The routine of acquisition shots is one the can form a communal bond, break the ice and get the party going—and it’s no something you want to miss out on just due to the fact that of the tequila event of 2009. While right vodka, tequila and also whiskey room the typical shot orders, yes a wide selection of soul that have the right to be taken as shots the won’t inspire any nauseating flashbacks.

For the finest recommendations, we turned to the pros. Here, bartenders from roughly the country on their favorite options to timeless shots. Also avowed shot haters will want to try.

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Knappogue lock Whiskey
When in doubt, bespeak Fireball, right? Well, while us are kind of obsessed through the cinnamon whiskey below at Supercall, there are other light and sweet whiskey choices to order in ~ the bar that will certainly yield much less side-eye.

“If you are a fan of Fireball-style spirits, there are lots of alternatives on the market, choose Jack Daniel"s honey ($37) and Jim Beam’s cherry-infused bourbon referred to as Red Stag ($20).” — kris Young, El Che Bar, Chicago, IL

“Well-crafted ireland whiskey, choose Redbreast ($60) or Knappogue lock ($42). Ireland whiskies are hardly ever peated and that results in a smoother product.” — Bennett Turner, Huertas, new York, NY

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“It has actually a sweetness from the natural rock street that makes it go under easy. It"s training wheels because that the person who wants to drink whiskey.” — Johnny Swet, cafe Clover, new York, NY

“It’s obtained from an really recipe emerged by the progeny of the an initial settlers that Québec who carried whisky making methods to the new World and included a local native ingredient, maple syrup, to develop a new and distinctive blended spirit. The hint the maple syrup has just the ideal amount the sweetness and makes it the perfect shot because that someone that doesn"t favor the taste the alcohol.” — Yulia Paulavets, FireLake Grill house & Cocktail Bar at Mall of America, Bloomington, MN