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What come Look because that in a sports Bra for huge Breasts

Cup format

For D cups and above, look at for styles with molded, encapsulated, contoured, or underwire cup for the highest degree of support. Comparable to a classic bra, some sporting activities bras usage flexible underwires to aid lift and shape the breasts. An underwire bra will support each breast individually and aid limit movement.

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Sports bras have the right to come through multiple closure styles, consisting of pull-on, front-closure, and ago hook closure. “Anything you pull on over her head is walk to give you compression only and also is no going to execute the task for full-bust gals,” claims Jenette Goldstein, Founder and CEO that Jenette Bras. She says that when the pull-on bras can be comfortable, front-closure and back-closure sporting activities bras will provide maximum hold and also stress distribution.


Most sports bras carry out support with compression, however if you have actually larger breasts, Goldstein claims you need complete encasement that each breast to control movement from every angles. Bras that include integrated padding or removable cups not only offer a smooth and rounded shape—helping to avoid a “uni-boob”—they additionally provide added modesty.


For larger breasts, it's finest to avoid bras with slim, fixed straps. Goldstein proposal finding ergonomic straps that sell a high level of support—typically more thickness straps that you can change to fit your build, lull level, and evenly distribute her weight. Straps with cushioning also help prevent chafing.


If you’re wearing a sports bra during a workout, that will get sweaty. And also if you don’t pick one through a middle level of breathability, the material can trap humidity which deserve to lead to skin irritation. Sporting activities bras made v sweat-wicking cloth will traction moisture away from the skin while keeping you comfortable.

“If you feel an ext comfortable you’ll work out longer,” states Goldstein. She proposal looking right into performance textiles—fabrics that administer functions such together odor resistance, moisture repellency, and also more. Mesh, polyester, and also nylon room also good options since they provide ultimate breathability and airflow.

frequently asked questions

just how are sports bras claimed to fit?

Most of the assistance for sports bras originates from the band, therefore a snug band that anchors to the body and also doesn’t ride increase is the an essential to support, follow to Laura Burke, Intimate Apparel Stylist at Fit X Burke. “If girlfriend reach around your back and have the right to pull out the band more than one inch, then you require a firmer band,” states Burke. “Also make sure all the breast tissue is in the cup and also you room not relying on super tightened straps because that lift.”

Look for sporting activities bras in your bra size (not small, medium, or large) because that a an ext custom fit.

deserve to sports bras flatten your breasts?

A tight-fitting sporting activities bra might flatten, or compress, your breasts temporarily, but that also helps to save them out of the means and limit movement. However, some sports bras room not designed come flatten but are shaped an ext like regular bras and also actually encase and support every individual breast. “The secret to a great sports bra is compression and also encapsulation,” claims Burke.

“Encapsulated cups offer support and also separation, one boob every cup, and will help each breast stay where it’s supposed to be.”

What"s the best way to to wash a sports bra?

If you desire to prolong the life that your sporting activities bras, handwashing castle is the many gentle option. The course, you might not always have the moment or inclination to execute that, and an equipment washing them will give them a thorough cleaning.

To wash them in a machine, an initial place your sporting activities bras in a mesh lingerie bag come avoid having actually them gain tangled v your other clothes and also to store removable pads close by if they acquire loose. For finest results, usage a cold water setup and wash v a sports-specific laundry detergent, which is design to eliminate sweat and also lingering odors from athletic wear.

Although numerous sports bras can be thrown in the dryer top top a short setting, letting them hang dry will make them last longer.

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Why to trust Verywell Fit?

Emily rock is a sporting activities bra fanatic. She particularly loves Lululemon’s complimentary To be Elevated Bra. It provides support and coverage, and it’s trendy and looks great with workout tanks. She likewise loves the fit and feel of Lululemon’s super soft and sweat-wicking Luxtreme fabric. It fits choose a second skin, eliminating any kind of unwanted gapping, and lays smoothly on the body.