There’s much more to water than what comes the end of your tap. It’s big business, and that’s why it’s essential to know the finest bottled water native the worst.

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Sales that bottled water room on the rise, according to industry researchers. Yet if you’re going come pay for a product the you could get for free, it helps to recognize what you’re actually buying. We’ve put together a list of the top brands and also their products, through a brief buying guide and also glossary to assist you make an educated decision about the sort of water she drinking.

What space The finest Bottled Water Products?

Best Overall: Essentia Ionized Water


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Essentia Water’s ionized bottled water is terrific product. It’s safe, clean, tastes great, and has all the ideal certificates. That a supercharged and also ionized alkaline water that’s filtered through a proprietary procedure that purifies Essentia’s water, making that 99.9% pure. This procedure eradicates contaminants consisting of metals, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, and also other microorganisms.

After the filtration and also purification process, Essentia Water is blended with alkaline electrolytes and also ionized. The an outcome is an an energetic drink v pure alkaline electrolytes the meets EPA, FRA, and also IBWA drink water standards. Every bottle has a pH balance that 9.5 or higher.

Essentia Water’s bottles come in a selection of sizes with different caps. The most popular option is the 12-ounce bottle with a twisted top. That a good size for throwing right into your picnic basket, having lunch sack, or gym bag. All of the that company bottles room BPA and Phthalate free.

It’s definitely not the cheapest water in the world, but the price is same considering the high high quality of the product.

Top Features:

Great tasting waterNo acidic ion taste thanks to superchargingExceeds EPA, FDA and also IBWA standards9% pure composition

Best Budget: Aquafina Purified drinking Water


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Aquafina drink water is easily accessible almost anywhere. That cheap, effective, and tastes great. Yes sir a very good chance that you’ve already had a party of Aquafina in ~ some suggest in your life. It’s virtually inescapable.

Every particle of water that ends increase in Aquafina party undergoes a thorough 7-step purification process that supplies reverse osmosis and also other filtering methods. This procedure effectively removes salts, chlorides, bacteria, and other substances. As a spokesperson because that Pepsi Co (Aquafina’s parental company) to be keen to allude out: it’s not tap water.

Though girlfriend can discover Aquafina practically anywhere and for an economical price, it’s no without its an adverse points. Some water-aficionados aren’t crazy around the taste. Rather aren’t particularly pleased by just just how ubiquitous and readily-available this brand is. And also the packaging is negative in quality and has small re-use value.

Some the these an unfavorable points room justified and also you must take them into account if you’re trying to find a much more environmentally-friendly product. However, we’re giving Aquafina peak honors in the budget category: the cheap, hydrating, and widely available, which provides it a great option for those in search of a cheaper option: especially if you’re buying in bulk.

Top Features:

Cheap and also affordable water7-step purification processCalorie-freeAvailable in a wide selection of party sizes

Best Premium Bottled Water: VOSS Artesian tho Water


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VOSS water no cheap, yet it is incredibly good. That a famous water choice for luxury restaurants and also bars, and also other premium customers. It’s also endorsed through Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and also that type of Rock-filtration is exclusive just to this brand.

VOSS’s water comes from an artesian source in southerly Norway. It’s extracted from an secret aquifer that produces normally pure water that’s deserve to rehydrate your body in a spicy and advanced way.

It’s not all about appearances though. The brand is cursed to green practices. That operates with 100% carbon neutrality. The firm even sponsors its own foundation, the Voss Foundation, which provides accessibility to clean drinking water in Sub-Saharan Africa.

One thing that us love about VOSS water is the truth that it can be purchase in a variety of packaging. The most frequently bought in high-quality BPA-free pet bottles, but every one of the brand’s assets can be acquisition in glassware, or aluminum cans. The alternative of purchase a reusable glass container renders this fairly an environmentally-friendly choice. Albeit an high-quality one.

Top Features:

Pure artesian waterStylish and sophisticated branding100% carbon neutral companyEnvironmentally-friendly packaging

Best Flavor: FIJI herbal Artesian quiet Water


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Next, we have actually FIJI organic Artesian still Water. This is the finest bottled water in terms of flavor. It has actually a soft and also smooth taste that will certainly quench your thirst and keep you hydrated, v water straight from a natural source.

That resource is an secret artesian aquifer in the Fijian Islands, in the center of the southern Pacific. Tropical rain gradually filters v the island’s volcano rock before settling in the aquifer. The journey through the rock naturally imbues the water with organic silica and electrolytes, making it ideal for severe rehydration.

The herbal filtration procedure also offers FIJI Water the unique and smooth taste. It has actually a pH level the 7.5, organic minerals and also electrolytes, and comes from an exceptionally pure source. It is why we rate this water therefore highly. Yet if the wasn’t enough, the also easily accessible in BPA-free bottles, and also in a wide variety of various sizes.

There’s a bottle size for every kind of situation, and each party comes to fill with some of the finest tasting water top top the market.

Top Features:

Pure artesian waterNaturally electrolyte-enhancedAvailable in BPA-free bottlesAvailable in a wide selection of bottle sizes

Best Eco Option: simply Water Premium Pure Still feather Water


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If you’re in search of the most green water out there, then the best bottled water for you needs to be simply Water. The firm has a really green strategy to conducting business, transferring a high quality product that keeps client hydrates in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

JUST’s source is one alkaline spring situated in the Adirondack mountains in upstate brand-new York. This organic water is fresh and also pure, with a pH of 8.0. It’s good old-fashioned, unadulterated water! It’s just gently filtered through Ozone and also UV come filter out any kind of contaminants, there is no removing the naturally arising minerals.

Plus, the company pays a premium for the privilege of utilizing this organic spring, payment 6x the municipal price for usage of the spring.

The many exciting component of just Water’s ethos is the brand’s approach to packaging. Shunning plastic, the firm uses environment-friendly boxes come package your water. It’s make from tree materials, and also it help the company reduce carbon emissions through as much as 74% when compared to regular plastic bottles. The also completely recyclable, which makes it one attractive green option.

Top Features:

Pure, natural spring waterEco-friendly packagingLow carbon impactOzone and also UV organic filtration process

Best Carbonated Water: Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water


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Perrier is just one of the most famous water brands in the world, and also it shouldn’t come together a surprise that it’s out top an option for the finest carbonated water. This French brand’s water is renowned thanks come its normally carbonated water, i m sorry is bottled straight at the resource in Vergèze, in France’s Gard département. Oh, and also it’s famous for those standard Perrier green bottles too.

Aside from being fresh and pure, Perrier’s carbonated water is an especially revered as result of its zero-calorie and also zero-sweetener nature. The offers all of the texture and also feel of other carbonated waters yet without any type of excess ingredients.

Perrier’s water comes in a wide range of flavors. While many buyers opt for the brand’s signature, high-carbonated original flavor, Perrier additionally offers your water in flavors such together watermelon, apple, orange, strawberry, peach, lime, and more! This wide selection of flavors makes it an excellent choice for cocktails.

This water is available in Perrier’s distinctive BPA-free eco-friendly bottles, i m sorry are sold in a range of sizes to suit different requirements.

Top Features:

Classic Perrier environment-friendly bottleBEP-plastic containerAll-natural carbonation in ~ the sourceWide selection of flavors


Best feather Water: Poland Spring origin 100% spring Water


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Contrary to what the surname suggests, this water doesn’t come indigenous Poland. Instead, it comes from a herbal spring in an undisclosed ar in Maine. Wherein is this spring? The only info that the agency gives far is the it’s surrounding by pine tree trees and hidden in the woods the Maine. And you can not get an ext natural than that.

It’s 100% organic spring water that has actually a pH balance of between 6.6 to 7.7. It’s enhanced with naturally occurring electrolytes i beg your pardon are good for rehydration, and also they additionally improve the taste, making the crisper and an ext refreshing.

Poland feather wraps their water in one environmentally-conscious bottle. When the party is tho made indigenous plastic, it’s make from 100% recycle plastic to aid the eco-friendly cause. The bottle is also completely recyclable too, so nothing will need to go come a landfill after use.

It’s no that cheap though. The premium resource and the recycle packaging perform push the cost up a little, but if she worried about the state of the planet, then it’s a little price to pay. Poland feather water party are easily accessible in a number of different sizes, yet the 900 ml is our favorite.

Top Features:

100% herbal spring waterSourced indigenous a feather in MaineThe bottles space made native 100% recycled plasticPacked full of naturally arising electrolytes


Best herbal Water: iceland Glacial herbal Spring Water


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If you desire truly pure water, this one is together pure together you can get. Sourced straight from Iceland’s legendary Ölfus Spring, among the world’s pure ecosystems, this water has a short mineral content and a normally alkaline pH of 8.4. There space no harmful minerals, silica, or hefty metals, and also no bacteria either.

Not only is the water completely natural, but Icelandic Glacial was officially the first bottled water firm to be given the Carbon Neutral certification for all elements of the production: native the really product itself to the entire agency operation. If you’re searching for a environment-friendly choice, this is absolutely one come consider.

The packaging is together environmentally-friendly together possible. Customers have the selection of to buy BPA-free bottles, or glass options. It’s accessible in a wide range of various sizes to suit her needs.

Other cool attributes of icelandic Glacial’s organic spring water variety is the variety of flavors. It’s accessible in Elderflower, Tahitian Lime, and also Sicilian Lemon spices too. However, us recommend the unflavored pure water for a truly authentic herbal taste!

Top Features:

Sourced native the well known Ölfus Spring100% naturally pure waterThe bottles room made native BPA-free plastic or glassLow mineral content

Best Alkaline Water: Perfect Hydration Electrolyte Water


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Our top choice for the ideal alkaline bottled water is this electrolyte water indigenous Perfect Hydration. The Perfect Hydration brand is owned by the Stratus Beverage team in California. That an all-American service with a history of transporting innovative and healthy herbal beverages. Your water adheres to this tendency too!

This water has actually a pH balance of over 9.5, make it among the many alkaline bottled water assets out there. This level the alkali is reached by using an imaginative 9-stage filtration process. Together it’s filtered, it’s magnified with minerals and electrolytes, before being ionically charged to remove any kind of bitter taste.

Despite being magnified with minerals, there are no harmful additives in this water, such as included sodium, chlorine, or fluorine. The combination of electrolytes, minerals, and also the alkaline nature the the water do it an ideal an option for those who need real hydration, prefer athletes or physical laborers.

The party is 100% recyclable and also BPA-free. What’s more, the shape of the bottle is sculpted perfect to fit into your hand, or into any type of cup holder.

Top Features:

9-stage filtration processpH balance of over 9.5100% recyclable and BPA-free bottleErgonomically draft bottle

Best sports Water: Glaceau smart Water


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Glaceau clever Water is a mainstay on lists the rank water brands. Why? since it has actually a an excellent taste, originates from a natural source, and also has lot of of electrolytes. For those who choose a hydrating and refreshing drink as soon as they’re in ~ the gym or out on the pitch, Galceau’s clever Water is just one of the ideal bottled waters you have the right to get.

This to be water is bottled in ~ the source, at a feather in the unified Kingdom. The spring, situated in Morpeth in the north of England, produces naturally sweet water i m sorry is then intensified using a vapor-distillation process, with included electrolytes thrown into the mix.

We prefer this water, however we additionally have a few issues. It’s had actually a rocky past, v allegations that the water is nothing more than tap water. But it’s managed to overcome the an adverse press and also is still one of the most renowned bottled water commodities on the market. It’s also owned by Coca-Cola, a company that could do much more to alleviate carbon emissions.

Still, this fantastic water is accessible in 100% rPET recycle plastic and comes in a wide variety of flavors. Aside from classic, that also easily accessible in Sparkling environment-friendly Apple, Lemon, Berry & Kiwi, add to new combination flavors Cucumber Lime, Strawberry Blackberry, Pineapple Kiwi, and Watermelon Mint.

Top Features:

Wide variety of flavorsAdded electrolytesVapor-distillation process100% recycled plastic bottle

All You need to Know around Buying The best Bottled Water

Below you’ll discover a “water label glossary” through some standard definitions of brand terms from the FDA. Together with that information, keep in mind that if you watch terms ~ above bottles, prefer “glacier water” and also “mountain water,” yes no standard an interpretation for those terms.

Although bottled water, regularly advertised as a “pure” and also “natural” different to madness water, is normally safe, the actually much less regulated by the environmental Protection company (EPA) than municipal water supplies. The EPA is responsible because that regulating the safety and security of insanity water (municipal or publicly water supplies), and also the Food and also Drug management (FDA) is responsible because that the safety of bottled water.

Bottled-water devices aren’t forced by the FDA to disclose whereby their water come from, just how it to be treated, or what contaminants it can contain. Disclosure is completely voluntary (except in California). And also the bottled ingredient is subject to a less stringent safety and security standard than insanity water.

Whatever the party says, nothing be misled by fresh blue labels and pictures of mountains. Purified madness water is the source of much of the bottled water created in the U.S., follow to industry data. Plenty of consumers could cut out the middleman (and produce far much less plastic waste because that municipal landfills) through investing in a water filter and also reusable water party to tote as soon as they’re on the go.

If you concerned around the water top quality in her area, however don’t desire to pay for bottled water, check out these recommended water filters.

Bottled water brand glossary


Water obtained from a well the taps a limit aquifer, an underground layer of absent or sand that has water.

Example: Fiji natural Artesian Water.


Water that has actually been boiled and then re-condensed native the steam that the boil produces. Distillation death microbes and removes minerals, providing the water a flat taste.

Example: Glacéau Smartwater.


Groundwater that naturally includes at least 250 components per million of liquified solids. Every minerals and also other trace aspects must be present in the water when it increase at the source.

Example: Calistoga.


Public water source, also known together municipal water supply, or tap water.

Fact: Aquafina, among the optimal 10 selling residential brands, used to to speak “P.W.S.” on its label, but adjusted that in 2007 under pressure from this firm Accountability worldwide to do clear the the water came from a public supply and not part pristine mountain spring dubbed P.W.S.


Water from any resource ( including from the tap) that has actually been cure to eliminate chemicals and pathogens follow to standards set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP). Have to contain no an ext than 10 parts per million of liquified solids. Distillation, deionization, and reverse osmosis space all purification methods.

Examples: AquafinaDasani.


Water that has carbon dioxide in ~ an amount same to what it had when it arised from its source. Carbon dioxide lost throughout the treatment procedure may be added back. (Carbonated waters such together soda water and seltzer are thought about soft drinks, no bottled waters.)

Example: Perrier.


Water derived from an underground formation from which water flows normally to the earth’s surface. Springwater must be accumulated at the feather or v a borehole tapping the underground formation (aquifer) feeding the spring.

Examples: Arrowhead hill Spring Water (Nestlé)Evian.

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