Have you heard? Americans space snacking more than ever, and that’s not necessarily a poor thing. Snacks can be a good way come sustain and power her body in between meals, noted that they’re “nutrient dense” – yes, those are a dietitian’s two favorite words and also I just said them. #NutritionGeek

Nutrient dense is a fancy means of saying the a food offers lots of bang (or health benefits) because that not an extremely many calories. Ideally a snack should encompass at least 2 or maybe even 3 of this nutrient thick foods, relying on how much fuel your body needs. Contradictory to what you might think about adding calorie from snacks, consisting of nutrient thick snacks in-between meals helps keep your blood street stable and prevents the hangry horrors and also mindless eating the happens as soon as you’re too many hungry. THAT’s where too plenty of calories come from.

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To make sure you’re snacking properly, follow this rules:

Eat a snack if it’s been at least 3 hours due to the fact that your critical meal, and at least 2 hours until your following mealInclude at least 3 various food groups on her snack plate (a fruit or vegetable, a grain, and also a protein or dairy)Most snack foods should be whole foods – not overly processed foods

Here room my all-time favorite for healthy snacking foods items – every perfectly portioned out for you. Pick a couple of and make a snack:

23 almonds

this …

Yes. You review that right. 23 almonds is a an excellent sized serving! and also because they’re full of healthy and balanced fat, fiber and also protein, possibilities are pretty good you’ll uncover them top top most renowned diet plans.

1 hardboiled egg


Yep, it’s the perfect protein, about 70 calories, and also it comes through it’s very own container.

1 string cheese stick

What? Adults require the calcium and also protein too! and also peeling them right into strings offers you something come do.

1 individual dimension packet of tuna


Repeat ~ me – lean protein extravaganza.

1 cup the red raspberries


Can you to speak superfruit? Antioxidants, phytochemicals, 9 grams of filling fiber and only 80 calories

8 businessman Joe’s Multigrain Pita bite crackers

Their ingredient list consists of whole wheat, rye, spelt, bran, barley, oats and also seeds. Yes, the sounds favor they might taste favor cardboard. No, they are quite possibly the most delicious healthy whole grain snack around.

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6 ounces the Greek yogurt


The perfect blend of protein and carbs, along with the included bonus of bone building calcium. Add to – you deserve to make the sweet or savory.

And over there you have actually MY list of perfect snack foodstuffs to aid you shed or stay at a healthy weight. What are some of yours?

Eat well!

the featured picture in this post is native the national Processed Raspberry Council