I have a love/hate partnership with The residence Depot. On one hand, they bring an awesome an option of home advancement products, tools, and supplies in ~ competitive prices. On the various other hand, it can be hard to get answers to your concerns as every department only has two employee at any type of given time, and also one of them is usually a clueless kid. Ns know due to the fact that I was the clueless kid not lengthy ago, mismatching repaint until my orange apron had every shade of the rainbow strewn across it.

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But anyways, my blogging girlfriend Lori, atMore With less Today.com, freshly wrote around some killer ways to conserve money at The home Depot and I want to take this chance to share few of my favourite tips, plus litter in a couple of mine own.

Go conserve some money on her next home Depot acquisition peeps. Here are a couple of of the good tips in no certain order…

1. Acquire a Price Match

If you uncover a reduced price in ~ a local competitor, (think Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Sears) house Depot will certainly happily complement the lower price.

Item have to be identical and also in-stock at both locations.

From the home Depot website, “Excludes distinct orders, bid pricing, volume discounts, open-box merchandise, labor and installation, sales tax, rebate and free offers, typographical errors and online purchases. Online purchases space subject come price match only.”

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2. Gain Price Protection

If girlfriend buy miscellaneous from home Depot, and also they lower the price within 30 days, just bring your receipt ago in and get the difference.

Lori offers this an excellent tip, “If you make a big ticket purchase, include a reminder to her calendar and check the price for the following 30 days.”

3. To buy a Discounted Gift Card

A little known way to conserve money in ~ the warehouse keep is to buy a home Depot gift card for much less than the face value in ~ a website choose Raise.com or GiftCardGranny.com.

This works specifically well if you’re act a large home advancement project and also know you’ll be making some huge purchases because the bigger the gift card, the bigger the savings.

For example, you can save 8-9% on gift cards v a balance over $100. Simple money.

4. Score a Rebate

Check out the really easy to search Rebate Center on the residence Depot website prior to you do ANY significant purchases.

Worried about not redeeming the rebate, Lori gives this great tip, “Address the envelope because that the rebate and include the stamp right away. Once I include the stamp, i am committed to send in the rebate!”

Love it, this entirely works because that me together well.

I freshly did this through a rebate top top Behr repaint that ns bought to paint my daughter’s bedroom.

5. Pay attention to the Cents

This one originates from my post on Cracking the Price tag Code. Pay fist to the cents top top the home Depot price tag.

If the item has actually an ending price of .06, it way the product is on clearance and also will be lowered again in 6 weeks.

If the price end in .03, it’s a last markdown and will be gotten rid of from the warehouse in 3 mainly if not sold.

By in search of items ending in .06 or .03 you’re guarantee to get a low price.

6. Buy paint on a vacation Weekend

Having worked in the repaint department, i am quite acquainted with the times of the year as soon as Behr paint goes on sale.

The dates to remember are any kind of long holiday weekend, especially between the month of April and also October.

So think Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, and also Labor Day.

Paint will certainly be $5 turn off per gallon and also $25 turn off for a 5 gallon bucket.

Sometimes you’ll need to mail-in a rebate to acquire the discount and sometimes you’ll acquire it as soon as you checkout.

If you’re planning a large paint purchase you can save a good chunk of readjust by timing your purchase to coincide with one of these holiday weekends.

7. Look for Damaged Packaging

This tip requires looking because that damaged boxes or packaging once shopping in ~ The home Depot and also politely questioning for a discount.

I walk this freshly on a damaged kitchen sink box when law an interview v Inside Edition.

The box had a slight tear in one of the corners and I asked for a 15% discount and they available to take 10% off for me.

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Managers desire to get rid of anything also slightly damaged so usage this to your benefit and save some money.

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