We’ve every been there – piled in a booth in ~ Buffalo Wild Wings, sitting far too close come a group of rowdy friends. And while there are enough placed TVs ~ above the walls to keep you distracted because that days, it’s a glorious chaos that requires bar food and booze. What can be better?

B-Dubs sums increase the endure best: “If girlfriend love wings, beer, and also sports like we do, then this is the location for you. If you nothing like any kind of of those things… us still might have something you’d like.” however if no wings, climate what? contradictory to popular belief, you aren’t required to order wing at B-Dubs (you could just gain some weird looks from her table mates). In fact, us encourage girlfriend to perform the opposite. Be rebellious. Here’s what come order at Buffalo Wild wing if girlfriend don’t want wings.

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1. Cheese Curd Bacon Burger

If you’re not a substantial BBQ sauce fan, Street Tacos are a great alternative once you’re craving tacos. This lighter option has seasoned grilled chicken, pico de gallo, and southwestern ranch.

5. Huge Jack dad Burger

Big. Blazed. Beefy. Large Jack daddy Burger has actually an all-beef patty, Buffalo Wild Wings’ very own hickory smoked pulled pork, crunchy onion rings, zesty cheddar cheese, seasoned through honey BBQ sauce, and served v a substantial pile of French fries. This hard-core burgess literally has everything any meat lover deserve to ask for in a burger.

6. Pepper Jack Steak Wrap

If you want to have something lighter come eat, Buffalo Wild Wings uses wraps and sandwiches. This is a plunder bolstered through its element rib steak slices making that a gratifying meal. It additionally contains pepper jack cheese, crispy lettuce shreds, house-made pico de gallo, and also B-Dubs’ southwestern ranch dressing.

7. Grilled Chicken Buffalito

The coined hatchet “Buffalito” is a hell of a lot favor a soft taco, but you have actually a bit much more freedom to customize the flavor. It’s stuffed through grilled chicken flavored with any sauce or dry seasoning of her choice, as well as lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, and sour cream.

8. Southwest Philly

Other restaurants might offer a philly sandwich yet what renders this one a standout is just how the prime rib tastes: seasoned through their really own Desert warmth dry seasoning, loaded in a toasted hoagie bun, garnished through pico de gallo and also cheese, and served v a large pile that French fries. Amazing.

9. Honey BBQ Chicken Salad

This flavorful salad consists of fresh and crispy salad greens, carrots, pico de gallo, pepper jack cheese, drizzled v BBQ ranch dressing, and topped through grilled love husband BBQ jug chicken strips.

10. Buffalo Mac and Cheese

Who would have actually thought combine America’s most-loved comfort food – mac and also cheese – through buffalo chicken would go so well together? The smooth, mild, and also creamy taste that mac and cheese perfect complements the crispy spiciness the the buffalo chicken morsels. Eat this will certainly make friend imagine the all is well in the world.

11. Chicken Quesadilla

Buffalo Wild wings puts its very own twist on this mexico dish, consist of of Cajun seasoned grilled chicken strips rolled in a grilled tortilla v pico de gallo and lots that cheese. And also if girlfriend don’t bespeak it as your main meal, it’s a an excellent appetizer to share with the group. 

12. Screamin’ Nacho Burger

The Screamin’ Nacho burgess is a large and juicy all-beef burgess patty adorned through fresh tortilla chips, pepper jack cheese, and spicy jalapeno peppers. For an added kick, B-Dubs top it through pico de gallo, chipotle BBQ seasoning, and also southwestern ranch, every sandwiched in a heat burger bun. True to its name, this burgess is overloaded with nacho goodness.

13. Bayou Po’boy

This is no ordinary sandwich. The Bayou Po’boy is filled with your an option of Cajun-seasoned popcorn shrimp or Cajun-seasoned grilled chicken strips and also then seasoned with creamy Cajun creolian sauce. To optimal it off, the po-boy is served with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and creamy tangy coleslaw.

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So, what in the people should friend pair with your food? Beleive that or not, Buffalo Wild wings has selection of drinks that aren’t soda and beer. Check out these top 10 B-Dubs Drinks before your next visit.