For tasty casual dining, among the most well-known places to pop into for one assortment that appetizers or a wholesome meal complied with by a decadent dessert wake up to be Applebee"s. In fact, it"s such a warm spot for having lunch or dinner the it"s part of a pop-country song called "Fancy" choose by walker Hayes. There"s also a TikTok wherein you run to the lyrics "Yeah, we an elaborate like Applebee"s top top a day night. Got that Bourbon Street steak v the Oreo shake. Gain some whipped cream ~ above the top, too. 2 straws, one check, girl, I gained you."

But it"s not just the Bourbon Street steak that tastes an excellent at Applebee"s. There"s a totality host of remarkable appetizers, side and main dishes, along with desserts, the are accessible to order. There"s likewise a lengthy list of funny drinks to imbibe in if girlfriend so choose. So once you open up that big menu, exactly how on planet do you choose what to nosh on? Well, allow us assist you out through some suggestions and recommendations of what we think room some awfully tasty options at Applebee"s. Plan your next day night prefer Walker Hayes, or a fun-filled eat fest because that dinner v the fam. Either way, you"ll walk away from Applebee"s full and also happy.

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A standard wedge salad, you"ll need to wrestle your way through this chunky and also clunky salad. Rather of brimming with healthy and balanced wisps that dark green leaves, this salad consists of chunks that a head of lettuce that"s topped with even bigger chunks that boneless Buffalo chicken wings. It"s really no a great combination. Also the breadstick served on the side doesn"t save this salad from disaster. It"s certainly one Applebee"s item us would indicate you skip. While we love the bits of tomato, little slices the celery, and dots that red onion, this salad is just an weird assortment of individual food items thrown top top one plate.

The four Cheese Mac & Cheese through Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders is another one of those food fusions that more than likely shouldn"t be attempted. The 4 cheese mac & cheese tastes delish together a dish all on that is own, even with chunks of applewood-smoked bacon infused throughout, however the totality flavor profile is altered and not because that the much better when it"s topped v the love husband pepper chicken tenders that room hotter than they room sweet. Love husband pepper just doesn"t walk well v a four-cheese sauce however if separated, these dishes would certainly taste good as standalone items. Let"s hope Applebee"s revises this food selection item because that the better. 

Served as either a full or a fifty percent rack that ribs with a side of fries, we found the Double-glazed baby earlier ribs to be lacking. Sure, they"re slow-cooked to a threshold whereby the meat drops off the bone, however the choices of sauces to slather throughout the ribs just don"t host up, leave this dish less than tasty. If you"re wanting ribs, definitely go come a rib shack or barbecue joint wherein you can acquire ribs excellent right. Yet if you really have your heart set on ribs and also you finish up in ~ Applebee"s, choose the double-glazed baby earlier ribs before you order the riblets.

The grilled chipotle lime shrimp is a little bit too overpowering because that the Tex-Mex Shrimp bowl at Applebee"s. Offered on a bed of combined greens with helpings the cilantro rice, homemade pico de gallo, black bean corn salsa, and guacamole, there is a myriad of seasonings going on and not all room good. Served with a lime wedge and also topped through crispy strips, particular components of this dish taste fantastic, however when combined all together as you do with one Irresist-A-Bowl, it just doesn"t go down well. The salsa is exceptional on that own, the rice is delicious, the pico de gallo tastes fantastic, however when combined together it"s too countless flavors and also not good ones, we"ll have to admit.

The double Crunch Shrimp at Applebee"s simply doesn"t float ours boat. There"s means too lot breading, thus the dual crunch part of this dish. Granted, the breading is similar to the of the very delicious onion rings available up on the food selection as one appetizer, yet it"s also overpowering through this dish. That hides the fresh seafood smell of the shrimp and tastes nice bland. The fries it comes through aren"t anything special, however we constantly dig the cup the coleslaw the accompanies this dish on the side. Possibly this food selection item would certainly taste better if that didn"t have "double crunch," yet instead have actually a irradiate coating.

One word exists because that this side dish most of the time — yum! yet it honestly counts on who is whipping it increase in the kitchen. Not enough garlicky butter sauce drizzled across the crisp yet quiet tender environment-friendly beans and they taste favor a bland garden. Blech. Acquire a little bit too much of the garlicky butter sauce in a bite and also you"ll it is in gulping water from your glass come wash under the overpowering flavor. When they"re a fantastically fine next dish many of the time, you may not gain a great batch and so they deserve to be a little of a gambling to order.

Described by Applebee"s as component burger and component quesadilla, this quesadilla burger combination just level looks icky come us. V slices of pepper jack cheese melted atop burgess patties and wedges of flour tortillas used rather of buns, this burger is a double-decker the doesn"t also sound good, allow alone look good. The Mexi-ranch dressing doesn"t help improve the flavor much, no one does the shredded lettuce and also chunks the tomatoes. This is one menu item we have to pass on. It"s too an imaginative of a food to try at a casual dining restaurant choose Applebee"s. Just order the quesadilla or the burger, but not this offbeat combo. 

These soft Bavarian-style pretzel rod smattered with salt granules and baked through butter are delicious, but they"re so dense that they"re too much to handle. They"re thicker 보다 breadsticks, tougher and chewier, and also make you work pretty difficult to enjoy this appetizer. The white cheddar beer cheese may sound intriguing, but it"s finest to not investigate this an enig dip. The pretzel rod taste a wee bit weird in the honey dijon mustard sauce, too. If you don"t psychic chewing quite heartily on your appetizers, then you won"t mental this dish, Otherwise, we imply swapping it the end for another.

While the chicken tenders in ~ Applebees room so lot tastier than any kind of chicken tenders you"d bespeak at, speak McDonald"s or elsewhere, lock aren"t the finest menu item come order unless you"re a preschooler. It"s surprising that they"re top top the food selection as an choice for adults, but there"s nothing that renders them really stand the end from among other eateries" tenders other than they"re bigger, so they contain much more white meat than the bite-sized choices at rapid food joints. There space much much more flavorful dishes to order turn off the food selection at Applebee"s, therefore we"d indicate skipping this one and finding something else that"s tastier.

If girlfriend are trying to find seafood, skip the hand-battered fish and chips obtainable on the menu at Applebee"s. They"re also greasy and a sad knock-off native what you"d watch at an actual seafood restaurant, or also if girlfriend made fish and also chips at home. Certain the fish is light and flaky, yet it just doesn"t taste right. If you"re seeking seafood, we would shot one that the various other dishes like the Shrimp n" Parmesan Sirloin or the classic Blackened Shrimp Alfredo bowl. But we do provide two thumbs approximately the tiny black cup of coleslaw that accompanies the bland "chips" or French fries. It"s pretty good.

If you enjoy a an excellent salad and love quesadillas both, climate the quesadilla chicken salad could be for you. But we just don"t think it"s terribly tasty. Fresh garden greens sit on a bed that crispy quesadillas oozing through cheese and also chopped tomatoes. The salad additionally features cubed chunks the grilled chicken, tangy black bean corn salsa, and crispy tortilla strips. The house-made fresh cilantro ranch dressing functions an attractive taste however isn"t one that we"d recommend. There room some foodstuffs that shouldn"t be unify together and also this we think is among them. There"s simply too lot going on below for our tastebuds.

A delicious and beautiful mix of asiago, Parmesan, and also white cheddar cheeses ceiling a bowl filled with penne noodles to make a rich and also creamy three cheese chicken penne dish the ranks at a solid ar for united state on the Applebee"s menu. Grilled chicken strips plunked down atop the bed of penne noodles and also dotted v bruschetta tomatoes offer sustenance and also texture come this tasty dish. A golden brown breadstick brushed through buttery garlic and also parsley renders the perfect sidekick to this pasta dish that we think is quite darn good. We provide it 2 thumbs up.

Nacho chips and also salsa space a mainstay appetizer at Applebee"s, yet when you swap the end the salsa for white queso dip, you take the taste buds on a whole brand-new journey. Queso is a cheese dive infused through salsa, but it"s commonly yellow cheese. Once you swap out the yellow cheese for white cheese and include in onions and green chile, it i do not care a zesty and creamy cheese dip the tastes great before your main dish arrives. White queso dip can be made with white American cheese and a sprinkling that pepper jack or Monterey jack and jalapenos for some kick.

The rich flavor that Fireball whisky lends to the Whisky Bacon burger is surprising. This all-beef patty topped with two slices of pepper jack cheese, crispy onions, 2 strips that applewood-smoked bacon, along with lettuce, tomato, onion, and also pickles, is soooo tempting when discovering the menu at Applebee"s. The more thickness buttery Brioche bun used for this burger to add an extra dimension to this dish that bursts with flavor. The classic fries it"s offered with could use a bit much more seasoning, yet this burger yes, really stands the end on its own as one that will certainly fill you up and quickly come to be a favorite.

If friend love cheeseburgers, you"ll really dig Applebee"s standard cheeseburger and also its pal the standard bacon cheeseburger. They"re therefore thick and juicy you"ll have to smush it down with your hands or be prepared to take giant bites — it"s the big! The all-beef patty is topped v two slices the melted American cheese and also served v lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles on that delicious buttery and thick Brioche bun because that the classic cheeseburger. This burger definitely stands out amongst other restaurants" offerings. Served alongside seasoned classic fries, both the standard cheeseburger and classic bacon cheeseburger topped v two strips the applewood-smoked bacon are remarkable tasting. Can you say yum?!

Applebee"s onion rings are among the finest appetizers ~ above the menu. They"re reasonably heavily breaded and also dotted v seasonings — but not as well breaded — and also come v a couple of various dipping sauces. This impressive appetizer consists of thick rings of onion the don"t skimp top top flavor. One point we yes, really love around this appetizer is that the onion ring aren"t greasy. Sometimes when you have thinly sliced onions, there"s an ext breading — also much, if you ask us. However these onion rings room the perfect pairing the crispy breading and also thick onion slices that don"t drip v unwanted grease.

For a light lunch or healthy and balanced dinner, the Tuscan garden chicken salad is a hit. V its mix of sweet and savory mixed greens, cucumber cubes, bruschetta tomatoes, and red onions topped v flavorful grilled chicken chunks, this salad tastes wonderful and takes it easy on the waistline, too. The light lemon olive oil vinaigrette offered on the side gives this menu item from Applebee"s a exciting tang. This big bowl that salad will certainly fill girlfriend up for sure. The truth that it has actually 590 calories provides it every the an ext attractive that a menu item at this casual dining restaurant.

Even despite it certainly is no a steakhouse and most certainly is not widely known for that is sirloin steaks, Applebee"s sirloins really space delicious. Castle come as a 6-ounce sirloin or one 8-ounce sirloin and are easy seasoned before being plunked down on the grill wherein they chef until these USDA select top sirloins space juicy and also a mouthful that yumminess in every bite. This food selection item likewise is offered alongside healthy and balanced steamed broccoli and also luscious garlic potatoes through bacon bits. This certainly is a hearty enjoy the meal so make sure you"re good and hungry before ordering this food selection item.

If you room wanting something lighter 보다 a citizens or steak, but really aren"t in the mood because that a salad, climate Applebee"s Clubhouse Grille sandwich is the perfect option. Filled v sliced ham and also turkey, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, two strips the applewood-smoked bacon, along with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and also honey barbecue sauce top top toasted potato bread. The spices of both meats and the cheese meld beautifully in every bite. Toss in the affluent taste that applewood-smoked bacon and also the mayo-honey barbecue sauce and also this dish will come to be a favorite alternate to the heavier meals top top the menu.

If you"re working hard at eat healthy and find it"s complicated to stick come a decent diet while eat out, maybe even impossible, then look no additional than Applebee"s grilled chicken breast. This juicy and also ample slab that white meat is crisscross grilled come perfection over an open flame therefore the seasonings soak ideal in. It"s offered with a side of steamed broccoli therefore you"re acquiring in your greens because that the day, along with a not as healthy, but pretty darn tasty pile of garlic potatoes with genuine bits of skin and bacon combined in. You can swap the taters out for garlicky green beans or a next salad if you"d rather.

As one of the most renowned dishes ordered at Applebee"s, coined a "neighborhood favorite" according to the company, the classic broccoli chicken alfredo is bursting through flavor. From the rich and creamy white alfredo sauce v the tiniest bit of absent to that smothered throughout seasoned chunks of chicken topping a bed the noodles, this dish has it all. The steam broccoli has actually just enough crunch and also bite come compliment the soft fettuccine noodles and also lends a healthier element to this dish. It likewise comes through a breadstick and no one can turn down an Applebee"s breadstick, they"re that good.

You probably wouldn"t mean this form of dish to show up on the menu at Applebee"s, yet the prime Rib Dipper sandwich is a delicious providing off the food selection at this casual dining restaurant. Featuring thinly sliced prime rib meat adorned v grilled onions and melted American cheese, the toasted cheddar role it"s offered on provides for a mouthful of deliciousness in every bite. The housemade herb-laced mayo and also French onion au jus because that dipping carry a savory taste through every solitary bite as you"ve never ever experienced. Offered alongside seasoned classic fries, the element rib sandwich is a must-try top top your following visit to Applebee"s.

Neighborhood nachos beef might be uncovered under the appetizers group on the Applebee"s menu, however it gives so lot food on an elongated plate that it"s means too lot for just one or even two people. White corn tortilla chips room laden v taco-seasoned soil beef, queso blanco, melted cheddar cheeses, house-made pico de gallo, sliced jalapenos, cilantro, a glob of sour cream, and also a dab of guacamole. This appetizer is beyond hearty and exceptionally tasty. Oftentimes when you have actually a plateful of nachos, you end up with barren chips top top the bottom, however that"s not normally the instance with Applebee"s neighborhood Nachos Beef dish. It"s fantastically filling!

If you just can"t decide between seafood or steak, you don"t have to at Applebee"s through its Shrimp n" Parmesan Sirloin. It"s the restaurant"s variation of surf "n turf, and this food selection item find a seasoned and also grilled 8-ounce USDA pick top sirloin smothered v sauteed blackened shrimp and a creamy lemon butter Parmesan sauce. This food bursts with spices that compliment one another and will meet your desire for seafood and steak. It"s served with healthy steamed broccoli and also a heaping heap of garlic potato brimming v bits of bacon. Just put, you can"t go wrong with this dish.

If you"re feeling sophisticated like nation music artist walker Hayes, then order yourself the Bourbon Street Steak. This 8-ounce USDA pick top sirloin steak is slapped top top the grill and fancified with Cajun spices and also garlic butter topped v sautéed mushrooms and also onions. The steak dish also comes through a next of garlic potatoes. Named after the well known street in brand-new Orleans, the Bourbon Street steak screams adventure and deliciousness for your taste buds. You"ll absolutely want to shot this one if girlfriend haven"t already.

As an alternative to more heavier salads, Applebee"s provides rollups, which room a delicious and healthy alternative. 2 menu choices are modeled ~ salads if the third option is the Chicken Fajita Rollup, and it"s exactly what it sound like. A white flour shell is stuff full of juicy chipotle chicken, fresh lettuce strips, a blend of cheddar cheeses, and also house-made pico de gallo and served with Mexi-ranch dipping sauce and also classic fries. It"s a fun means to eat a combo that chicken quesadillas and also chicken fajitas in a rollup format. It certainly has some kick to it, for this reason be certain to have actually a thirst-quenching drink ~ above hand.

For dessert, Applebee"s uses up fudgy brownies and cake in addition to a wonderful Sizzlin" Caramel to apologize Blondie. Baked, cut, and served increase in a dessert bar format, the warm and also gooey butter pecan blondie is cushioned with buttery sweetened cinnamon apologize slices and also topped v a it will be cold scoop the vanilla ice cream cream. Drizzled with warm and rich caramel sauce, candied pecans space sprinkled all throughout the exciting dessert that will blow her mind it"s so good. If you have actually room because that dessert ~ noshing on your key item, then absolutely order this one. You will not regret it as it tastes particularly delightful!

The exact same grilled chicken breast that stars as the key entrée now is sandwiched in between two tasty Brioche buns and also smothered v hearty melted cheddar cheese as the bacon cheddar grilled chicken sandwich. Topped with strips that smoky bacon, fresh lettuce, tangy onion, cake pickles, tomatoes, and also barbecue bacon ranch sauce, this very tantalizing sandwich will certainly fill girlfriend up and also is ever so contempt a healthier choose of a food selection item than the beef burger version. Offered with a side of jug fries, this sandwich ranks high ~ above our list of dishes you absolutely have to order.

Strawberries include a great pop the fresh and springy flavor come a salad and also Applebee"s has actually capitalized on the tasty appeal through this salad! The strawberry balsamic chicken salad native Applebee"s is truly amazing and healthy. Fresh blended greens room topped through garden tomatoes, red onions, chunks of grilled chicken, sliced almonds, and drizzled v balsamic glaze and a sweet lemon olive vinaigrette ~ above the side. As soon as again, you"ll be cure to a fantastic golden brown breadstick on the side. The intense spices of this salad yes, really co-mingle beautifully for a burst of sweet fruit and also tart balsamic dressing. If you"re leaning in the direction of ordering a salad ~ above your expedition to Applebee"s, definitely shot this one.

A pilgrimage to Applebee"s isn"t finish without an bespeak of tried and also true mozzarella sticks turn off the appetizer section of the menu. With a crispy golden brown exterior infused v seasonings and also melted strings of heat ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese top top the inside, don"t be surprised if your table argues over that gets the critical one. The eight sticks offered with marina sauce or housemade ranch dressing simply isn"t enough, to it is in honest. Girlfriend just can need come order double to store everybody happy — they"re the fantastic! The next time you visit Applebee"s be certain to bespeak a batch and savor every bite, that course, after you plucked your share turn off the plate prior to anyone else can grab them.

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With one assortment of textures, colors, and also bursting with flavor, the Fiesta lime chicken ranks finest on our perform of menu items in ~ Applebee"s. The grilled chicken stars in yet another dish, glazed with a zesty lime sauce and also drizzled v a somewhat tangy yet yet satisfying Mexi-ranch sauce. A blend of cheddar cheese is melted atop the chicken chest that"s sprinkled with crispy tortilla strips. Slightly spicy Spanish rice is served on the side in addition to a cup that pico de gallo. One amazing method to eat this dish is to mix the housemade pico de gallo with the rice and spread the tortilla strips across the entire plate. This is a food that provides a myriad of flavors and also won"t disappoint.