Medically reviewed by Katherine Marengo LDN, R.D. — composed by Lana Barhum — to update on January 24, 2021

Physical task uses a many energy. The is difficult for the human body to recover if power levels room not replenished within 15 to 30 minutes after finishing a workout. Eating also a tiny snack shortly after exercising can aid to restore energy levels.

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In this article, we check out several components of a healthful post-workout snack and describe exactly how they advantage the body.

Share on PinterestEating a snack after a exercise will help the human body replenish shed energy.
The following are instances of foods and compounds that assist the body to absorb nutrients quickly and speed recovery.

Dairy protein

According come research released in 2017, as couple of as 9 grams (g) that milk protein may be enough to stimulate protein synthesis in the muscles, aiding in restore after exercise.

Other than milk, dairy products rich in protein include:

Greek yogurtricotta cheesecottage cheesekefir

In fact, a 1 cup offer of low-fat kefir includes 9.2 g that high-quality protein. This proteins can repair new cells, specifically those in the muscles. These proteins additionally contain every one of the important amino acids, which space only accessible through the diet.

In 2007, some researchers found that milk-based protein are an ext effective 보다 soy-based protein at fostering the expansion of muscle protein after resistance exercise.

The researchers concluded the while both milk and soy proteins aid a human to maintain and also build muscle mass, milk protein were an ext effective at sustaining the quick growth of skinny muscle mass.


Results the a research from 2017 suggested that consuming totality eggs ~ resistance exercise resulted in much more protein synthesis than consuming egg whites v the exact same protein content.

The researchers concluded the the nutrients in the yolk helped to stimulate the muscles an ext effectively.

Omega-3 fat acids

Research from the Washington University school of Medicine argues that supplementation v omega-3 fat acids help to an increase the synthetic of muscle proteins and increase the size of muscle cells in healthy and balanced young and also middle-aged adults.

Fatty fish, consisting of salmon, space rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Tuna additionally contains high level of the fatty acids, and around 6 ounces (oz) the tuna packed in water includes 41.6 g of protein and also 5.4 g of fat.

Other evidence shows the oil drawn from fat fish may assist to mitigate muscle soreness after resistance training. A study from 2016 found that spend 6 g that fish oil every day for 1 week before beginning resistance exercise resulted in reduced muscle soreness.


Share ~ above PinterestStaying sign language is important when exercising.
Consuming carbohydrate-rich foods items may it is in the best way to minimize the to reduce in immunity that can occur after exercise.

Consuming carbohydrate as component of a post-workout snack likewise helps to promote glycogen storage.

Sweet potatoes, grains, and also fruits have the right to contain high level of healthful carbohydrates, as have the right to quinoa.

Quinoa is gluten-free, classified as a pseudocereal, and usually consumed as a grain. It is high in fiber and also rich in protein, v 1 cup offering 8.14 g.

Also, quinoa has a low glycemic index, making it an excellent choice for human being who control their blood sugar.

Herbal tea

The nutrients and chemical compound in organic teas, specifically yerba mate, may help the body process carbohydrates and also protein effectively.

Authors of a study from 2016 contrasted the effects of yerba mate come water after ~ exercise. The participants who drank yerba girlfriend recovered strength faster in the 24 hours that followed a workout.

In 2012, researchers discovered that mice administered yerba friend extract to be able to metabolize more quickly and expend more energy 보다 those that did not.


It is crucial to drink many of water before, during, and after a workout. Remaining hydrated ensures the the body gets the most benefit from exercise.

The human body loses water and electrolytes if sweating, so drink water during and also after a workout promotes performance and also recovery.

Everybody varies in the lot of water they need, depending upon the form of exercise, just how much lock sweat, exactly how thirsty lock are, and other factors.

During exercise, the muscles usage up stored glucose, called glycogen, and also levels come to be depleted.

Endurance sports, such as running, usage up much more glycogen 보다 resistance activities, such as weightlifting. An additional effect of exercise is the the muscle develop little tears.

Getting the ideal nutritional balance after practice restores energy levels and also reduces fatigue, helping the human body to repair muscles and also build stamin for future workouts.

Proteins, carbohydrates, and also healthful fats space all vital for the body recovery.


Exercise supports muscle growth, however the body deserve to only develop upon existing muscle if they recover after every workout.

Consuming protein after exercise helps the muscle to heal and also prevents the lose of skinny mass. Lean mass contributes come a muscular and also toned appearance.


Carbohydrates space macronutrients that assist the human body to recharge and also restore that fuel supply.

Anyone who exercises much more than 7 times a week must consume lot of of carbohydrates, as they quickly replenish glycogen levels.

What about fat?

Many people believe that consuming fat after working out slows digestion and also the absorb of nutrients. Because that some varieties of fat, this might be true.

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However, over there is little information around the post-workout results of fat calories. It might be a an excellent idea to border fat intake after exercise, yet low level of fat room unlikely come inhibit recovery.