Who doesn’t love coco chip cookies? Soft or crunchy, fresh-baked or store-bought, they’re amongst the most beloved treats. Yes no shortage the packaged cacao chip cookie at the supermarket, but some are definitely superior come others. Come prove it, us taste-tested 25 brands.

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While the typical recipe for cacao chip cookies is basic — simply mix up a batter v flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, butter, vanilla, eggs and also chocolate chips — the cookie you’ll find in the supermarket often tend to it is in a lot an ext complicated. They need to be shelf-stable, so you will do it often uncover stabilizers and preservatives, and also many recipe don’t even contain eggs or milk. When it involves cookies, home-baked is commonly better, yet there’s something about the packaged sort that brings out the child in all of us.

Our dashboard of 15 tasters sampled every one in a remote tasting, and also graded every on components including taste, texture and also amount of chocolate chips every cookie. In the end, one brand to be a clean champion.


Lenny & Larry’s The complete Cookie may be marketed as a cookie, yet our tasters thought otherwise. The tasted much more like protein powder than anything rather (the cookie consists of 16 grams that protein), with an off-putting texture similar to Play-Doh. This can pass as a protein bar, but not as a cookie.


Goodie Girl cookies room gluten free and made through quinoa, rice, corn starch and tapioca. They to be very tiny and tough as a rock through a button-like shape, and many tasters were put off by their dry texture. Numerous tasters i found it the addition of cinnamon, yet it no do lot to salvage this underwhelming cookie.


These gluten-free cookies room made v several peculiar ingredients, consisting of a nut and seed flour blend, tapioca, coconut sugar, arrowroot, konjac root and tiger seed (which is in reality a root vegetable). Every one of those ingredients lent the cookie a strange flavor the didn’t score plenty of points v our tasters. One also went so far regarding say that it “doesn’t taste like coco or a cookie.” The texture was additionally slightly stale.


This cookie had an odd pale color and also a dusty, chalky texture. As for flavor, it had actually a weird nuttiness — likely as result of the addition of oatmeal and flaxseed — that most of our tasters agreed didn’t belong in a cacao chip cookie.


These cookies are gluten free, nut free, soy complimentary and milk free, and also are made v a flour mix that rice, buckwheat and millet. Our tasters had actually no issues with the thin and also crispy texture, however there to be an odd sweetness to these cookies, and also our panel nearly universally agreed that the aftertaste was strange together well.

The cookie that made talent agent Wally Amos a legend haven’t held up an extremely well. Most tasters agreed that our batch to be dry and also rocklike, and that the flavor was bland. They struck countless tasters together “classic,” however, and there were plenty of cacao chips to go around. The general impression was that they were nothing special.

This cookie to be crisp, crunchy and also buttery, but also tasted burnt. Our tasters also weren’t marketed on the in its entirety texture, which was a small bit gritty.

While this cookie was indeed soft and chewy, we didn’t gain much in the way of genuine chocolate and found that to have actually an artificial chemical flavor. It was additionally overwhelmingly sweet.

Whole Foods’ $3.99 providing fared surprisingly poorly. Though they"re made v organic wheat flour and also organic chocolate, our tasters found these cookie to be bland, dull, contempt sandy in texture and also sorely doing not have in cacao chips. Castle were additionally too crumbly and also dry.

These cookies have the fewest ingredients the end of any type of that we tested — simply wheat flour, chocolate chips, sugar, oil, brown rice syrup, baking soda and salt — and also our tasters were separation on whether the slight nuttiness lent by the wheat flour was desirable. The texture had a quite crumble but was slightly too dry, placing these cookies squarely in the middle of the pack.

Linden’s is a standard hard cacao chip cookie, and also it reminded many of our tasters of your childhood. Over there wasn’t lot in the way of chocolate flavor, though, and also it was a little bit also hard and also brittle.

This cookie had a nice, soft chew, but our tasters weren’t sold on the usage of milk chocolate as protest to semi-sweet chocolate. Us were looking for a deep chocolate flavor, however the milk cacao chips just attracted attention come the truth that the rest of the cookie was lacking in flavor.

Like the Montauk, ours tasters would certainly have preferred a richer flavor here as protest to that of milk chocolate. Us didn’t mind the soft, cakey texture, but if we had been blindfolded, we most likely wouldn’t have actually guessed the this to be a chocolate chip cookie.

This cookie was very soft and also chewy, v a quite buttery flavor, but the vanilla odor overwhelmed the of the chocolate.

Our tasters generally uncovered the tiny cookie inside the large plastic bath tub from businessman Joe’s nice enjoyable. They to be light and crispy, and also the reality that they to be bite-size make it basic to eat too many of them. They didn’t have much that a “pop,” however, and were lacking in chocolate chip flavor. They additionally contain coconut, which a pair tasters picked up on.

These cookies had some depth of flavor the our tasters it was observed — a note of salt and also butter and also big, high-quality dark coco chunks — however the structure was as well crumbly for some.

We loved the robust dark cacao flavor of these cookies, and also the big chocolate chunks. If you favor dark chocolate, you will do it love these. Our only (minor) quibble was the they to be a tiny too hard.

Keebler’s providing was pleasantly crunchy rather of dry and also crumbly, and also there to be plenty that high-quality chocolate chips evenly dispersed throughout. The pronounced flavor of molasses and also a hints of salt also came through.

This cookie had nearly too many cacao chips. While some enjoyed the crunch, others believed it was too hard and brittle. We all i agree it would pair well through a glass of milk, though.

We favored the softness and also the small size of these cookies, and also the quite chocolatey flavor. There’s a great reason why these addictive tiny cookies are so popular.

We really preferred the texture of these -- ideal in-between chewy and also crunchy -- and also we chosen the large chocolate chips and large chocolate flavor.

Tate’s was a polarizing cookie, yet it quiet did extraordinarily well. These to be thin and crispy and also had a unique homemade flavor, with plenty that butter, brown sugar and also vanilla. While high quality, the cacao chips themselves weren’t as plentiful as in the various other cookies, however, and some tasters complained the the cookie were as well crunchy and also borderline overbaked.

It’s no surprised the cookies in the renowned blue package come out close come the top. The cookies had a pronounced vanilla flavor and no shortage of cacao chips, and also they looked great as well. The pretty much difficult for any kind of chocolate lover to not favor these cookies.

These cookies have everything we look because that in a soft cookie: huge chocolate chunks, a satisfying texture, lots of vanilla and brown sugar flavor, and an overall home-baked feel. They’re additionally just the best size to have actually one and also feel satisfied. If you uncover these in the supermarket, snag ‘em.

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And the winner is … Pepperidge Farm’s Farmhouse Dark cacao Chip! We really favored the crisp but not crumbly texture, high-quality ample chocolate and also notes that butter, brown sugar and vanilla. If thin, castle still retained plenty that body, making for a top-notch, well-balanced cookie that could have been baked at one of the best cookie shops in every state.