Squaw Valley, CA. Photo: znjke.com


“Squaw sink is the best resort in the Lake Tahoe area.

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In fact, that the finest resort in any of the three contiguous West shore states—and that’s a big deal, together there room a lot of of good ski hills between Los Angeles and also the Canadian border.

Squaw has an vast diversity of terrain—and huge diversity within its skier base—that might be the greatest of any kind of resort anywhere. ~ above a weekend day, you have the right to watch several of the greatest skiers in the human being shoot big lines down the Palisades and, a just 20 minutes later, you deserve to be skiing among giant throngs of mountain Francisco weekenders that ski like civilization from Texas. However remember, this is the place that provided us Shane McConkey and Jonny Moseley. Squaw’s elite skiers can an obstacle those of any kind of area—including Jackson Hole.

With that diversity of skier and terrain additionally comes diversity that ski lifts. Squaw has actually it all, from classic fixed grips, cranking detachables, Alp-like trams and the only funitel—like a gondola, yet on two ropes, because that faster and safer rides in high winds—in the united States. Squaw’s KT-22 is just one of the much more iconic ski lifts in the world, whisking skiers end cliff bands, steeps and also gullies come a collection of crags that sell cold snow once the bottom of the resort is skiing choose crème brulee.

So, yes, Squaw can acquire crowded. it’s a good mountain, it’s no a secret, and it’s just inside an acceptable weekend-trip control radius native the 4th largest urban area in the joined States.  A metro area that happens come be known for that teeming young people with great jobs, several money and also lots of totally free time. Countless of these claimed young human being may have contracted the scenester virus, a well-known affliction in Silicon Valley and also San Francisco. And also Squaw, for all its awesomeness, color etc scenesters choose quad-roasted coffee poured over organic donuts offered with a side of smuggypants. That’s just the means it is. Yet you can resolve this and still ski Squaw. And also you should.

Squaw gets tons of snow, almost 500-inches a year. That yearly dumping comes through a couple of caveats, however, among them being the typical Sierra exception: the snow regularly carries a moisture content of an ext than 13%. That kind of heavy snow makes powder skiing more tough and more laborious than the lighter ingredient of Utah/Wyoming/Montana and also Colorado. This high-moisture snow can likewise coagulate right into a gigantic coal bump when simply a breath of warm sun hits it. But there space cold dumps, too, in the Sierras and those deserve to come in quantities—4 feet or much more at once—that Rocky hill resorts just don’t see.

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The other reason that Squaw’s large snow totals don’t land that even higher in our rankings is the capricious nature that its snowfall. Squaw, like every one of the Tahoe area, while it can get eight feet of eye in 3 days, can also go an entire winter month through nothing yet a pass rain storm. A full quarter the Squaw’s winter month tally less than 30-inches of snow, drought product at a west ski resort.” – Forbes