Not sure just how to select which timber furniture is finest for you? You"ve come to the best place! We’ll assist you decide which is the finest wood furniture for her home and style. Purchase solid wood furniture is an invest that you’ll enjoy for years to come. There are numerous different varieties of lumber for furniture.

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Shop for wood furniture with confidence! Our useful guide explains the benefits, appearance and characteristics of different types of hardwood for furniture. Keep analysis to uncover the best wood furniture for your home!

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Walnut is a hard, solid and durable wood because that furniture. It carves well and holds its shape for years. This makes it perfect for ornate furniture that needs a high level the craftsmanship. This timber is right for invest pieces and furniture you desire to continue to be in your family for generations. Think Amish Heirloom furniture.

In phibìc America, walnut grows from vermont to the great Plains and south v Louisiana and Texas. Its color varies native white come dark brown, and it"s known for its huge burls. Common species include Brazilian walnut, Caribbean walnut, black color walnut and also North American walnut wood. Walnut’s grain is frequently straight, but some waves show up closer to the roots. Walnut is the ideal wood for furniture that is ornate and requires a most detail.

Fun fact: because of its sturdy nature, walnut was provided to make airplane propellers in human being War I.


Maple is just one of the hardest wood varieties for furniture. It’s regularly used for heavy-use items prefer dressers and also dining sets, together it deserve to take a beating. Maple is an ext affordable than various other hardwoods. This, an unified with that is durability, provides it ideal for young families.

Maple is uncovered primarily in the an excellent Lakes region. Its color ranges native cream come reddish-brown, however it takes dark stains particularly well. So, maple hardwood can easily be stained to resemble more expensive wood choose mahogany. Maple wood has a straight, fine grain through occasional bird"s-eye or fiddleback patterns. Difficult maple usually has a lighter shade while soft maple has tendency to be slightly darker.

Fun fact: countless scholars think maple was used to construct the inner structure of the Trojan horse.


Mahogany is a resilient hardwood that’s frequently used because that investment, intricate pieces of furniture. The wood species has a pleasingly fine, directly grain. Due to the fact that of the trees’ large size, mahogany is created in huge boards. This renders it perfect because that focal suggest furniture. Mahogany has a timeless look and also adds warmth come the room. Any type of mahogany lumber furniture will certainly last generations with ideal care.

Mahogany is indigenous to Mexico, main and southern America, yet it"s grown throughout the tropics and Africa. African mahogany has actually become more popular than southern American mahogany. However, neck pieces room most regularly made of southern American mahogany. Its color varies from pale come pink come reddish-brown with a right grain. Mahogany is the best wood because that furniture the is elegant and timeless, especially large pieces choose dining tables.

Fun fact: Mahogany is regularly used in music instruments, providing the sound a rich, warm tone.


Birch is one extremely strong and durable hardwood that grows abundantly in phibìc America. The species’ beautiful appearance and also blond color make that a an excellent wood kind for modern-day furniture. It has an elegant, clean-lines grain that complements simplistic inner design.

Birch grow in the Northeast and great Lakes regions and along the Appalachians. Its color ranges indigenous cream to light reddish-brown v a good grain. The wood’s strong, sturdy nature provides it great for woodworking and detailed craftsmanship.

Fun fact: Howard Hughes" famed H-4 Hercules aircraft, well-known as the "Spruce Goose," was in reality made that birch.


Oak is a durable and also long-lasting lumber type. Due to the fact that of the trees’ slow-moving growth, the timber is very dense, adding to that quality. The timber adapts come a selection of finishes. This makes it appropriate for both modern and classic furniture. It’s likewise often used for Mission/Arts & Crafts furniture design.

Most oak lumber comes from the eastern and main United States. Plenty of American antiques are constructed of oak wood. Oak furniture will certainly last centuries with suitable care. The color ranges from irradiate brown to pinkish-red with a swirling or strip grain. Oak furniture is regularly known together a scratch- and stain-resistant wood, if properly finished.

Fun fact: The present Oval Office workdesk is make of oak and also was offered to president Hayes through Queen Victoria in 1880.


Cherry hardwood is recognized for its extremely straight and also uniform grain. The lumber polishes well and has a beautiful perfect look. Additionally known for its popularity use for antique furniture, cherry is last centuries through the appropriate care. The is thought about a prized hardwood amongst craftsmen. Cherry lumber furniture is regularly an invest that will pay off long-term.

Cherry is discovered in the eastern joined States. Its distinctive color starts together a pinkish-brown and also darkens come a deep red v a directly grain and some rippling. Like most wooden furniture pieces, cherry becomes an ext beautiful as it ages. Cherry is the finest wood for furniture that’s designed to last because that years and also stay in her family.

Fun fact: contradictory to renowned belief, George Washington never confessed come cutting under a cherry tree.


Bamboo is known for its environment-friendly nature and beautiful blond coloring. The varieties is in reality a grass, rather than hardwood. Because of this, bamboo grows rapidly. That grows about 10-times much faster than hardwoods do. Bamboo also resists swelling and shrinking.

Bamboo grow in every continent other than Europe and Antarctica. Its shade varies from an extremely light to a warm medium tone, but naturally, that boasts a soft blonde color. Bamboo furniture is versatile for design but is most common in modern-day interior design. Bamboo is the ideal wood for furniture made for environmentally-conscious families and contemporary design.

Fun fact: The Tensile toughness of an typical Bamboo varieties is 3 times more powerful than typical construction-grade wood.


Pine is well-known with rustic and farmhouse design. That is a lightweight wood, do it an excellent for households that relocate frequently. Jaw is an inexpensive wood and is a good option because that those that aren’t rather ready for the investment of various other wood types. Jaw paints well and painted jaw furniture is frequently used because that kids’ rooms due to the fact that of the fun colors.

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Pine is found throughout the northern Hemisphere. Its color ranges indigenous white to light brown through yellow or red tones, and it"s known for that is beautiful knots. The knots room what include character and rustic charm to the finish. Pine lumber furniture resists shrinking and also swelling, maintaining its form for years.

Fun fact: The oldest living pine tree in the human being is a bristlecone jaw that"s 5,065 year old.