Y"all, I had actually a sphere at LongHorn Steakhouse. The Atlanta-based casual steak restaurant well-known for the meats and also margs did no disappoint and also can only lead united state all come wonder what took us so long to visit. Without additional adieu, here are the top food selection items you have to try:

Best Appetizer: Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms

I will not prevent talking around these for at least an additional year. This cheddar stuffed mushrooms space filled with 4 cheese and garlic then topped through a parmesan late that sends out you right into cheese heaven. If you don"t order this I will certainly personally it is in mad in ~ you.

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Best Side: Steakhouse Mac & Cheese

This mac is the ideal balance of not-too-dry however not-too-soupy. The cavatappi noodles have the right to handle a ton that cheese, i m sorry is perfect considering this mac has 4 cheeses piled in there.

Honorable mention: sweet potato.

If November could be a side dish, it would be this gorgeous, nostalgic, comforting sweet potato.

Best Cocktail: Mango Margarita

If any type of of you flourished up v POG (passion, orange, guava juice) this will remind friend of that... Add to tequila, that course. It"s tangy, tart, and strong—if you"re not right into stronger flavors, the strawberry margarita is your finest bet.

Best Steak: Bone-In Ribeye

The marbling is evenly distributed in LongHorn"s reduced making each little bit buttery and also velvety. Relying on how you prefer your steak cooked, you can probably reduced this through a fork.

Best Entree: Baby back Ribs

They nailed that on the ribs: It"s smoky, sticky, and also ever so contempt sweet. A many casual restaurants err on the side of sickening sweet, however I"m happy to report back that LongHorn seasons these poor boys beautifully.

Best Dessert: coco Stampede

You"ve obtained fluffy chocolate, thick chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate! This is a dessert for chocolate lovers only. If I might have this together my date of birth cake, ns would.

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