znjke.com crunched the number to discover the optimal restaurants serving soul food around Detroit, making use of both Yelp data and our own mystery sauce to develop a ranked list of whereby to attain your dreams.

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1. The Jamaican Pot

Photo: Angela W./Yelp

Topping the perform is The Jamaican Pot. Situated at 14615 W. Eight Mile Road, the Caribbean clues is the highest possible rated heart food restaurant in Detroit, boasting 4.5 stars out of 191 reviews on Yelp.

Serving Jamaican fare, you"ll uncover dishes choose the Jamaican oxtail stew, the red snapper, brown stew chicken and jerk chicken. Sides incorporate cornbread, steam cabbage and rice and also peas. Complete your meal with some peach cobbler or carrot cake.

Yelper Mehdi A. Said, "By much the best Jamaican spot in town! new oxtail, red snapper, they have it all. Fast. Household owned. Well priced. The jerk chicken is just amazing, seasoned perfectly. The enjoy the meal is the method to go; comes with rice and also peas, plantains and also cabbage."

2. Detroit vegan Soul

Photo: Detroit vegetables Soul/Yelp

Next up is West Village"s Detroit vegetable Soul, positioned at 8029 Agnes St. With 4 stars out of 325 evaluate on Yelp, the vegan and also vegetarian soul food spot has actually proven to it is in a local favorite. The has an additional popular place over at 19614 cool River Ave.

The menu is 100 percent plant based and features items made through organic ingredients. Watch for choices like the soul Platter (mac and also cheese, collards, maple-glazed yams, black-eyed peas and also a cornbread muffin); tofu in sweet home barbecue sauce v kale and potato salad; and tempeh smothered in brown mushroom gravy and served with mashed potatoes and also green beans. (See the complete menu here.)

Yelper Erin S., that reviewed the on June 29, wrote, "Who states vegan food can"t it is in comforting, rich, even decadent? each time I"m in ~ Detroit vegetable Soul, I"m reminded how delicious healthy and balanced food deserve to be."

3. SavannahBlue

Photo: Rhey G./Yelp

Downtown"s SavannahBlue, located at 1431 time Square, is an additional top choice, with Yelpers giving the cocktail bar, brand-new American and also soul food spot four stars out of 279 reviews.

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The menu attributes soul food dishes choose the shrimp and grits (Parmesan grits topped v Cajun sauteed shrimp and andouille mushroom gravy), the braised oxtail v cheddar risotto and also crispy root seasonal vegetables and also fried buttermilk-battered chicken v collards, candied yam casserole and maple-pecan sauce. (See the full menu here.)

Yelp reviewer Sally C., who saw on Aug. 3, wrote, "Extremely delicious fried chicken through maple syrup and pecans because that dipping. Yum. Candied yams to be good, however the collard greens were the end of this world. Mine husband had actually one of the ideal crab cakes we ever before tasted."

4. Baker"s keyboard Lounge

Photo: Rozalina B./Yelp

Baker"s keyboard Lounge is one more go-to, with 4 stars out of 167 Yelp reviews. Head end to the jazz and also blues spot at 20510 Livernois Ave., simply south the Ferndale, to watch for yourself.

Serving up heart food due to the fact that the 1930s, its food selection offers options like fried chicken, beef short ribs, liver and also gizzards, fried pork chops, catfish, meatloaf and also more. Sides include yams, collard greens and black-eyed peas. Round out the meal through some peach cobbler. (See the full menu here.)

Yelper Alexis S. Wrote, "Great music, good food and an excellent drinks — what much more could girlfriend ask for? Baker"s certainly lives up to the call it has. A small intimate jazz spot, with good entertainers. They played hit ~ hit. I had the chicken wings through mac and cheese and corn, and definitely wasn"t disappointed."