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September is a really popular take trip month in the joined States. In early on September, americans visit their family members members on labor Day or setup outdoor and adventure activities during the last weekend the summer. Later in the month, number of places about the nation are in ~ their height for autumn colors attracting visitors.

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The ideal time to take trip in September is after labor Day in between the 2nd and 4th week. Famous destinations are much less crowded, roadways are less busy, and also rates space lower. Plan your trip mid-week if possible.

We carry out you with beneficial advice once traveling on or roughly Labor work weekend and also tips because that the best time and also places for autumn foliage in September.

Best Time to take trip by airplane for job Day in September


The peak time because that leaf-peeping normally starts in early October at many travel destinations. However, places at greater elevations encounter their fall shade explosions as early as mid-September or even sometimes in early on September.

Special Tip: In coastal Maine, the pipeline start transforming in so late September, however we imply to give it shot regardless the the autumn colors. Inspect out our complete Maine season guide, with tips because that fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Denali national Park (Alaska)

Fall foliage height time: at an early stage September

In Denali nationwide Park, you deserve to spot beautiful sheet colors from so late August until the first week the September. There is also a opportunity of north Lights viewing. Make sure to check out our complete Denali nationwide Park guide with fall shade tips and also tips for every season and also month.

Glacier national Park (Montana)

Fall foliage top time: Mid-September to mid-October

The yellow aspens sell a charming contrast to the snow-capped mountains and the year-round environment-friendly pines. As loss progresses, an ext and more leaves turn red, bring about a gorgeous landscape. September is a great time come visit Glacier nationwide Park for the turning leaves.

Aspen (Colorado)

Fall foliage optimal time: Mid-September to so late September

Aspen provides a fairly short foliage period for tourists in the fall. The leaf colors space peaking in Aspen in ~ the third and 4th weeks that September. The easiest means to view the gorgeous pipeline is come hike on among the trails in the region.

Santa Fe National forest (New Mexico)

Fall foliage top time: so late September to at an early stage or mid-October

The fall color period in Northern new Mexico generally lasts a couple of weeks. It’s an underrated location for fall shade explosions. However, we very recommend it come travelers. Girlfriend can explore the an ar and its golden leaves by control on the Santa Fe National woodland Scenic Byway.

Columbia flow Gorge (Oregon)

Fall foliage height time: late September

During the last weekend that September, girlfriend should be able to spot a gorgeous screen of orange, gold, and red leaves. The best method to see the fall color is by driving on the historic Columbia flow Highway. Don’t forget to visit Multnomah falls (and read our ‘Best Time come Visit Guide), specifically in the fall and also winter months.

Other an excellent places because that viewing fall foliage in September are:

Connecticut: Mid-September, so late September until NovemberMichigan: Mid-September to early OctoberNew Hampshire (Northern Region): beginning end the SeptemberCalifornia (June Lake) starting mid-September

Other Parks: The pipeline in Acadia national Park typically don’t begin to turn before late September. However, this is the many stunning nationwide park for watching the fall color explosion. Check out our famous Best Time come Visit Acadia Guide for the most beneficial tips and also awesome photos.

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Wildlife September Tip: If you’re in search of the finest national park to visit in September, then Yellowstone should be on your list! We composed a finish Yellowstone Wildlife Guide and Calendar with plenty of stunning pet photos and also unique tips.