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An outdoor shower is much more than just a format statement for your home. A wall-mounted or freestanding shower deserve to be a quick way to rinse turn off after act yard work or before hopping into the pool. It likewise makes an invigorating method to begin your work or a relaxing way to end it.

Shop because that outdoor showers the mount straight to her home’s exterior and take benefit of existing pipes connections or check out freestanding choices that deserve to be positioned almost everywhere in her yard—as lengthy as you have a water connection. Part outdoor showers deserve to even attach to a garden hose for a simple, ready-to-go shower—but keep in mind the this set-up will absence the capacity to manage the water temperature.

Here, the best outdoor showers easily accessible online.

Our top Picks
Best Overall:
PULSE Showerspas wave Outdoor Shower at Lowe"s
Made of stainless steel and also with a hand wand and foot rinse, this outdoor shower does it all v style and durability.
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Best Freestanding:
Wildon residence Noah Freestanding out Shower in ~ Wayfair
An included duck board gives this freestanding version a finished feel no matter where you select to ar it in her outdoor oasis.
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Best wall Mount:
Outdoor Shower firm ODSC1019 wall Mount Shower at
Integrate your outdoor shower right into your house with a wall-mount version, choose this design with thermostatic control and shower wand.
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Best shower head Pane:
Signature Hardware Harlingen out Shower dashboard at
The sleek and also space-saving architecture of this outdoor shower is make even much more luxurious v 6 adjustable water jets.
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Best Modern:
Signature Hardware Abner Stainless stole Shower panel at
Unlike most shower panels the require wall surface installation, this freestanding version is a sleek take on the outdoor shower concept.
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Best Solar Powered:
Giantex 9.3 Gallon Solar boil Shower at Amazon
This outdoor shower connects come a garden hose, but boasts water temperatures as much as 140 levels thanks to the power of the sun.
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Best Budget:
Aolemi Outdoor shower Fixture Combo set at Amazon
This affordable alternative includes double water inlets for hot and cold water to add a hand sprayer.
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Best Portable:
Poolmaster Portable out Shower in ~ Amazon
This design is rapid to assemble and also connects to a hose because that a fast method of rinsing after yard occupational or prior to getting in the pool.
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Best Overall:PULSE Showerspas 1055-SSB wave Outdoor Shower


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Outdoor showers run the variety of styles and looks, yet if you seeking a modern-day fixture for your outdoor décor, examine out the Abner version from Signature Hardware. This is a freestanding stainless steel shower panel, complete with a bamboo and also steel platform. Functions like a pivoting shower head head, body sprayer, and also hand shower head wand make it straightforward to straight the water precisely where you want it.

This modern-day outdoor shower combine the aesthetics the a sleek shower panel through the flexibility of placement available by a freestanding design. As a result, you deserve to position this outdoor shower head in any location obtainable to a hot and also cold water supply.

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Best Solar Powered:Giantex 9.3 Gallon Solar cook Shower

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If you’re looking for a portable outdoor shower head that also offers warmth water, examine out this solar-powered variation from Giantex. This freestanding outdoor shower head connects come a hose and uses the sun’s energy to administer a quick rinse with warm water. 

The reservoir that this solar shower head holds 9.3 gallons the water, i m sorry is a huge reason to pick this variation in comparison to smaller sized solar-powered outdoor showers. Stored water can reach up to 140 degrees in the reservoir tank—depending on the strongness of sun received, yet an adjustable faucet lets you dial in the ideal water temperature for her comfort level. V a height of 7.2 feet and a swivel shower head head, this cook outdoor shower can accommodate also tall human being or deserve to be used to rinse off paddleboards and also beach equipment.

Best Budget:Aolemi Outdoor shower Fixture Combo Set

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Even v a minimal budget, you have the right to enjoy the high-end of an the end shower. The Aolemi Outdoor shower head Fixture Combo set is one affordable design that offers the functionality and features you should enjoy a refreshing to wash outside. With double inlets because that cold and hot water it is provided lines, this wall-mounted shower head can administer you with warmth or cool water temperature to suit her preference.

This wall-mounted shower head is constructed with 304 stainless stole for durability and also includes a generously-sized 8-inch rainfall showerhead to add a hand sprayer. Keep in mind the some other outdoor showers space made with 316 stainless steel, which is better able to withstand corrosion indigenous salt. This version may not sell the longest life in climates with salty air, but for its budget price point, you deserve to expect to obtain your money’s worth. 

Best Portable:Poolmaster Portable the end Shower

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If friend value role over form, a portable outdoor shower head can provide you through a ready water supply anywhere within reach of a garden hose. The Poolmaster Portable Outdoor shower head is best for anyone that values duty over type and is looking for a fast rinse before jumping in the swimming pool or after working in the garden. 

This portable outdoor shower connects come a garden hose and stands 81 customs tall. The showerhead have the right to be provided as a handheld shower, with a 60.5-inch detachable shower head head hose. Primarily made of plastic and PVC, this shower is lightweight and easy to relocate or fill up. Because that this reason, it’s no the longest-lasting or many sturdy outdoor shower head on the market, but it’s cheap and also practical for usage by the pool, camping, or everywhere else you need a quick rinse.

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Final Verdict

The Pulse wave (view at home Depot) is our top choice for an the end shower because it features sturdy stainless stole construction. The basic design through the attached shower wand is practical yet stylish sufficient for any kind of outdoor shower set-up. However, if you’re looking for a an ext simple out shower that doesn’t require plumbing, we recommend the Wildon residence Noah Freestanding shower head (view at Wayfair), i m sorry quickly and easily connects come a garden hose because that an immediate shower where you placed this shower with attached Eucalyptus duckboard.

What to Look for in one Outdoor shower


Outdoor showers room either wall-mounted or freestanding. Wall-mounted showers normally offer easier accessibility to her home’s existing plumbing connections but may be restricted in placement alternatives for this reason. This kind of shower may have higher protection from the elements and being wall-mounted, you will have actually fewer worries around damage from high winds. 

Freestanding showers have a base v an attached shower head head and also can it is in positioned all over in her outdoor room with a water connection available. Part freestanding showers are connected to plumbing for hot and also cold water access, if others space simply linked to a garden hose for a simple, straightforward water connection.

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When shopping because that an out shower, take into consideration the products that a shower fixture is constructed of. Stainless steel is thought about the most durable selection since the provides much better resistance to corrosion. In particular, 316 stainless steel is among the most rust-resistant materials and makes the best choice for climates v salty air. However other the end showers space made from various steel alloys or also plastic components. These can still have a lengthy life of company but might need more regular security from the elements. 

When it pertains to wood the end showers, look because that hardwood the is naturally resistant to moisture and rot. Teak, eucalyptus, and mahogany are most generally used for hardwood for the housing and platforms of out showers. 


A showerhead is an apparent component that an out shower, but there are other accessories to think about as well. A hand shower or shower head wand can be used to much more easily administer a full-body rinse—or to rinse children or the dog before they enter the house. Jets or body sprayers administer a spa-like touch to the outdoor shower head experience and also are often found on deluxe models. A foot rinse is a practical function to consider due to the fact that it provides it simple to to wash away sand or dust without turning on the overhead shower head function. 

A duckboard is an attached, elevated platform to stand on when under her outdoor shower. This allows water to drainpipe away from whereby you’re standing, while likewise keeping her feet from becoming dirty indigenous the damp, soggy floor underneath your shower. 

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