Let"s obtain this out of the way: my love because that Applebee"s goes way back. As soon as I to be in center school, my mom and I dined in ~ our regional "Bees prior to heading come the movies at least once a week. That was prefer a monster mother-daughter routine that we never completely spoke about. We"d lock eyes, nod, and also agree: It to be time. To head. Come the "Bees.

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One can only imagine mine excitement, then, once I uncovered out ns was permitted to go back (allowed gift the operative word here) and shot EVERYTHING on the menu. This to be a middle school dream come true!

But enough story time, right here were mine favorites:

Cocktails: Perfect Margarita

Calling any margarita perfect instantly provides me desire to try it and also prove it wrong. The said, this was pretty close come perfect. If perfect = potent, the is. The marg comes through its own shaker therefore you deserve to refill your drink at the table (just prefer an old institution milkshake). An included plus: It gives the illusion the you"re getting much more for your money.

Honorable mention: The huge blue goblet called the Shark Bowl. It"s not constantly on the menu, yet Applebee"s will still offer it year-round if girlfriend ask for it.

Appetizers: Brew Pub Pretzels through Beer Cheese Dip

If i could"ve finished this video clip after trying the pretzels and cheese dip, I would certainly have. That"s how lovely this salty-cheesy combo is. I very recommend questioning for double the dip, due to the fact that the pretzel come cheese ratio is a smidge off. Lactose-intolerant? bespeak the chain"s most renowned app: the boneless buffalo wings. They"re crunchy and spicy.

Entrees: Shrimp "N Parmesan Sirloin

I"d serve this in ~ my wedding. Ns think that"s enough of a review that friend should simply do what i say and order it. However if you"re tho not encouraged (sigh)...the creamy, tangy lemon parmesan sauce provides the currently juicy sirloin feel favor a decadent dinner that you"d uncover at a swanky downtown restaurant. Let"s no forget the reality that friend get around six pieces of shrimp on peak of your sirloin, making it among the far better surf "n turf choices I"ve had.

Sandwiches and Burgers: The Quesadilla Burger

When i say ns think around this quesadilla burgess at least once a week, recognize that ns am no exaggerating whatsoever. No one, no a soul, asked for this combo, and yet right here we are. Utilizing a crunchy flour tortilla quesadilla as the bun for a burger is a feat us didn"t think we"d attain in 2019. If you want to make it in ~ home, here"s a recipe.

Desserts: Triple coco Meltdown

It"s favor a giant, soft, gooey, undercooked brownie that"s to be made just for you. I will certainly personally have a meltdown if you perform not bespeak this.

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