The fast food chicken sandwich war has gotten a bit crowded and, shall us say, heated, recently. Wendy"s may have started the all earlier in 1996 when they presented their long-standing spicy chicken sandwich, but now the competition is quite fierce. Flash front to 2021, and practically every rapid food chain throughout the nation is in the game — sparking heated debates from passionate poultry lovers. Who doesn"t remember when the people just about lost that mind when Popeye"s released their own chicken sandwich in the summer the 2019, together CNN reports, leading to long lines and also selling the end of your stock at places throughout the country? We are America, and we love ours chicken.

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The competition easily took notice, inspiring plenty of fast food restaurants come up their game. Therefore enters the spicy chicken sandwich. It"s got all the deliciousness that a constant chicken sandwich v the added kick that a little heat, courtesy of one of two people crunchy, peppery breading or a creamy sauce. 

There room a lot of determinants that go into ranking a chicken sandwich. Is the chicken juicy? Is the breading crunchy? carry out the toppings match the odor of the chicken? How around the level of spice? Well, we"re below to answer every one of them because that you. Join us top top this sodium and also spice-soaked adventure because that our list of quick food spicy chicken sandwiches ranked from worst come best.

Okay, for this reason Jack in the box may have a less than stellar reputation. We"re simply not sure that we deserve to put to trust in a place that tops your tacos with American cheese. They are, however, wildly inexpensive and the late-night dream of numerous a university kid brief on cash. 

In 2020, Jack in the Box determined to up their game in the chicken department. Their previous chicken sandwich wasn"t exactly anything to write residence about, through its sad and also soggy, proper crispy coating. And so, together Brand eat reports, they introduced the brand-new Cluck Sandwich with an excellent fanfare. They also enlisted songstress Becky G for an advertisement campaign wherein they urged pan to develop a new version of the chicken run (via Reel 360).

The brand-new Cluck Sandwich, available in continual or spicy, attributes a crispy fried chicken chest on a brioche bun topped with two pickles and also a mayonnaise-based secret sauce. While the chicken is juicy, the only flavor coming from both the chicken and breading is salt. Vastly under-seasoned — minus the salt attack, still — the just thing providing any real odor is the mayo-based sauce with ideas of mustard and also brown sugar. Meanwhile, the pickle slices are so tiny they go undetected. It"s a disappointing entry in the fast food spicy chicken contest.

If friend live in the Southeast, you room likely an ext than acquainted with Bojangles". This regional fast food chain is known for that Cajun-inspired meals, like fried chicken, buttery biscuits, and sweet tea. It"s just fitting that a chain recognized for your chicken, acquired in top top the action. Bojangles" entry right into this epic battle is your Cajun Filet Sandwich. Their chicken chest filet is cajun-spiced v their signature seasoning and served top top a buttered bun with a piece of lettuce, part of tomato, and also mayo.

Ultimately, this sandwich lacks any real "wow" factor. The chicken is juicy and also the flavor native the seasoning is nice, however it"s not good enough to have us running back. Our significant problem through this one? The bun. It is also big, with a bun-to-chicken ratio of 3:1. It completely overpowers the entire sandwich. Sorry, Bojangles", however this one frankly did not butter our biscuits.

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Sorry, friends. There"s no easy method to speak this for this reason we"ll just obtain right come the point. The Popeyes chicken sandwich lived nowhere near to the level that hype linked with it. The thin pandemonium has left united state baffled. When Popeye"s launched the sandwich in 2019, it caused hours-long lines just for a chance at a bite, according to Reuters.

Was the sandwich worth it? follow to massive Live, the spicy variation is lot like the initial chicken sandwich, only battered and breaded in a buttermilk coating produced specifically for this menu item. It"s climate topped through pickles and also loaded top top a brioche bun. The spicy variation sees the addition of spicy mayonnaise.

We to be gravely disappointed. If this one had actually a pretty crunch, the severely lacked any flavor and also tasted prefer a typical greasy subpar fried chicken sandwich. Us will provide it to the spicy mayo since it did add a welcome little bit of heat, yet it to be still overpowered by greasy chicken. The only redeeming component was the buttery bun, yet the odor of grease quiet lingered in ours mouths because that hours. Tough pass.

So, because that all your spicy chicken sandwich purists out there, recognize that we included Arby"s buffalo chicken sandwich above others since it does have actually some true warm to it and is thus worthy the the title of spicy chicken sandwich. In 2016, QSR magazine reports, Arby"s presented the Buttermilk Buffalo Chicken Slider. This became so renowned that Arby"s eventually rolled out a complete sandwich version of the treat. Both continue to be on the menu today.

For this particular spicy chicken sandwich, a chicken breast filet is marinated in buttermilk, climate coated and fried in sweet buttermilk breading. This procedure made for a supervisor juicy, tender, and also crispy chicken filet. The buffalo sauce is delicious, too, and also has simply the right amount of gentle heat. The difficulty with this one is the enhancement of peppercorn sauce. Very delicious on its own, the made the chicken soggy in no time. The bun and also shredded lettuce can do tiny to save this confusing sandwich, which calls for a small mountain that napkins to gain through reasonably cleanly.

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The primarily Southeast fast food chain chef Out is usually a quick food lover"s dream. After perusing the rather huge menu, you"ll have to pick from over 40 flavors of milkshakes and also hushpuppies to quesadillas and also even north Carolina-style barbecue. In enhancement to several arrays of grilled chicken breast sandwiches, they additionally have a crispy spicy chicken chest sandwich that debuted in 2019 (via Charleston City Paper). This version of a spicy chicken fast food sandwich is topped with lettuce and tomato and served top top a soft, pillowy bun.

This wasn"t a mind-blowing sandwich by any means, but we need to say that chef Out"s version is quiet an all-around hard chicken sandwich. While us didn"t finding a ton of warm from the breading, the sandwich featured a quite average-sized piece of juicy chicken on top of a classic, unobtrusive bun. Whatever was well balanced and also proportioned and also was pretty well-seasoned. We think pairing it through some type of sauce would really do this sandwich great. Luckily, they"ve gained plenty of options, prefer buffalo, BBQ, and also even Polynesian sauce to amp up their perfectly respectable sandwich entry right into the fast food chicken sandwich wars.

Since the dawn that time (or actually the 1990s), when you believed of the quick food chicken sandwich, friend surely believed of Wendy"s. When the taste and flavor will constantly carry a hints of nostalgia for us, unfortunately, v all the competition over there is now, we"re sad come say it"s obsolete. According to QSR magazine, Wendy"s Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich attributes a marinated chicken that"s climate breaded in a pepper-forward coating and completed through a item of lettuce and also tomato.

Sorry, old friend, yet this one simply isn"t remarkable. If we reap the peppery coating top top the chicken, too many times we"ve to be let down through a lukewarm chicken filet, one sad piece of lettuce, and also a lackluster, flavorless tomato. The familiarity element has this one possibly a bit greater on the list than it must be, honestly, however let"s let the be because that nostalgia"s sake, shall we? us think we"ll stick through a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and Frosty on our following visit. Dave, us think it"s time because that an upgrade.

Founded in 1984, Culver"s has actually pretty much conquered the Southeast and Midwest because then. They currently operate over 700 restaurants in 25 states, follow to the Milwaukee journal Sentinel, the chain has a food selection that sets castle apart. In addition to Butterburgers, your Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich is both marinated and breaded through a distinct four-pepper combination of spices and topped with lettuce, tomato, and pickles. It"s all served on a grilled bun. This started as a limited offering in 2018 that verified to be so renowned it eventually found its method as a permanent food selection addition.

This reminded us of a McChicken sandwich, but method bigger, fresher, and also just all-around better. We gained an actual kick from this sandwich, yet it is absolutely the many peppery one on ours list. The pickles did a nice job of cooling the heat from the breading, which was itself lot of crispy however not also thick. The bun is grilled but we found it tends to fall apart in precise one bite.

You were more than likely wondering as soon as Chick-fil-A would certainly make its illustration on that is list. It"s no wonder that, once cravings hit, you"re left come sit in your car in a drive-thru line that regularly runs with the whole parking lot and down the road. Chick-fil-A walk chicken nice darn well. 

The chain"s Grilled Spicy Chicken Deluxe features a chicken breast that is marinated in a mix of peppers and also then grilled. It"s topped v a item of lettuce, tomato, Colby jack cheese, and also served ~ above a toasted multigrain brioche bun v a next of cilantro lime sauce.

What us love about this one is that the freckles is much more like a coating on the chicken fairly than a sauce, helping keep things neat and also tidy. It"s genuinely spicy, too, which is why we love the fact that it is served with cool cilantro sauce. We"re constantly down for some cheese, specifically when it"s Colby jack, yet feel that in between the sauce and flavor that chicken friend don"t even really require the cheese. This is all about a hard spicy chicken sandwich that leaves united state satisfied without weighing united state down through a hefty breading.

We were yes, really surprised by this one, as our previous experiences v McDonald"s and chicken have actually been less than stellar. After ~ all, their nuggets and McChicken sandwich alike have been nothing come write house about. And also so beginning the brand-new McDonald"s Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Introduced in beforehand 2021, follow to Men"s Health, this menu item is simple and straightforward. A crispy and also fried chicken breast is topped with pickles and also served top top a toasted and buttered potato roll, slathered through a mayo-based pepper sauce.

This to be pretty close to a knockout. The was in its entirety a really well executed chicken sandwich and also we in reality detected a welcome level that spice native the sauce. Moreover, the was evident that the chicken to be freshly prepared. We delighted in the brand-new bun that they created just for this sandwich together it made for the perfect toppings come bun ratio. Because that this sandwich, they additionally introduced brand-new crinkle-cut pickles that we uncovered to be perfectly crunchy. Fine done, McDonald"s!

Full disclosure: this take on the spicy chicken sandwich was a actual shocker, however proved to be intriguing. Follow to Today, Taco Bell is at this time testing its Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco, available in both regular and spicy versions. Is it a taco? Is the a sandwich? Well, it"s both. The consistent version features a piece of crispy chicken and chipotle sauce stuffed right into a mini folded flatbread. The spicy variation sees the addition of sliced jalapeños. So exactly how does Taco Bell ridge up versus the competition?

Their entrance in the chicken sandwich war is actually pretty legit. Very first off, the chicken soft is a item of all-white chicken meat that"s marinated in jalapeño buttermilk, and, wow, does that make a difference. The chicken is at sight juicy and also the fried breading available a quite crunch. The chipotle sauce was legit and worked well through the generous helping of jalapeño slices. The flatbread is super soft and fresh making the perfect carrier for the combo without breaking apart. 

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco is rather small, making it perhaps more of a snack than a complete sandwich. If you"re looking for a enjoy the meal you could grab 2 of these and also a side of pinto beans. Taco Bell"s Crispy Chicken Sandwich Tacos room expected to do a full nationwide rollout later on this year.

This was one more surprise because that us. If we"ll always have a little nostalgia feeling for the classic, oblong chicken sandwich (and because that real, how an excellent was the chicken parm version?), burger King wowed united state seriously through their brand-new Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Presented in beforehand 2021, according to burger Beast, the sandwich functions chicken coated in spicy breading served with lettuce, tomato, and also creamy mayonnaise.

It arrives on a potato bun, a nice, flavorful change from many of our various other contenders and also their rather lackluster buns. The chicken is generously sized and super juicy with a nice, crunchy breading that makes for an exciting texture. It was genuinely spicy but we"d to speak it is more reminiscent of the seasonings of Nashville-style warm chicken than your typical spicy chicken sandwich. The spices all operated together in perfect harmony, do this a true standout in the rapid food battle of spicy chicken sandwiches. 

We meet again, Chick-fil-A. This time, it"s v the sandwich that started it all, their standard Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich. It"s no flashy by any means, yet it doesn"t require it, together the sandwich featured below is straightforward and also pretty darn excellent.

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To do the sandwich, a boneless chicken breast is seasoned and then breaded in a blend of peppers prior to it"s fried in 100% polished peanut oil, their secret to the perfect bird (via The Chicken Wire). It"s offered on a toasted bun with nothing more than a few dill pickle chips and whatever sauce you decision to include yourself. An easy as the is, this sandwich is full of flavor and needs nothing various other than the briny pickles to tie it with each other perfectly v the soft buttery bun. 

While us love Chick-fil-A"s unique selection of house-made sauces, this sandwich needs none the them. Paired v their signature waffle fries, it"s the pinnacle of rapid food meals. 

Zaxby"s is a fast food meets fast-casual chain recognized for your chicken wings and also chicken fingers. They also entered the spicy chicken sandwich ring through the 2021 nationwide relax of your Zaxby"s Signature Sandwich. The dual hand-breaded white chicken breast comes topped with sliced pickle chips and your choice of standard Zax sauce or a Spicy Zax sauce served on a toasted split-top bun. Us obviously went with the Spicy Zax sauce which attributes a blend of jalapeño and also red cayenne. So, what makes this one worthy the our height slot?

Quite frankly and also simply put, this was full-service, sit-down restaurant quality. That knew gourmet and also Zaxby"s would ever before be in the same sentence? We"ll start with the bun. It"s buttery, soft, and also basically whatever you want as your auto of chicken. The chicken is rather large and perfect juicy with tons of flavor. It"s perfectly complemented by a crunchy and flavorful breading the is no at every greasy. The Spicy Zax sauce to be so delicious that we even included more. This, too ~ friends, is poultry perfection, plain and also simple.