We surveyed more than 500 people, bought and tested 40 varieties of toilet paper over 4 months, and also then had 10 panelists use and also rate our ripe finalists to find the one that could ideal satisfy the needs of most people. That toilet paper is Cottonelle Ultra lull Care.

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Cottonelle Ultra lull Care

Best all-around toilet paper

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort treatment provides the best balance the softness, cleaning power, absorption, and also prevention the lint or remnants. You will do it use much less of it due to the fact that it works better.

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort treatment does the finest job, on balance, of cleaning up, emotion deluxe there is no leaving lint behind, remaining together while taking in liquid, and yet disintegrating when totally immersed in toilets and plumbing. It’s no the cheapest, yet you will likely use less of it 보다 cheaper toilet paper because the works.

Charmin Ultra Strong

Very absorptive, less soft

Charmin Ultra strong absorbed the most liquid while remaining together. It’s not as soft and costs more, but it’s nearly as great as our pick and also widely available.

If you can’t easily buy Cottonelle’s Ultra Comfort treatment variety, a an extremely close and widely easily accessible runner-up is Charmin Ultra Strong. Ours panelists no think it cleaned as well, yet it was close in softness and also linting. Ours own experimentation showed Charmin Ultra strong absorbed the most, the ripped an ext cleanly indigenous its roll, and also it seemed stronger as soon as wet in our own observations, which provides it a better paper for what we’ll call trouble trips. It may not dissolve as conveniently in pipes or septic systems, and it prices a bit much more than Ultra lull Care. Yet it’s a an excellent toilet paper, and you deserve to usually find it at many grocery, big-box, or drug stores.


Charmin Essentials

The cheaper stock-up option

Charmin Essentials provides much better softness and cleaning power 보다 you’d mean for its very reasonable price, yet it’s no as soft and also doesn’t absorb and our other picks.

If you have actually the space to store a many toilet paper or you need to save money, us recommend purchase Charmin Essentials. The about half the price of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort treatment per square foot (and 60 percent that Charmin Ultra Strong), however it works and feels about 70 percent as great as those papers. It’s no the kind of thick or fluffy toilet document that feels "premium," yet it’s not poor for the price.

Cottonelle Ultra comfort Care

Best all-around toilet paper

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort care provides the best balance that softness, clean power, absorption, and also prevention the lint or remnants. You’ll use much less of it because it functions better.

Charmin Ultra Strong

Very absorptive, less soft

Charmin Ultra strong absorbed the many liquid while continuing to be together. It’s not as soft and costs more, however it’s virtually as great as our pick and also widely available.

Charmin Essentials

The cheaper stock-up option

Charmin Essentials provides better softness and also cleaning power than you’d intend for its really reasonable price, but it’s no as soft and also doesn’t absorb and our other picks.

I wrote the original version that this guide in beforehand 2013, spending around 20 hrs reading and also researching the category. Since then, I have actually written guides to record towels and facial tissues, discovering a good deal about the record manufacturing industry, recycling, and how file products work and break apart. Because that what it’s worth, I likewise researched and also wrote a overview to The finest Toilet Brush.

For this update, i put an additional 20 hrs into researching a much wider array that brands and varieties. I interviewed Kenn Fischburg, owner of consumers Interstate Corporation and author that The Toilet record Encyclopedia, Duncan Cross, who formerly blogged about healthcare and also living through a chronic illness; and a representative through emergency pipes firm 911 Restoration. I additionally tested samples myself, together with soliciting people—half Wirecutter staffers, half outside testers—to shot our height contenders.

One point we learned native the initial version of this guide: The finest toilet document doesn’t perform anybody much an excellent if it can’t be easily purchased, let alone bought at all. Us learned this after ours prior recommended variety (White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra bathroom Tissue) ended up being hard to find. For this to update guide, we sought a toilet file that was significantly much better than the competition, but additionally sold in ~ widely easily accessible stores, sold online, and available in quantities that could carry out a discount come those with the room to stock it. So we considered major store brands and significant manufacturers, and made a sweep of grocery, big-box retail, and also drug stores to check on availability.

We began narrowing down candidates v an virtual survey the drew much more than 700 responses. The inspection asked what characteristics people valued, and they called us: softness, price, wet strength, cleaning power, and also being lint-free, in the order. We also asked what sort of toilet file they buy, exactly how much of it, what castle think it need to cost, and also where they buy toilet paper (or "bath tissue," in Victorian-minded industry-speak) many of the time.

We conveniently filtered down the an ext than 40 brands and also models us initially thought about (and purchased) through our survey results, ratings by exterior publications (like good Housekeeping), and also online buyers’ reviews.

Samples of toilet paper, weighed both dry and soaked, paper by sheet, through a precision gram scale. Photo: Kevin Purdy

We objectively measured our half-dozen finalists through weighing sheets before and also after dunking castle in water to identify an absorption ratio. When measuring this, us also noted how fine the tissue organized together while wet, and also if it fell apart as soon as pulled from the water for weighing. Us subjectively considered how well they tore off both a standing toilet file holder and also one collection into a wall, making use of both the left and also right hands.

Most helpful, though, was gaining actual humans to usage eight various varieties the toilet file and provide their feedback on exactly how the documents performed in a actual bathroom. So we offered up a query on Twitter and also five persons responded. Us mailed to them packages of toilet paper, labeled with letters, and also asked them to price from 1-5 each sample’s softness, wet strength, cleaning power, and also lint-free quality (matching the top priorities of ours surveyed readers). We also roped in four Wirecutter staffers and one volunteer at a coworking space, to perform the same. The testers (six female, four male) listed anonymous feedback with in-depth ratings come bolster our own observations, research, and also survey findings.

A keep in mind on preventing clogs: Both Toilet record Encyclopedia writer Kenn Fischburg and a representative with repair 911 plumbing told us that part people—especially children and also teenagers—use too lot toilet paper, specifically when utilizing a multi-ply premium brand (like our optimal pick and runner-up). Each toilet is different, but if did you do it used an ext than 10 to 15 squares the toilet file already, consider flushing midway v the visit. And also if younger human being in your house use too lot toilet paper, take into consideration buying castle the thinner, cheaper budget plan pick, rather than the premium brand you earned.

Cottonelle Ultra lull Care

Best all-around toilet paper

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort treatment provides the ideal balance of softness, clean power, absorption, and also prevention that lint or remnants. You’ll use less of it since it functions better.

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort care was the all at once best-rated toilet record by our panel of 10 testers, and also we understand why. That panel found that Ultra Comfort care had the best mix of clean power, softness, and strength, and it left the the very least amount that lint. That was amongst the ideal at absorption, yet its squares still liquified well in plumbing. It has a great balance of characteristics that will work-related for many people and most bathroom visits, and also it can be purchase in bulk and also stocked, if desired.

Cottonelle Ultra comfort Care, with its trademark “ripples” and patterned ridges. Photo: Michael Hession

Drag Ultra comfort Care versus your skin, and also you’ll feel why our trial and error panel rated that both the best at clean power and as the second softest. The thickness hold it with each other as the moves, however the varied texture does the picking up. Those indented ripples additionally seem to host the 2 plies of document together an ext tightly than other brands. Ultra Comfort treatment feels prefer one smooth sheet and doesn’t slip into a thinner variation of itself throughout use, unlike Kirkland Signature, or various other cheaper papers. Ultra Comfort treatment excels at cleaning fine while emotion comfortable.

Softness is relative, from person to person, and from visit come visit come the toilet, yet Ultra Comfort treatment tied for 2nd in softness amongst the wide selection of brand we sent out our testers. The rippled texture have the right to seem choose a marketing gimmick, yet it works. The toilet document that ranked over Ultra Comfort treatment in our dashboard tests, Scott Extra Soft, had actually notably much less cleaning power. Kirkland Signature (Costco), i m sorry tied for 2nd with Ultra comfort Care, likewise ranked reduced in clean power, and also placed significantly below Cottonelle in linting. Ultra Comfort care is solid when wet, rated second out that 10 by our testers.

In our 15-second water dunk test, the Cottonelle Ultra Comfort care exhibited wet strength, staying together well.

Squares the the Cottonelle Ultra Comfort treatment don’t tear off as neatly as various other papers; we saw some occasionally shaggy edges during our tear-off tests. Photo: Michael Hession

In everyday use, Ultra Comfort treatment leaves small lint behind; that tied for the very least lint with our runner-up, Charmin Ultra Strong. We noticed in ours tearing tests that the perforated edge of Ultra Comfort treatment squares are slightly shaggy, and also if a square tears turn off unevenly, the fraying deserve to release part lint. In use, though, Ultra Comfort treatment is reasonably clean.

Women mostly gave Ultra lull Care greater ratings 보다 men, probably for its fantastic absorption. Ultra Comfort care carried 11 time its dry weight in water, the 3rd most that those us tested. That’s a great bit much more than Kirkland Signature or also the thicker Quilted north Ultra Plush. Cottonelle Ultra Comfort treatment edged the end Charmin Essentials (our budget pick), and was contempt behind Scott Naturals Tube-Free and Charmin Ultra Strong.

Once toilet file becomes soaked in a restroom bowl, it then moves swiftly through pipes and should break down as it moves along.

Cottonelle Ultra comfort Care’s packaging has actually a unique purple arch, make it basic to clues (and identify from the various other Cottonelle brands, which space blue or green). Photo: Michael Hession

Kenn Fischburg, owner that SupplyTime.com and also author that the Toilet file Encyclopedia, actually prefers Cottonelle’s "regular" brand, Clean Care, however says that Cottonelle file is normally “the most technologically advanced paper I know,” through “very good wet strength.” Duncan Cross, that blogs around his life handling Crohn’s disease, created in an e-mail that softness and pipe fragmentation matter to males who have actually “rare and also dry bowel movements,” however for women and also those whose motions are “frequent or messy,” wet strength and also cleaning power space paramount. Cross created that Cottonelle’s texture “gives it an excellent ‘grip’ … when making it less complicated on soft parts,” and also that it “stands as much as wetness much better than most toilet papers.”

Squares of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort treatment do not always rip cleanly off the roll. If you understand yourself well enough to recognize you favor a clean tear-off v every visit, go v our runner-up, Charmin Ultra Strong, which deserves a yellow medal in sheet-tearing.

It’s not a budget toilet paper; you can acquire Kirkland Signature, or saturday Generation for half the price. Yet it’s less expensive than ultra-premium brands like Quilted north Ultra Plush, and Charmin’s Ultra Soft and also Ultra strong brands. It likewise performs a good deal better than plenty of papers that cost more.

Charmin Ultra Strong

Very absorptive, less soft

Charmin Ultra strong absorbed the many liquid while staying together. It’s no as soft and costs more, however it’s almost as great as ours pick and widely available.

We found Charmin Ultra solid to have notably less cleaning power, slightly much less softness, and a an extremely slightly greater likelihood come lint than our height pick. Charmin Ultra strong also had actually less wet strength, guys in our trial and error panel found, however women uncovered it around even. Notably, though, we discovered Charmin Ultra solid to be far an ext absorptive than various other brands, more powerful than our panel believed, the ideal at tearing cleanly turn off its roll, and more widely easily accessible than our optimal pick.

Charmin Ultra strong isn’t together soft as our top pick, and also it available less cleaning power. Photo: Michael Hession

Charmin Ultra solid held about 13.5 time its dry weight in water in ours testing, a bit an ext than Cottonelle Ultra Comfort treatment (see graph above). Many important, that is sheets held together if dunked, removed, and carried end to the scale. Gift able to retain moisture without falling personal is a crucial job for toilet paper, so that it doesn’t leave wet remnants, and you don’t end up making use of a toilet-clogging amount because that tougher toilet visits. The just other brands close to Charmin Ultra Strong’s wet-to-dry proportion were our pick, Scott Naturals Tube-Free, which dropped apart totally when choose up, and Charmin Essentials, our spending plan pick, in-depth further below.

Our panelists rated Charmin Ultra strong an average of 3.4 the end of a possible 5 in wet strength, contrasted with Cottonelle Ultra comfort Care’s median of 4. Having dunked this brands in water because that testing, our own rating because that Charmin Ultra solid is at least corresponding the Cottonelle choose at 4 the end of 5, or possibly a bit higher. That feels like it stop together as soon as dry better than Cottonelle, too.

Squares of Charmin Ultra strong tore almost perfectly from the roll, virtually every time, offering the cleanest tear-off of any record we tested. Photo: Michael Hession

When sheets room pulled native rolls, Charmin Ultra strong does the best. That tore right on that perforated line 18 the end of 20 times, and the two not-perfect rips result in an extremely minor inward tears of less than an inch. Just Charmin Essentials, our budget pick, come close to the Ultra Strong’s perfect tearing.

Charmin Ultra Strong’s packaging attributes a red stripe and, yes, a seemingly 4-inch-tall bear. Photo: Michael Hession

Charmin Ultra strong was the go-to toilet file recommended through "Toilet document King" Kenn Fischburg. Fischburg told us it to be his appropriate mix of lull (softness, linting) and performance (absorption, wet strength). “It leaves the skin dry, it no tear, and it’s incredibly soft, feeling like a T-shirt, almost,” Fischburg said.

Charmin Essentials

The cheaper stock-up option

Charmin Essentials provides better softness and cleaning power than you’d expect for its very reasonable price, but it’s no as soft and also doesn’t absorb and our various other picks.

Charmin Essentials no perform and our height pick or runner-up, yet compared with other budget plan papers it’s surprisingly soft, strong, and also effective at cleaning, and also tears excellently native the roll. If you trying to reduced costs, this file saves you roughly 20 percent end the Cottonelle Ultra lull Care, and also all those cents per foot will add up over time.

Charmin Essentials is a one-ply paper, but it was especially softer and had more cleaning power than various other discount files we tested. Photo: Michael Hession

Our panelists believed the Charmin Essentials was among the softer papers; it’s no as soft together the Cottonelle Ultra comfort Care, yet it conveniently beat the cheaper papers (like Kirkland Signature or Scott 1000). It dropped somewhere in the middle of the fill in our panel’s wet-strength ratings (averaging 3.4 the end of 5), yet we found it held nearly as lot water together our optimal pick while staying together. The tied v Charmin Ultra solid on cleaning strength in our panelists’ ratings, and also while it didn’t come close come Charmin Ultra Strong’s absorption, the did almost tie our Cottonelle pick.

Charmin Essentials, identified by the yellow branding stripe and also the be afflicted with holding the calculator for the subtle “budget” message. Photo: Michael Hession

Charmin Essential’s main weakness is that linting. It’s how amazing fluffy because that a one-ply paper, and also strong, but when it does break apart, it deserve to leave part lint. I didn’t find it as lint-prone as ultra-plush brands like Quilted northern or Scott Extra Soft in mine testing, however our panelists placed it last the end of nine brands, v a 3.2 median rating the end of 5 (the peak brand garnered a 4.25).

Don’t buy wipes, unless you’re willing to put your supplied wipes in her bathroom rubbish can, or maintain a separate deserve to for them.

Don’t buy wipes, unless you’re willing to put your used wipes in her bathroom garbage can, or keep a separate can for them. Flushing them down your toilet is passing along a substantial problem to your sewer system, as shown by sewer dilemmas in new York City, London, and recurring difficulties in Miami, Louisiana, Ottawa, and virtually any various other city where someone interviews a regional sewer solution manager.

The toilet files we recommend space made native virgin timber pulp. Both Kimberly-Clark, maker of Cottonelle, and Procter & Gamble, maker of Charmin, pledge the their wood resources are 100 percent legal and also that castle buy just from vendors practicing sustainable forest management.

None the the environmentally friendlier toilet files we tested, both because that this updated guide or in vault versions, came close come a favorable balance the softness, cleaning power, linting, or, in particular, wet strength. Us tested Scott Naturals Tube-Free, yet it entirely disintegrated during our absorb testing. If environmental involves trump those criteria because that you, the national Resources Defense Council, and Greenpeace carry out guidance come which toilet documents are the many earth-friendly.

Scott Extra Soft the highest ranked by ours panel for softness (4.6 the end of 5), however it was only center of the roadway (3.6) for cleaning power and linting. It can make a an excellent budget alternative for those who worth softness above all else.

White Cloud Ultra solid & Soft to be our prior pick for the best toilet paper, and it likely still would certainly be if it were much more widely available. The same general dismissal walk for many store brands, v one exception: Kirkland Signature, native Costco.

Kirkland Signature earn high marks from our dashboard in softness, wet strength, and also cleaning power, but absorbed the the very least out of any toilet document we tested. We likewise saw a few squares break into wet, rolled-up pieces once it was handled while wet. It was claimed a best-value toilet document by Victor Ly, who crunched the data because that the Toilet file Value Calculator.

Scott Naturals Tube-Free, which appears to it is in discontinued, deserve the shortest ratings our panel provided out in soft (averaging 2 the end of 5) and also cleaning power (2.75), and earned second-to-last place in linting and wet strength. It took in the second-most liquid, yet paradoxically dropped apart throughout testing.

Charmin Ultra Soft was no ultra-soft, or ultra-anything to our panelists. It average a 3 out of 5 in softness, just over 3 in wet strength and also cleaning power. It didn’t lint, however it costs virtually the same as Charmin Ultra strong and is not as good.

Quilted northern Ultra Plush is a pillowy soft three-ply document that dropped in the center of the fill for softness, strength, and cleaning power through our panel, but near the bottom in linting. The absorbs 33 percent less than Ultra Strong, and also we uncovered it come have substantially less cleaning power.

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Cottonelle Clean treatment did really poorly once tested for absorption, comes apart in wet strands when moved from water to scale, and likewise ripped clean only about half the time us pulled it off the roll. It was ranked second to critical in soft by our panel.