Whitefish, Montana is among the finest ski communities in the country. It’s home to the famous Whitefish hill Ski Resort, where you deserve to ski and also snowboard during the job or night. The downtown area has art galleries, gift shops, breweries, and also top-rated restaurants that serve everything from elk carpaccio to new sushi. Whitefish additionally has beautiful lakes and beaches you have the right to enjoy during the summer, to add plenty that scenic trails for hiking and mountain biking.

The just downside that this beautiful resort city is the price of living, i beg your pardon is 11.8% higher than the national average. The median house price is $590,000, yet luckily rent is more affordable at $1,300 every month.

Four Corners

Four Corners has actually been called the best place in Montana to raise a family due to the fact that of its short crime rate and also excellent public schools. It’s simply 15 minutes away from Bozeman, so you’ll have actually lots of project opportunities and kid-friendly entertainment options. There’s an arcade, an escape room, a robotics museum, a horse ranch and an ext all within driving distance.

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Homes in four Corners space pretty expensive and also cost approximately $565,000, which is $200,000 보다 the Montana average. However, the median household income is $86,834, therefore homeownership is quiet achievable.

What is the most safe city in Montana?

Glendive is the safest city in Montana. It has a residential or commercial property crime rate of just 2.8% and also a violent crime rate of 1%. Dillon to be a close 2nd with a 3% residential property crime rate and also a 1.9% incidence that violent crime.

However, Montana has pretty low crime rates overall, for this reason you’re likely to feel comfortable in any kind of city you decide to resolve down in. Studies have shown that 66% that Montanans feeling safe, i m sorry is greater than the national average of 55%.

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