over there are couple of things better than a perfect cooked slab that juicy steak. The only thing that could come between a man and his beef space the negative effects the red meat, in every its marbled-with-fat and butter-basted glory, has on your heart and your waistline. But that doesn’t mean you should ditch steak altogether. You simply need to know what the leanest and fattiest cut of steak are.

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Red meat is packed v protein, i m sorry is vital for muscle growth and also recovery. It’s also high in iron and also vitamin B-12, which increases the immune system and also keeps red blood cell healthy. So this is a handy perform of the finest cuts of steak that you don’t need to feel guilty because that indulging in when the craving for a slab that bloody meat hits.

Whether that a dinner the end at her favorite restaurant or a cookout at residence with the fellas, here are the cut of juicy greatness you deserve to put on your plate—as well together the ones to bail on in ~ the butcher shop.


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Note: The American love Association recommends limiting lean meat, poultry and seafood intake to six ounces per day. The USDA specifies an extra-lean cut of beef as a 3.5-ounce serving (about 100 grams) that includes fewer 보다 5 grams complete fat, 2 grams the which are saturated fat, and also 95 milligrams that cholesterol. 

The Leanest cuts of Beef

1. Sirloin pointer Side Steak

Taken native the sirloin reminder or the optimal of the round. An extremely lean, yet still hold flavor.

Calories 206; Fat 5.4g; saturated Fat 2.06g; Protein 39g

2. Optimal Round Steak

Cut native the i know good (part of the round) and also considered flavorful and an ext tender than various other cuts native the round.

Calories 240; Fat 7.6g; saturation Fat 3g; Protein 36.9g

3. Eye of round Steak

Similar to the cuts taken indigenous the tenderloin, but tougher and less juicy.

Calories 276; Fat 7g; saturation Fat 2.4g; Protein 49.8g

4. Bottom ring Steak

Taken native the external park that the round that is a well worked out area the the animal. The meat has tendency to be tough and also typically demands marinating.

Calories 300; Fat 11g; saturated Fat 3.8; Protein 47.2g

5. Top Sirloin

Has an excellent flavor, however can it is in tough, so typically needs marinating.

Calories 316; Fat 10.6g; saturated Fat 4g; Protein 51.6g

The Fattiest cuts of Steak

1. Flap Steak

Very flavorful, however can it is in fibrous and also chewy

Calories 240; Fat 12g; saturation Fat 3.8g; Protein 33g

2. Filet Mignon (Chateaubriand or Tenderloin)

The most tender and sought-after, it’s considered on that the finest cuts the beef.

Calories 348; Fat 16g; saturated Fat 6g; Protein 48g

3. Porterhouse steak

Very expensive and flavorful. Cut from the selection tenderloin.

Calories 346; Fat 16.4g; saturated Fat 6.6g; Protein 46.2g

4. Skirt Steak

Also well-known as a flank steak. Taken native the bowl or chest that the cow, it’s known for that is flavor end tenderness.

Calories 348; Fat 17.2g; saturated Fat 6.6g; Protein 45.4g

5. New York strip Steak

Very tough cut of meat taken native the T-bone area.

Calories 360; Fat 18g; saturated Fat 6g; Protein 46g

6. T-Bone Steak

A reduced from below the porterhouse. That high fat content method that it remains tender when cooking.

Calories 376; Fat 25.6g; saturation Fat 10.6g; Protein 33g

7. Rib-Eye Steak (Rib Roast, element Rib)

The crème de la crème the steaks. Very marbled cut, which way it’s flavorful and also stays tender while cooking.

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Calories 466; Fat 37.6g; saturated Fat 15g; Protein 30g

Nutritional facts provide by caloriecount.com. Based on a 2000-calorie diet. Nutrition information for a six-ounce serving.