Swimming great were always a nightmare for me as a black color girl. I would certainly be consumed by dread whenever I saw it scheduled on the school timetable. And it’s not prefer I didn’t love swimming. However I hated the agony that came with carrying a burdensome schoolbag filled through a towel, costume and also not one, but two swimming caps buried underneath my biology and also mathematics textbooks. Yet that’s not where it ends.

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Taking turn off my uniform and also putting on the apparel was another surgical procedure. I constantly saved the worst because that last when I would placed on those rubbery swim caps that tightly squeezed on my head and also pulled the life out of my face.

And also with 2 swimming hat on, my hair would still gain wet. I would certainly sit in math class trying to number out what x is v a throbbing headache if drops that chlorine water soaked my eco-friendly uniform.


God forbid if I checked out the shop the weekend before.

A brand-new product on the market aims to minimize this battle that countless black girls and boys face. Swimma Caps room made to accommodate high-volume hairstyles favor dreads, braids, weaves and also Afros. They are made v thick silicone product to prevent damage to natural hair and also maintain updos that would be ruined by water.

It speaks to the larger and also important issue of inclusion.

It was emerged by Nomvuyo Treffers, a Capetonian photographer and mother of 2 who produced the item after struggling to uncover caps that fit her hair. She daughters, aged ten and eight, are ‘water babies’ and Treffers would certainly watch them indigenous the sidelines through a book in hand yearning to join them. Yet knew that if she did, she would need to either endure a lengthy drying session or walk to the salon to restyle. At one point, Treffers taken into consideration cutting she hair but would typical she would have to let walk of she gorgeous locks.

She tried to uncover caps suitable for her hair however they to be only available overseas and also they came with a hefty price tag. ‘I started thinking how deserve to it be that in a nation like southern Africa, with the demographics the we have that we don’t have a product favor this for black color people,’ stated Treffers.


Receiving confident feedback from clients everywhere the Africa has actually been a good reward because that Treffers. She has had customers from every walks that life re-publishing their comparable experiences. One black father lamented the he couldn’t spend top quality time in the water with his children until he bought the caps. He dubbed the product ‘a revolution’ and added how it has made the a better parent.

But this is bigger than swimming caps. It speak to the larger and also important worry of inclusion. Together of late, there has actually been a strong worldwide movement where people of colour have been demanding representation. And it’s not just minimal to the worlds of Hollywood v the #OscarSoWhite hashtag. It’s filtered with into everyday life with the emergence of merchandise made to match the requirements of human being of colour. We’ve seen it with commodities like dolls, clothes, lingerie, tape aids and hair accessories.

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‘There is no such point as one dimension fits all,’ says Treffers. ‘There is a dire must feel represented.’

Treffers is currently working with institutions in Cape city and Johannesburg to provide Swimma Caps to pupils. However this product has actually become an ext than a company for Treffers. Her daughters have watched she develop and also build the brand indigenous the ground up which sets an instance for them. Swimma caps has available Treffers the possibility to teach she young daughters to no to feel apologetic for having big curls or darker skin. They can discern how culture views them and also how they can be energetic in reshaping perceptions.

Big hair is no an problem to swimming because
swimma_caps has obtained us completely covered! ultimately a swimming cap for our big hair and large head