Did you recognize sharks have several rows of this in each jaw, and also that your teeth have tendency to loss out nice easily? it’s true! Sharks room constantly losing and also regenerating teeth by the thousands, and those little (and periodically big) prizes will end up washing ashore on the coast at part point.

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If you occur to find a tooth v a white crown and root, chances are it’s no that old. Yet if you take place to find a tooth that is darkly colored, friend have discovered an actual fossil! many of the shark teeth discovered on the Carolina coastline are fossilized, and also some belong come extinct types that date ago millions the years. In fact, several giant Megalodon shark teeth have been discovered along the cool Strand in the past several years — and also a Mastodon tooth this previous summer! That’s fairly a holidays souvenir.

Here are some fun tips for finding shark teeth on the cool Strand:

Not sure once to begin your search? The ideal time to uncover shark this is as soon as the birds is roll in. Low birds is another good time come search.

Not sure where come look? Stick to the covering beds follow me the coastline, where the water pushes ashore and also then recedes, leave behind a bounty of treasure.

Not having much happy on the sand? Each wave has actually the potential of happen in new teeth, so try your lucky spotting part in shallow water.

Not certain what come look for? When combing the beach for shark teeth, look at for piece that space triangular, an extremely shiny, and also black.

Not certain if what you discovered is a shark tooth? Wet shell bits space shiny and also can right the above description. Shark teeth will also have a gum line at the base and ridges along the edge that involved a sharp point.

You’ll have to sift through lots of shell bits to find what girlfriend seek, so be patient and also look carefully! You can purchase devices online to assist with your search, or construct a an easy fossil sifter to lug on your trip. Click right here for accuse from Popular Science.

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