Looking for the best Moscato wine brand for your special occasion? right here are mine top 5 eight Best Moscato Wines that will certainly not break the bank!


Last week I obtained a frantic text from a male friend that mine asking for the best moscato alcohol brands. He to be heading to a dinner date at his brand-new girlfriend"s house and also wanted to take it a good bottle of Moscato that would go through just around anything she was cooking.

Though i am naught near a wine connoisseur, I perform know and also love Moscato.

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And I have tried a whole lot of them. It can have been the easiest inquiry I have ever before been asked.

UPDATED: ns have had actually to increase my list of the best moscato wines based on the referrals of my exceptional readers and also bottles i have uncovered on mine own!

There room two key things to keep in mind when picking the best sweet wine for your occasion:

How sweet do you desire the wine to be?How bubbly do you desire the wine come be?

Typically Moscato is pretty sweet, though part are lot sweeter than others. Additionally Moscato can be somewhat level all the method to a spumante which will certainly be much more bubbly prefer a champagne.

You deserve to learn all about Moscato ~ above this post.

here are my height picks:

Best Moscato wine Brands

Bartenura Moscato

Since the very very first sip ns took that Bartenura Moscato earlier in 2008 in ~ Skopelo"s Restaurant I have loved this wine.

Bartenura is a an extremely light, sweet wine with just 5% alcohol - low for countless wines. The is a little bit effervescent offering it almost a champagne-like feel... Perfect because that any tiny celebration.

Bartenura Moscato pairs finest with fruits, desserts, and cheeses - but to it is in honest, i drink it through just around anything.

When I an initial discovered this wine I might only find it at four Winds - a local specialty food and wine store, but I to be happy to say the Publix and many other regional wine and also liquor stores lug it currently as well!

Average retail: $12-14


Fish Eye Moscato

Fish Eye Moscato is a delightfully different Moscato from south Eastern Australia. Ankle Moscato is an ext flat - much less bubbly - 보다 the ones I have actually mentioned in this list.

I discovered this sweet moscato when I to be heading to a Mardi Gras parade and needed something portable that was no glass!

This "Cardbordeaux" style box wine even has its own tap! each 3.0L box includes the identical of four 750ml bottles or 2 1.5L bottles of FishEye Wine.

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Cupcake Moscato

Cupcake Moscato di Asti is a pretty light and fizzy moscato that goes good with sweet desserts - especially on a heat day!

With clues of seasonings of nectarine, honey and peach, Cupcake Moscato is always a crowd favorite. Another bonus to Cupcake Moscato is the it is simple to discover in most regional grocers and liquor stores.

I am sure there are many many fantastic Moscato wines out there, and I hope someday to try them all.

Moscato is a wine that ns have uncovered most anyone likes - even friends who have actually said "oh i am no a alcohol drinker" have enjoyed a glass of among these from this list.