Phoenix is filled v highly expert tattoo artists of all styles and also backgrounds. Indigenous old-school seafarer Jerry designs come the newest in fine-art tattooing, friend can find just about anything you want — if you know where come look.This weekend’s Body arts Expo, because that instance, brings an ext than 200 tattoo artist to the Arizona State Fairgrounds from Friday, February 10, through Sunday, February 12.But lot of of artists host down the Valley’s ink scene year-round.While us won’t phone call you specifically whom you should go to for each tattoo, below are 10 great Phoenix tattooers the you’ll definitely want to check out.

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mikey_ratt some tattooers develop awesome art yet suck together people. Some are good people who placed out lackluster tattoos. The owner that Phoenix"s High Noon Tattoo, 4215 phibìc 16th Street,is an exceptional artist who has actually donated plenty of time and effort to assist get the CP Force foundation (helping kids with lifelong illnesses and disabilities develop art) off the ground. He"sone of the men behind the grand Canyon Tattoo Convention — and Sarratt is among the Valley’s optimal Star wars tattooers. Therefore if you need Boba Fett shown as a bold and also bright neotraditional tattoo, Sarratt should be your height choice.Tony Klett

tek9ineIf you’re trying to find someone to carry out bold lines and bright colors, you could want to visit Mesa’s urban Art Tattoo,340 West college Drive,and ask because that Tony. His neotraditional tattoos are world-class, but he’s likewise totally qualified of busting out part top-notch old-school American traditional pieces if asked. Klett adheres to the “20-20 rule," meaning you should be able to identify the contents of a tattoo native 20 feet far within 20 seconds, and also he makes them look an excellent at the very same time. mock Duffy
josh_duffyOh, so friend wanted part super-skillful, realistic, black-and-gray tattoos? mock Duffy’s obtained you covered. Indigenous skulls and also demons come the most beautiful lady faces and also roses, Duffy deserve to make some seriously insane stuff with simply a tattoo machine and part black ink. Prior to opening increase Peoria"s black Castle arts Co.,9009 West Lake pleasant Parkway, Duffy reduced his teeth in SoCal’s competitive tattooing scene.Aaron “Bubba” Irwin
bubbaitattoosIf you"re a casual tattoo fan, Bubba Irwin may be among the just Phoenix-based tattooers you will do recognize. The owner the Scottsdale"s Old town Ink,7154 East second Street, Irwin had actually a short stint on ink Master, but he’d quite be in his shop knocking out whatever from black-and-gray portraits to the occasional color realism tattoo. Besides all that, he’s among the couple of guys in the Valley that does repeatedly solid biomechanical tattoos. If you want to make a body part look robotic, he’s one of the few recommended options in the area.
megmcnielEver heard part ignorant dude speak “women can’t tattoo” or something along those lines? You can rest assured the he sucks, and also that he’s never ever seen Meg McNiel’s work. While plenty of other civilization are attempting to do tattooing more facility than the really requirements to be, McNiel keeps busy in her private studio simply churning the end one impeccable old-school tattoo after another. For seafarer Jerry, Owen Jensen, or various other designs that have been roughly for the better part the a century, there’s nobody better.
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