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Each year us look earlier at the smartphones of 2015 and also decipher i m sorry stood out from the bunch. The reality is the we expect a lot out of the smartphones us use. It demands to carry out great, have an impressive camera, a beautiful display, and the perfect software. The a lot when you think around it—but for great reason: there’s no a solitary computer you will use an ext in your life. Her smartphone is always with you and also it’s the one you require to have actually be reliable throughout the thick and also the thin.

Fortunately, there are a huge variety of smartphones that came out in 2015 that match many of this qualities. Not only do we now have actually a huge variety of flagship smartphones to select from that space excellent, a an excellent amount the them offer for well under $500. Girlfriend can’t go wrong with any type of of the phones on this list—they every come highly recommended indigenous us.

10. HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 might not be the standout device it was once it came out in ~ the beginning of the year, but we’d remorse not pointing out the heat of phones that has had a huge influence ~ above the direction the Android smartphones (and also iPhones, arguably). The One M7 had actually a beautiful unibody design that to be made of aluminum materials and put together prefer no various other Android machine in 2013.

The M9 absolutely doesn’t stand out as lot as the line supplied to—and is tho held back by its less-than-great camera—but it to be still one of the ideal smartphones exit in 2015. We’ll need to wait to see what HTC does in 2016, yet for now, the M9 is the best phone HTC has ever before made.—Luke Larsen

9. OnePlus X

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After shower the sector with two budget-conscious however decidedly premium phones, last year’s OnePlus One and also its successor the OnePlus 2, the Chinese phone maker has as soon as again defied odds v the X. It’s recent is smaller and also cheaper v an even an ext premium develop than the pricier brothers. The glass and metal develop feels phenomenal and also its diminutive size (by today’s gargantuan standards) make it simple to use with one hand. In ~ the $249 pricepoint, it’s gained virtually no competition—and it is an achievement all top top its own.—Eric Walters

8. LG G4

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For a lengthy time, LG’s gadgets were hidden in the shadow of Samsung’s successes, regardless of being quite similar in specs, design, and features. However last year, LG adjusted that with its LG G3, one overall great smartphone v a cutting-edge design, top-of-the-line specs, and also even a trimmed down software application update.

This year’s G4 doesn’t adjust much of what do the G3 great, i m sorry is actually a an excellent thing. Perhaps most impressively, the G4 has actually a an excellent camera the rivals those indigenous Samsung and also Apple. If the G4 is acquiring a small old at this allude due to the reality that it came out at an early stage in the year, you’ll be hard-pressed to discover G4 users today complaining around the experience.—LL

7. Nexus 5X

Nexus phones have always been for hardcore Android fans, but this year Google wanted to change that by bringing a budget-friendly call ($379) to the sector that just about anyone would want to choose up and use.

It’s made out of plastic and also has a pretty an easy design, yet it’s really light in the hand and has a quite textured feel. Furthermore, it has actually just a 5.2-inch display, therefore it’s rather a bit smaller than many other Android smartphones out there. Many importantly though, Google (in partnership through LG) has actually made one of the best budget phone out there and also pretty much erases the notion of ever before buying a “midrange” smartphone ever again. It’s no the absolute finest value (see the OnePlus phones for that), however if the share Android 6.0 endure for cheap is what girlfriend want, obtain the Nexus 5X.—LL

6. Moto X Pure execution