Netflix: 15 Shows and also Movies girlfriend Didn't recognize Were comes In December native Avengers: Infinity war to Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, below are the best new releases coming to Netflix in December 2018.

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Netflix new Releases December 2018
2018 is almost over, and while us all get settled in to hibernate, watch Christmas movies, and also reflect on whatever we supposed to obtain done this year (there’s constantly 2019, right?), Netflix is launching that is final chop of shows and also movies. Wrap up 2018 the right way - binge-watching top top the couch, where it’s warm and also cozy.

It’s not all Christmas goodness. In fact, many of the biggest new Christmas movies actually dropped on the streaming business last month, so this month sees the enhancement of some significant blockbusters (Avengers: Infinity War), brand-new comic publication shows (Happy), and also of course, Netflix Originals (Dumplin’).

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Decorate the Christmas tree, grab a ceiling to dry under, and check the end these new upcoming Netflix movies and TV shows.

15. Hellboy

Ron Perlman in Hellboy
fans of this underrated superhero movie will certainly be thrilled the it is comes to Netflix this month. Certification Ron Perlman together the titular red ‘hero’, billy Del Toro’s Hellboy has long been a pan favorite. The sequel, Hellboy 2: The gold Army, was gotten rid of from Netflix at the begin of November, so sadly a marathon no in the offing… but never mind, it may return. And of course, this is a have to watch prior to the new version that Hellboy lands in theaters in April.

Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz in The Lobster
This Oscar-nominated movie from 2015 defies basic categorization. Set in a dystopian near-future, the blends drama, romance, and also black comedy, and it watch absolutely spectacular. Starring Colin Farrell, The Lobster takes place in a people where everyone has to couple up or it is in turned into an pet (literally). The newly solitary David is sent to a hotel to find someone or expropriate his four-legged future (or in his case, eight-legged, as he would end up being a lobster). However, he shortly realizes that everything is not as it seems at the Hotel.

Arriving: Dec 2

13. Ar 9

District 9
top top the surface, this might look like one more alien-invasion flick, however it is definitely not that sort of sci-fi. District 9 is collection in south Africa, wherein an alien ship landed decades ago, bringing v it a cargo the otherworldly refugees escaping the loss of their home planet. Shunted into slums, the aliens are targeted by human beings wanting to cracked the secrets of their technology - and also this found-footage-style film explores what happens as soon as one of the firm men is forced to important see just how they are treating the aliens who came to them for help.

This series may be set at Christmas, and it’s obtained plenty of snowy city scenes… however it’s not specifically a holiday show for the totality family! based upon the comics the the same name, Happy is a dark and also twisted journey right into the criminal underworld, together a disgraced ex-cop v a drinking trouble partners up through a tiny blue unicorn - the imaginary girlfriend of a small girl who has actually been kidnapped.

Arriving: Dec 6

11. Dog Of Berlin

This German collection will appeal come those that love a (fictional) look in ~ the criminal underworld, as 2 cops inspection the killing of a well known football player in Berlin. Just like most cop series, this two males couldn’t be much more different, and also together, they need to investigate a huge range of potential suspects; from the Neo-Nazis come the Mafia. The collection is filmed in German and subtitled.

This Netflix original is based upon the book of the very same name by Kristin Hahn, and also features some huge names in the actors (including Jennifer Aniston and also music by Dolly Parton). The film revolves roughly the daughter of a former beauty queen who now runs pageants - and who isn’t happy as soon as her daughter enters she pageant as a protest, sick of the way she is treated due to the fact that she no look choose the stereotypical pageant girl.

Arriving: Dec 7

9. Mowgli: Legend that The Jungle

No prizes for guessing that this is likewise based top top a book… an additional adaptation the Rudyard Kipling’s "The jungle Book". The remarkable voice cast includes Benedict Cumberbatch as Shere Khan, Christian Bale together Bagheera, and Andy Serkis together Baloo, together the young Mowgli grows up in the jungle under your watchful (and in Shere Khan’s case, hateful) eye. Expect stunning unique effects, back as among a dozen remakes the the exact same tale, viewers will already be well mindful of the rigid itself. Sit back and simply enjoy the talented cast and also stunning scenery.

immigration is currently a hot-button issue, for this reason this Netflix Documentary quick is incredibly relevant - and also sure to ruffle a few feathers. Out of Many, One looks at the procedure of ending up being an American Citizen with the stories of five immigrants who are being prepped because that naturalization v the help of the Citizenship Project. While the film doesn’t directly look at few of the significant issues roughly the immigration conflict today, that does give a sense of the kind of human being seeking to do the United says their brand-new home.

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Arriving: Dec 12

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