10 finest Episodes that The Twilight Zone, follow to IMDB though it was newly rebooted, we"re here to recount 10 of the ideal episodes the the initial Twilight region series, follow to your IMDb scores.

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The Twilight Zone is still thought about one of the scariest and also best-written TV mirrors of all-time. It encounters mature themes and commentaries on culture and blends them right into well-crafted creepy and suspenseful stories that have actually terrified viewers from generation come generation.

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It was definitely ahead of its time and paved the means for other classic horror anthologies such as The outer Limits, Tales native The Darkside, and tales From The Crypt. There have likewise been many revivals the the TV series, yet nothing compares to the genius job-related of rod Serling. Below are IMDB"s best-rated episodes of this classic series that continue to mesmerize viewers.

This episode encounters what one is willing to do to protect their family, while, in ~ the same time, just how emotional and also scary circumstances can divide close relationships among friends.

A family hides in a fallout sanctuary after everyone believes a nuclear strike is about to occur. Friends and neighbors that the family shot their finest to rest in for this reason they can defend their very own families, together well. This illustration shows just how humans react to danger situations, and the last moments enable characters to establish how much they space willing to go in order to endure themselves. Filled through suspense, this episode is a highlight of a collection and is entertaining from beginning to end.

This fun secret episode requires a group of human being at a diner do the efforts to number out who amongst them is not that they speak they are. In fact, they could be a martian play themselves off together a human. This episode is pure entertain filled with suspense and also a great mystery. The dialogue and interactions between all the "suspects" space top-notch. It each other old Agatha Christie stories, but it includes a satisfying sci-fi twist come it. The final moment itself is precious the watch.

A favorite among many viewers, this episode entails a tiny boy terrifying a tiny town through his unique powers, top everyone right into doing precisely as that says. Movies and TV comprise creepy children have been roughly for years, and this episode is among the best.

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Part of the creepiness the the episode is wondering where the young sends people when they make him angry. The is proclaimed that he sends out them into the "cornfield," but, what precisely does the mean? The ending is among the scariest scene of any type of episode of The Twilight Zone, and also one may never look at their child the same means again.

7 "The Masks" (Season 5, illustration 25) - 8.8

civilization are more facility than lock appear. Human being who seem sweet and innocent rotate out to have a dark side, and others that make you careful may it is in the sweetest human being in the world.

This episode entails a dying guy making sure the members of his family"s faces match the people they space on the inside. He provides them stay these creepy masks throughout the episode, and also the final moment is among the finest endings of any type of episode of the series. The assembly effects, because that the time, space top-notch, and the great performances by anyone in the cast make this illustration a classic.

Before Chucky terrified audiences all over in the Child"s Play franchise, there to be "Talky Tina." A average stepfather gets what he deserves when his stepdaughter"s doll take away a turn from being cute come sinister.

This suspenseful tale is taken into consideration one of the scariest illustration of the series, and rightfully so. Creepy dolls have actually been about in TV and film because that years, and also this is just one of the absolute best depictions the the concept. V a good performance by Kojak"s Telly Savalas and also voice-acting by June Foray, this episode is sure to do viewers think twice before letting their kids play through dolls.

5 "The Monsters room Due on Maple Street" (Season 1, illustration 22) - 9.0

prefer "The Shelter," this episode involves how friends and neighbors behave as soon as they space put right into a scary situation, and also this might be the finest example. Neighbors in a nice tiny suburb space driven right into madness as soon as they all are afraid each other, believing the an alien invasion is occurring.

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Viewers progressively watch as everyone in the cast is propelled insane with fear and destruction on your minds. The ethical of the story capitalizes ~ above the reality that the just thing human being need to fear is themselves.

burgess Meredith stars in one of the first, and also best, illustration of The Twilight Zone. Meredith dram an avid leader who merely wants peace and also quiet for this reason he can enjoy the wondrous and also fascinating civilization of literature. After ~ an explosion reasons him to it is in the only male alive top top Earth, he ultimately has the time to check out all the books he wants, or does he? This tragic story has, arguably, the saddest finishing in the background of The Twilight Zone, and Burgess Meredith"s performance is worth the watch itself.

3 "To serve Man" (Season 3, illustration 24) - 9.1

This illustration has every little thing a fan of the show can want. It has actually suspense, a unique mystery, a fun sci-fi premise, great performances, and also a fantastic plot twist. Richard Kiel, perhaps best known because that his function of "Jaws" in the James link movies, provides a great performance as among the aliens coming to Earth and also declaring they desire to "serve" humans. The makeup impacts for the aliens room pretty fine done for television of the era. The twist ending is iconic, and it is a great example of The Twilight Zone"s wonderful writing.

When world think of The Twilight Zone, this is one of the illustration that come to mind. A woman recovering from surgery has actually bandages covering her totality face. She to trust she is ugly, and she merely wants to look like everyone else.

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The method the illustration was shot was unique, as viewers perform not check out anyone"s confront until the an extremely end. The suspense and anticipation for the removed of the bandages are an extremely well crafted, and also the shocking finishing makes this episode one of the many iconic illustration in TV history.

1 "Nightmare in ~ 20,000 Feet" (Season 5, illustration 3) - 9.2

even though season 5 was the final season, there were still plenty of popular and well-made episodes being produced, and this is definitely one of them. William Shatner stars together a guy constantly see a creature on the soup of an aircraft during his flight.

It is just one of the creepiest illustration of the series, and it might make viewers wonder what they would perform in a similar situation. Filled with suspense and also terror, this episode is a highlight of the series, and also it has actually a clever jump scare thrown in there the is sure to make any type of viewer think twice prior to looking the end the window.

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