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Planning a camping expedition to Assateague Island? In this epic guide, you’ll learn about Assateague Island camping, hiking, campgrounds, attractions, weather, as soon as to visit, and also much more. Plus, lots of photos and also videos the Assateague Island.

Assateague Island Camping (Visitors Guide)4 national Seashore and State Park Campgrounds4 Maryland and Virginia regional Campgrounds4 Attractions in Assateague Island9 Assateague Island HikesAssateague Island Weather: Monthly AveragesAbout Assateague Island nationwide ParkCamping on Assateague Island

Assateague Island Camping (Visitors Guide)

Assateague islands is a obstacle island situated off the east coast of the Delmarva peninsula. That is 37 mile (60 km) long.

The north two thirds that Assateague Island are in Maryland and also the southern third is in Virgina.

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In this guide, you’ll learn about camping, hiking, attractions, weather and also when come visit. Plus, ns answer 30+ usual questions around camping in Assateague Island.

Map the Assateague Island

There are 8 campgrounds to pick from when planning your expedition to Assateague Island.

The very first four room in the national Seashore and State Park Campgrounds. The last four are regional campgrounds.

4 National Seashore and also State Park Campgrounds

1. Oceanside Drive-in (National Seashore)

Dates: open Year RoundNumber of Sites: 38Elevation: 4 feetReservation System: Reservations easily accessible March 15 to November 15. Otherwise, first-come, first-served basisCost per night: $30Features: drinkable water, picnic tables, upright grill, recording station, chemical toilets, cold showers, group sites availableServices: Swimming, hiking trailsAccessible sites: NoDistance from ocean City: 10 miles

If you’re looking for Assateague Island camping right on the beach, friend can’t to win the campgrounds within the nationwide park.

The Oceanside Drive-in campground features RV-only sites the you have the right to drive up to and park. There are no hookups, however picnic tables and also grills, cold showers, chemistry toilets and also a dump station are obtainable here.

Sites are situated ideal on the beach, and wild ponies have actually been seen here. Because that these reasons, the Oceanside Drive-in campground is the most well-known Assateague Island camping site.

2. Oceanside Walk-in (National Seashore)

Dates: open up Year RoundNumber the Sites: 60Elevation: 8 feetReservation System: Reservations in between March 15 and November 15. Otherwise, first-come, first-served basisCost per night: $30Features: Picnic table, upright grill, chemistry portable toilets, cold showers, potable waterServices: Swimming, long trailsAccessible sites: NoDistance from s City: 10 miles

A tent-only campground through sites appropriate on the beach, the Oceanside Walk-in supplies the same attributes as the Drive-in campground.

The only distinction here is the you’ll need to park your automobile in a typical lot and carry your equipment to the tent site.

3. Bayside Drive-in (National Seashore)

Dates: open Year RoundNumber the Sites: 47Elevation: 5 feetReservation System: Reservations between March 15 and November 15. Otherwise, first-come, first-served basisCost per night: $30Features: Picnic table, floor fire grill, dump station, chemical toilets, cold showers, drinkable waterServices: Swimming, long trailsAccessible sites: NoDistance from ocean City: 10 miles

The Bayside Drive-in features sites ~ above the bay side of the national park, supplying accommodation because that tents, camper trailers and RVs.

You have the right to drive increase to and also park at this sites. There are no hookups, however each site has a picnic table and ground fire grill. Showers and also chemical toilets are nearby.

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4. Assateague State Park Camping

Dates: April 24 – October 28Number the Sites: 342Reservation System: Campsites deserve to be scheduled from the critical week the April v the critical weekend that October.Cost per night: $30 for primitive sites and $40 because that sites v electricityFeatures: Picnic tables, fire rings, warmth showers, safe and clean water, flushing toiletsServices: Gift shop and also grill restaurant, swimming, long trailsAccessible sites: YesDistance from ocean City: 8 miles

If warm showers and flushing bathrooms are crucial to you once Assateague Island camping, the state park campground is where you want to camp.

Some that the 350 sites below offer electric hookups. These sites to fill up quickly, for this reason reservations deserve to be made in between April and October.

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4 Maryland and Virginia local Campgrounds

1. Chincoteague Island KOA (Virginia)

Dates: April 5 – October 31Number that Sites: 400Reservation System: Reservations have the right to be made in between April and OctoberCost every night: $29 come $89 depending upon site typeFeatures: ar fire pit, outdoor pool, playgroundServices: Dog park, activities center, cost-free trolley come beach, and also firewood for saleAccessible sites: NoDistance indigenous Chincoteague Island: 1 mile

There space no campgrounds ~ above the southern side of the island, so if you’re in search of Assateague Island camping in Virginia close to attractions, the Chincoteague Island KOA is a good option.

Located in Chincoteague simply one mile indigenous the south entrance right into Assateague Island nationwide Seashore, this family-friendly, waterfront campground offers every little thing from primitive time sites to high-end RV sites and also deluxe cabins.

The entirety family can enjoy fun v an the end pool, playground, tasks center, dog park and a next-door waterpark with a lazy river and also thrilling water slides.

You’ll uncover food, firewood, and other camping equipment at the on-site camp store. Friend can additionally rent bikes, kayaks and also golf carts too here.

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2. Jaw Grove Campground (Virginia)

Dates: April 1 – December 1Number of Sites: 150Elevation: 4 feetReservation System: Reservations can be made virtual or by phoneCost every night: $30 come $40Features: Fire ring, picnic table, bathrooms/showers, electric, water and sewage hookupsServices: out pool, public watercraft ramp and also crabbing dock, camp storeAccessible sites: NoDistance from Chincoteague Island: 1.7 miles

The jaw Grove campground is situated within 37 acres of pine tree with six ponds that are residence to more than 50 varieties of waterfowl such as geese, ducks and swans. This is another nice campground on the Virginia next that’s simply minutes far from Assateague Island and the wildlife refuge.

Pine Grove provides accommodations for tents, campers and also RVs. All of the camper and RV sites feature electric, water and also sewer hookups, and also some that the tent sites execute as well.

What’s more, all the web page here have a fire ring and also picnic table and also are centrally situated to the bathrooms/showers and also an out pool.

3. Frontier town RV resort (Maryland)

Dates: open April 12 – December 1Number of Sites: 542Elevation: 7 feetReservation System: bookings requiredCost per night: $37 come $66 from primitive come electric/water hookups come waterfront sitesFeatures: bathrooms/showers, picnic tables, fire rings, laundromat, camp store, restaurant, ice cream parlor, and sites varying from primitive to waterfront sites v electric/water/sewage hookupsServices: Arcade, gift shop, dog parks, playground, recreational facilities, beach shuttle, trash removalAccessible sites: YesDistance from s City: 5 miles

If you’re in search of Assateague camping in Maryland close to the phibìc entrance of the park, you should check out Frontier town RV Resort.

Located on the Sinepuxent just just five miles from s City, this award-winning campground is one attraction in and also of itself. It functions a Western template park, water park, miniature golf, zip line, arcade, playgrounds, dog parks and recreational ball courts.

You’ll have actually your an option of primitive time sites to luxury RV sites. Electric, water and also sewer hookup sites space available. Every sites have actually a picnic table and also fire ring.

Bathrooms/showers are handicap accessible. A camp store, restaurant, ice cream cream parlor, laundromat and beach shuttle room all available.

4. Castaway RV will (Maryland)

Dates: march 30 – November 30Number of Sites: 343Elevation: 12 feetReservation System: Reservations required by phoneCost per night: $49 to $82 relying on the type of site. Rates increase during the summer indigenous $88 to $137 per night.Features: Water, electric and sewer hookups, Wi-Fi, cable, picnic tables, fire ringsServices: Fishing pier, cafe, snack bar, dog park, camp storeAccessible sites: YesDistance from s City: 5.5 miles

Also located in Maryland, Castaway RV will is a state-of-the-art, waterfront campground ~ above the Sinepuxent only just five miles native Assateague Island. Every sites have a fire ring, picnic table, Wi-Fi, cable and hookups because that water, electric and sewer.

While camping here, you have the right to enjoy on-site family members fun v fishing, crabbing, clamming, kayaking, paddleboarding and also Jet-skiing. There’s likewise a dog park, camp store, snack bar, cafe, and also ice cream parlor on-site.

4 Attractions in Assateague Island

1. Beaches top top Assateague Island

Type of attraction: BeachesDistance native Chincoteague Island: 2.5 milesCost: cost-free with park entrance fee. OSV permit: $70-$150What you’ll see/do: Swimming, surfing, fishing, sunbathing, paddleboarding, seashell-collecting

Assateague Island is residence to 37 miles of beautiful, white-sand beaches wherein you have the right to enjoy lots of fun in the sun with activities like swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, seashell-collecting, paddleboarding, surfing and fishing.

You’ll find lifeguards top top duty in ~ the state park’s ar of the beach during the summer. In ~ the nationwide park, lifeguards are existing from mid-July to the finish of August and on holiday weekends.

2. Wild Ponies of Assateague Island

Distance native Chincoteague Island: 2.5 milesCost: totally free with park enntrance gate feeWhat you’ll see/do: Wild horses

The wild ponies are more than likely the greatest attraction ~ above Assateague Island.

While there’s no guarantee that you will watch them, many visitors do obtain a glimpse of castle at part point. One of the best ways to check out the wild steeds is to take a scenic watercraft tour.

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If you plan to visit in the summer, you deserve to attend the Pony Penning day (the critical Thursday in July) to watch the Chincoteague firefighters (“Saltwater Cowboys”) as they swim-herd the ponies indigenous Assateague Island come Chincoteague Island.

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3. Assateague Lighthouse

Type of attraction: architecture landmarkDistance indigenous Chincoteague Island: 3.3 milesCost: FreeWhat you’ll see/do: historic lighthouse and panoramic views

The historical Assateague Lighthouse is the most renowned landmark on the island.

Built in 1867 after numerous shipwrecks follow me the Atlantic Coast, the lighthouse currently stands 22 feet above sea level on a herbal bluff about five miles turn off the Chincoteague Inlet. It has actually a rotating beacon the is visible for 22 miles.

The lighthouse is open for tours in between April and November wherein you deserve to climb the steel staircase within the brick tower up to the lens tower and also enjoy the sweeping see of the area.

You can access the lighthouse indigenous the very first parking lot on the right after you enter the island ~ above the Chincoteague Island side.

4. Chincoteague national Wildlife Refuge

Type that attraction: NatureDistance from Chincoteague Island: 2.3 milesCost: national Park admittance feeWhat you’ll see/do: out activities, wildlife tours, guided programs and workshops

Located on the Virginia side of the island, Chincoteague nationwide Wildlife Refuge is a large preserve the is residence to a wide range of plants, migratory birds and other animals.

You can enjoy plenty of outdoor recreational activities such together kayaking, boating, crabbing, clamming, birding, fishing, hunting, biking and also hiking. You can see wildlife, consisting of the wild ponies, by taking a bus or watercraft tour.

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The refuge visitor facility offers guided programs, workshops and also demonstrations for both adults and children like structure beach campfires, crabbing, surf fishing, photography hikes, bird walks and much more.