My husband and I will be in Chatham for a work in August. We were thinking of act a watercraft tour to check out some seals. I know seals can additionally be seen from a pier what in Chatham. Ns have always wanted to see sharks in the ocean...I establish it's a long shot but was wondering if everyone has any type of suggestions ~ above where/how the best way to check out a shark would certainly be. Ns am not at all interested in diving with them! however would love to go out on a boat or watch from a pier and possibly check out one. Any type of suggestions are welcome :) and yes, I execute realize that my chances of see one are really slim. LOL

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Would you settle for a whale watch where you are nearly guaranteed to see the whales? In addition to the Chatham Fish Pier where around a dozen seals swimming you have the right to usually discover seals top top sand bars in ~ low tide at the south finish of coastline Guard beach in Eastham. Yes you have the right to take a seal watch out of Chatham too.

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You can download the sharktivity application to her phone. That won't help you to watch sharks, but it warns you to any seen in the area. Http://

You must concentrate on seeing seals and/or whales. (Cue the music native Jaws.)

If you want to see a great white, good luck. Try the sharktivity app I guess. But if you just want come see any kind of shark, I'd recommend a deep sea fishing trip. As soon as they fish for bluefish they regularly chum the waters and that can lure sharks. Who on a pilgrimage I walk on captured a little one, nurse shark ns think?

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If you want to see sharks up close dress choose a seal and also cover yourself v chum.

Then walk for a swim, preferably in and around Chatham ;-)

I'm also interested in going for a an excellent white shark expedition There is Atlantic White Shark conservancy that organizes explorations