The 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway functions dozens the scenic overlooks and hiking trails, yet if you had a limited time where should you go? This list might assist you figure that out.

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The 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most beautiful cd driver in America. It also happens to it is in my favorite journey in the country. However with thousands of scenic overlooks, miles of hiking trails, and also dozens that attractions, what have to you be sure to see? These are the 15 areas you must visit ~ above the Blue Ridge Parkway. The a great start.

Humpback Rocks Visitor center at Milepost 5.8James flow Visitor facility at Milepost 63.7Apple Orchard hill at Milepost 76.5Peaks of Otter at Milepost 86Virginia’s explore Park in ~ Milepost 115Mabry Mill at Milepost 176.1Blue Ridge Music facility at Milepost 213Moses H. Cone Memorial Park at Milepost 294Linn Cove Viaduct at Milepost 304Linville falls at Milepost 316Mt. Mitchell State Park at Milepost 355.4Craggy Gardens at Milepost 364.4Mount Pisgah in ~ Milepost 408.6Richland Balsam Overlook at Milepost 431.4Waterrock Knob in ~ Milepost 451.2
The historic log house on screen at the the end exhibit in ~ Humpback Rocks.No. 1

Humpback Rocks Visitor facility at Milepost 5.8

Just a couple of miles indigenous the northern Entrance to the Parkwayin Waynesboro, the Humpback Rocks Visitor center is a good start to yourjourney. The small visitor facility has a quite gift shop and also information desk whereyou can collect your nationwide Park Passport Stamp, choose up a map to theParkway, and also get some information.

The Outdoor farm Museum is next to the visitor facility along ashort, led trail. The exhibit includes a an extremely nice log house to tour and also a fewexamples of farm life in the Appalachian Mountains.

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At the Humpback void Overlook at Milepost 6 girlfriend can accessibility the Humpback Rocks Trail. The 7.8-mile roundtrip hike has Humpback Rocks, Humpback Mountain, and the Humpback Rocks Picnic Area. A well-known day hike is the 2-mile roundtrip hike come Humpback rock that includes a strenuous 700’ rise to a breathtaking view.