform of fun things to perform in California with youngsters was both a joy and heart-wrenching experience- I could have conveniently made the a optimal 100!

After countless hours of deliberation, i feel this list will certainly give family members the can be fried California experience.California family members vacations have the right to be filled v beaches, large city fun, and also lots that adventure in California’s wild places. Without further ado, below are znjke.com’s top 10 fun points to carry out in California v kids.

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Fun things to do in California with Kids

Fun points to perform in California with Kids

1. Roam the California Desert

Joshua Tree nationwide Park

Over 15% the California’s full area is desert, for this reason a expedition to the golden State wouldn’t be complete without part time finding out it’s regularly overlooked beauty.

Families will have actually a blast rise on the enormous boulders surrounding by grotesque, Dr. Seuss-like Joshua tree in Joshua Tree nationwide Park. Feather is the best time for a visit, specifically after a specific rainy winter. The desert becomes a revolt of color from wildflower super blooms.

Don’t miss out on our guide to visiting Joshua Tree nationwide Park through kids.

There is nothing quite favor standing at the lowest point in north America within of Death Valley national Park before climbing up (sledding down) the enormous Eureka Sand Dunes. Death sink is the biggest National Park in the reduced 48 and also is to fill with an excellent scenery and hiking. Visit throughout the winter so friend don’t melt in the heat!

Be sure to review our overview to death Valley national Park prior to you endeavor out right into the desert.

2. Leave her Heart in mountain Francisco

Golden door Bridge

I have yet to watch a city much more beautiful then san Francisco with it’s row-house-lined roll hills, expansive gold Gate Park, and also iconic bridges. Families could spend weeks trying out “The City” (locals would never speak to it mountain Fran) and still not see whatever worth seeing.

Tour Alcatraz, visit the sea lions at Pier 39, ride a cable car, and have a bread key filled with clam chowder from Boudin’s at Fisherman’s Wharf. Paris a kite at Crissy Field within check out of the Golden gate Bridge or snap Instagram-worthy shots of the iconic framework from Baker Beach.

Of course, dining in the city’s plenty of ethnic neighborhoods, experimenting all the significant museums (including the California Academy of Sciences, MoMA, and the Exploratorium), watching free concerts in golden Gate Park, purchase in Union Square, and also catching a Giants video game at Oracle Park are all important experiences as well.

Explore our peak 10 points to carry out in mountain Francisco v kids!

Save huge while you discover San Francisco! The mountain Francisco CityPass will conserve you 44% top top the many popular family attractions in san Francisco. znjke.com is proud to it is in a trusted CityPass affiliate.


3. View San Diego’s Wild Side

San Diego Zoo Cheetah, picture by Flickr Randy Stewart

San Diego is an animal lover’s vacation destination. The is house to the world-famous mountain Diego Zoo and also its 4,000 pets representing 800 types from about the world.

SeaWorld, one aquatic design template park to fill with naval life and family fun, is situated on the calm waters of san Diego’s Mission Bay.

For a safari suffer without the problem of leaving the continent, head to the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park which residences 3,000 African and Asian varieties over 1800 acres, plenty of of which room co-mingling ~ above a recreated savannah the guests have the right to tour native the lull of a narrated safari tram.

Sea stars, limpets, and also anemones living within the birds pools that Cabrillo national Monument’s are always fun to discover. So room the grey whales offshore throughout the winter months. For more good views of the Pacific Coast, head to Coronado Island, home to the famous Hotel Del Coronado and one that the ideal beaches in the state.

Further north, La Jolla is home to impressive beaches together well. Don’t miss the opportunity to kayak in local sea caves or snorkel through harmless tiger sharks at La Jolla Shores. It’s one of the fun things to perform in California with children that many world don’t know about!

If you are in search of culture, head to Balboa Park to visit world-class museums and enjoy an city park bigger than NYC’s main Park. The USS Midway aircraft Carrier Museum have to not be missed together well. Kids love the possibility to discover this huge ship.

Big City Bonus: check out our optimal 10 points to carry out in mountain Diego and also the best hotels for family members in mountain Diego.

4. Was standing at the basic of the biggest & Tallest Living things on Earth

Jedidiah smith Redwoods State Park, photograph by Michelle McCoy

Tucked increase in the northwestern corner of California is a fog-shrouded coastline and also a forest filled through Redwood trees. The tallest Redwood stands at a dizzying 379.1 feet, however looking up at any kind of of the old growth giants is sure to make her head spin.

Redwoods can be uncovered along the California coast, native the California/Oregon border come the area south of Monterey Bay. Redwood nationwide Park has several hiking trails precious exploring. A walk through adjacent Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park’s Fern Canyon feels favor a walk with Jurassic Park. Follow it up v some time top top the beach watching the resident heard the Roosevelt elk.

Further eastern in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Sequoia trees stake their claim as the largest trees on earth. General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world, has a trunk circumference of over 102 feet! Sequoia national Park, Kings Canyon nationwide Park, and Yosemite national Park room the best places come witness these behemoth trees the truly must be seen to it is in believed.

Love national parks?? Don’t miss our California national Parks road expedition itinerary.

5. Point out Stars in Hollywood

Hollywood sign | photo by Flickr/ Gnaphron

It seems choose whenever I talk to human being who space planning their very first vacation in California, a expedition to Hollywood is close to the optimal of their “must do” list. Celebrity dominates our society and Hollywood is the center of the celebrity universe.

Head to global Studios or the Warner brothers lot and also take the fascinating studio tours. We have actually a complete guide to visiting global Studios and even have actually a guide to global Studios food!

You should additionally snag cost-free tickets to watch among your favorite television reflects tape, obstacle elbows v wax representations of your favorite stars at Madame Tussauds, placed your hand in the celebrity prints in prior of Mann’s Chinese Theater, and stroll the Walk the Fame.

If you desire to go for a good Southern California hike, take it the trail in Griffith Park i beg your pardon runs between the Griffith Observatory and also the Hollywood sign. The see of the whole LA basin are spectacular. On a clear day you deserve to see the Pacific Ocean, the snow-capped peaks that Angeles nationwide Forest, and even Mt. San Jacinto near Palms Springs!

Find an ext family friendly fun close to Hollywoodor explore our optimal 10 points to carry out in Los Angeles!

6. See the Deep Blue beauty beauty of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe’s Emerald just

California’s Sierra Nevada mountain selection is filled through azure alpine lakes, evergreen forests, and also granite mountainsides. Lake Tahoe is the crown jewel.

Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in north America. the is amazingly clear and also has a 1,645-foot depth. The surrounding wilderness is a wonderful all-season destination.

During the winter months, alpine sporting activities such as skiing and snowboarding are family members favorites. znjke.com has a considerable guide come the best ski will in Lake Tahoe for families.

During the summer months, boating, hiking, and swimming room the many popular activities at the lake. Hiking the bordering wilderness or floating under the nearby Truckee flow are famous things to execute as well.

7. See main California’s Jaw-Dropping large Sur Coast

McWay drops at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park | picture by Flickr follow McMunn

Imagine walking v a forest and suddenly reaching an opening in the trees. You reach cliff’s edge, hear the crashing Pacific below, and peer end the leaf to find a waterfall plunging down onto the deserted coast below. Sound favor paradise? ns think so!

You can uncover this slice of heaven at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, as well as many an ext take-your-breath-away scenes as you journey the large Sur Coast. Start your scenic journey in Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Make time come kayak previous sea otters and also sea lions in Elkhorn Slough, hike in ~ Point Lobos State Reserve, and visit world-famous Monterey only Aquarium.

Drive further south, gain the natural beauty of big Sur, making time hike or take in the jaw-dropping see from miscellaneous pull-outs along the way. Be certain to make time come visit Hearst castle in mountain Simeon and also enjoy the raucous created by the town’s resident rookery of elephant seals.

Discover the optimal 10 things to execute in Monterey with kids.

8. Visit the Happiest ar on Earth

Mickey and also Minnie in ~ Disneyland , picture by Disney Parks

Magical under to the really last detail, a pilgrimage to the Disneyland resort is many definitely an essential California experience. Sure there space parks in Florida, Japan, and also Europe, but Disneyland is the original.

Walt Disney want Disneyland come be repeatedly evolving, and also the recent additions to the park have us an ext excited than ever before to invest time in ~ the “Happiest location on Earth”. Star Wars: Galaxy’s sheet is the newest addition, v a brand-new Avengers Campus booked to open up up in ~ Disney’s California Adventure.

We at znjke.com proud ourselves ~ above being Disneyland experts. We have so many good resources to market families, consisting of Disneyland tips and lodging recommendations close to the park. Visit ours Disneyland vacation planning overview which is to fill with resources for family members planning your Disney vacations.

9. Fall in Love through Yosemite

Yosemite drops

John Muir once said that Yosemite, “but no holy place made v hands deserve to compare through Yosemite. Every rock in its walls appears to glow with life…as if into this one hill mansion Nature had actually gathered her choicest treasures…

Standing in the middle of Yosemite Valley surrounding by slim granite monoliths, rushing waterfalls, and lush meadows, it is tough to disagree. however Yosemite is much much more than that small, 7-mile-by-1-mile valley. The is Tuolumne Meadows, Glacier Point, Mariposa Grove, Hetch Hetchy, and also 761,268 acre of pristine and protected wilderness.

Truth be told, Yosemite Valley can be very crowded throughout the high season, which is why we are happy come share our secrets to enjoy it Yosemite without the Crowds. We also have a an excellent guide to the optimal Things to do in Yosemite v kids.

10. Watch a Sunset on the coast in California through Kids

Huntington beach

California has 840 mile of coastline and also hundreds of diverse beaches simply waiting to it is in explored.

Wide sandy beaches like Santa Monica (home to the well known Santa Monica Pier)or Huntington Beach are famous with households looking for a classic California beach day.

Animal enthusiasts will certainly love spotting elephant seals at Año Nuevo and also sea otters turn off Avila coast in central California.

See i beg your pardon beaches make our list of the best beaches in southern California.

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The lonely windswept beaches of Point Reyes are just as beautiful together the sun-kissed surfing clues in Santa Barbara. So whether it is ~ above white sand in Laguna Beach, black sand and also at Stinson Beach, or among rocky tidelands along north California’s lost Coast, do time to rigid out right into Pacific and watch those last moments of irradiate slip away. Isn’t California grand?

Find the height 10 things to execute with kids near you!

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