In period of atomised viewing habits, over there are couple of events that catch as many eyeballs as the at sight Bowl. Its ad slots space the many expensive on united state terrestrial tv – $5.6m because that 30 seconds, give thanks to you an extremely much – and also the Super bowl Halftime show has end up being one the the many high-profile gigs of the year.

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Things have actually come a long way since 1960, when the an initial Super bowl Halftime show contained nothing an ext than the typical The Liberty Bell gift performed through the college of Arizona Symphonic Marching Band. Today’s reflects go v as much planning as any collection at the Grammys or Oscars.

This year, Shakira and also Jennifer Lopez are gracing the phase at the hard Rock stadium at Miami Gardens in Florida. Ostensibly, the crowd room there to see the game between the san Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs at Super bowl LIV, yet sometimes the few minutes that music designed because that half-time entertain linger longer in the memory than the gamings themselves.

Here, Music looks in ~ 10 the the many memorable performances.

10. Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, p Diddy, Nelly, Jessica Simpson and Kid rock (2004)


OK, pub quiz music round time. Can you surname the opening track that Jessica Simpson introduced the proceedings to? What song had its name rechanged to namecheck ns Diddy? surname either of boy Rock’s 2 numbers? Nope, us neither. That’s since what ended up being the most famous halftime show of every time to be overshadowed by a mishap the birthed a whole brand-new phrase in the English language: “wardrobe malfunction”.

The halftime display at Houston’s Reliant Stadium witnessed the ensemble, including Janet Jackson and also Justin Timberlake, rip with 10 monitor on top of the equivalent band interludes, however its legacy is because that one half-second during the denouement, wherein Jackson and also Timberlake teamed up for the latter’s Rock her Body. I m sorry Timberlake did, briefly exposing Jackson’s partially-covered best nipple as he ripped off component of her clothing. Fines and also lawsuits followed “Nipplegate”, and also Jackson briefly witnessed her music banned indigenous radio and music video channels around the world since many presume the incident had actually been a stunt. Legend has actually it that a software program programmer to be so frustrated that he couldn’t discover footage that the occurrence online the he invented YouTube.

9. Michael Jackson (1993)


Another decade, an additional Jackson, though this time the wardrobe remained malfunction free. Michael Jackson’s 1993 appearance at the rose Bowl in Pasadena, California to be a turning point in halftime extravaganzas, becoming one of the most-watched events in united state history.

The production began with Jackson showing up on every of the venue’s huge jumbotron screens, through stunt doubles then showing up on each of lock in a puff of smoke. Jackson self – dressed like a center Eastern dictator together imagined through the artist Jeff Koons – climate appeared, star jumping up onto the center of the phase in an enntrance gate of split-second timing, especially considering he sent the following two minutes completely still together the crowd roared your approval. It is height widescreen Jackson, a stadium-sized segue v Eighties-defining access time (Billie Jean), beforehand 90s anthems (Black Or White) and also choir-heavy singalongs (We space The World, heal The World).

8.Lady Gaga (2017)


American football and also Lady Gaga don’t seem the most noticeable bedfellows, but the Millennial Madonna has earned a formidable call for her live reflects – and also Superbowl LI gained a taste that what her little Monsters have actually known for part time: Ain’t no display like a Gaga show.

The start saw Gaga performing the US national Anthem from the ramparts of the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas, before segueing into Pete Seeger’s This floor Is her Land and also the Pledge that Allegiance – and if every this is sound mystifyingly center of the road, bear in mind the behind her, a fleet of part 300 drones to be swarming to produce a rippling Stars and also Stripes flag.

Gaga then zipwired top top the stage – really Cirque Du Soleil – prior to landing ~ above a tower looking prefer something left end from the nightmarish cityscape of blade Runner; the perfect location to climate launch right into Poker Face. Through costuming by Versace and a morphing light display courtesy that awards-show staples 22 Degrees, Gaga’s present ended v a Thriller-esque monster mash featuring seemingly zombified football players. That’s rather the display to need to follow with a ball game…

7. U2 (2002)


No vertigo-inducing zipwires because that Bono in 2002 (the tune hadn’t been released yet). U2’s halftime present – at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in new Orleans – the ever-communal U2 opted for the much more personal approach. Through the rest of the band already on stage, Bono walked through the group to the phase to the strains that Beautiful Day.

This was the an initial Super key to take place due to the fact that the September 11 attacks; U2 marked it by mirroring a scrolling list of names of those who had actually perished as Bono sprinted approximately the circular stage to the characteristic chiming etc of whereby the Streets have No Name. Love them or hate them, U2 know how to transforms stadiums into communal services, and also this was an extremely much a day in ~ the office.

6. Bruce Springsteen and also the E Street band (2009)


Springsteen fans can thank Tom Petty and also the Heartbreakers, reportedly for your Super key appearance. The NFL’s head the programming, Charles Coplin, to be on a train house after work-related when an e-mail popped increase congratulating the on the Petty display – from Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau. It was an ext than just viewer feedback – Landau was trial and error the water for opportunity of The Boss’s very own halftime show. As soon as I gained the note, it was, ‘Wow, castle actually favor what us do and also they’re actually interested’,” Coplin said Rolling rock in 2009. “It was one of the good e-mails.”

And so that was that on 1 February 2009, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band appeared at at the Raymond James stadion in Tampa Bay, Florida, v The ceo thundering right into the microphone v all the fire-and-brimstone fervour of a scriptures Belt preacher: “For the next 12 minutes, we’re walking to bring the righteous and also mighty power of the E Street Band right into your beautiful home! I want you to step ago from the guacamole dip! I desire you to put the chicken fingers down! and turn your tv all the means up!” No fleets of drones or video trickery, yet a band drilled right into military tightness. As soon as the band slipped effortlessly into Born come Run, the crowd’s roar must have actually been loud sufficient to problem the foundations.

5. Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and also Missy Elliott (2015)

Giant puppet tiger? Check. Alice in Wonderland-style surreal chess board? Check. Dancing beach balls, sharks and also palm trees? Check, check, check. No U2-style plug in and play here, though Lenny Kravitz’s donation is the an interpretation of stripped back – his guitar, leather and also jeans in stark comparison to the dayglo lunacy unfolding about him.

The suddenly switch native the Nickelodeon saturation the Teenage Dreams and California Gurls into Missy Elliott’s obtain Ur Freak On is just one of the an excellent mood changes in halftime show history, as the dancing sharks make method for overlapping football shirts. The teen pop-meets-retro-rock-meets-hip-hop triumvirate became the most watched half-time display in background – getting an ext eyeballs 보다 the video game itself.

4. Madonna, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, MIA, Cee Lo eco-friendly (2012)

Allusions that grandeur meets moral majority-baiting mischief. Madonna required to the phase at the Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis flanked by a phalanx of oil warriors prefer Cleopatra herself, huge fans revealing her together the intro to Vogue started.

It wasn’t just the Madonna show, however. Novelty dance act LMFAO, rapper MIA, the then rising hip-hop star Nicki Minaj and the soulful Cee-Lo green – as the sweat centurions from the intro would certainly attest – the takes plenty of hands to support the product Girl. A te on from she MTV video Music Awards controversy, where she kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Madonna it s her swerved away from upsetting the staid stay-at-homes, but MIA couldn’t aid herself: bring about a minor scandal by flipping the bird in ~ the end of her short guest rap.

3. Aerosmith, Britney Spears, "NSync, Nelly and also Mary J Blige (2001)

Another genre-splicing megafest, throwing together a teen pop titan, the US’s the next answer come The roll Stones, a rap superstar, a queen of R&B and a five-headed, chart-topping boyband. The intro come on like a own jukebox, v "NSync and also Aerosmith trading hits favor Bye taking leave Bye and Don’t desire To miss out on A Thing, and also with "NSync no doubt scaring the insurers with some handheld pyrotechnics.

Things definitely ramped up a notch for the finale, however. Because that Walk This Way, the supergroup roped in one extra pair of vocalists: Spears and Blige. At part point, amid Joe Perry’s etc fireworks, you fully expected a kitchen sink on the mic next to "NSync.

2. Beyoncé and Destiny’s boy (2013)

Quite apart from this being the at sight Bowl, Beyoncé had actually something come prove. In ~ the push conference for her Super key performance, Queen Bey admitted she had lip-synched in ~ the inauguration of president Barack Obama days earlier. By the time she took the stage at new Orleans’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium, there to be fire in her belly.

Jay-Z, rumoured to do an appearance at his wife’s show, in the finish stayed away. This was really much a ladies’ night, consisting of all the dancers, backing tape members and also the one-of-a-kind guests – Beyoncé’s former Destiny’s son bandmates, Kelly Rowland and also Michelle Williams. Beginning with Bootylicious, the three-song mini-set consisted of them joining forces on Beyoncé’s operation The World. It was a triumphant return after number of years all ploughing their very own paths, but Beyoncé likewise silenced any kind of questions over she live abilities.

1. Prince (2007)

Most human being never realised exactly how much they wanted to hear Prince backed by a marching brass band till the 2007 super Bowl. The Miami Dolphins’ stadium was hemmed in by collection stormy clouds, yet that didn’t avoid Prince acquisition to his drenched symbol-shaped stage, and also signalling his intent by opening with the riff from Queen’s We will certainly Rock You.

While Prince hurtled right into Let’s walk Crazy and Baby ns A Star, the Florida A&M university Marching 100 providing a fitting backing band. Prince then deserted his own earlier catalogue in favour of a trio of songs from various other artists – Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Proud Mary, Bob Dylan’s All follow me The Watchtower, and also bringing proceedings much more up to date with Foo Fighters’ finest Of Me.

The finale, however, couldn’t have actually been timed much more perfectly. The heavens opened as Prince closed proceedings v none other than purple Rain. It’s unlikely Shakira and Jennifer Lopez will have the ability to top having actually Mother Nature as an accompaniment.

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