throughout the entire history of automotive, these 15 cars have jointly been the most popular models to ever leave the showrooms.

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Historically, four models rise over all others as soon as it concerns sheer numbers of devices sold. At the really beginning of the automotive industry, Ford had managed to capture the mind of consumers nation-wide through its model T. The auto has unable to do on come redefine the market and collection sales record that would only be damaged by a handful of cars also a century later.

In Europe, however, there to be the VW Beetle, whose sales soared come 21 million merely a couple of decades after ~ its debut. The Beetle retained the top-selling position all the way up until the at an early stage "90s as soon as it was shoved next by the Toyota Corolla.

Today, the case is much different. And judging through the sales figures, the best-selling cars mostly make up light trucks and also affordable passenger cars. So, in this list, we"re counting down the 15 cars that regulated to consistently entice consumers because that decades, becoming the most famous models ever sold.


15 Toyota Corolla: marketed Over 44 Million Units

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among all cars to ever become a household name, the Corolla appears to be the all-time most popular choice for the median consumer. And also it"s not difficult to view why; the firm combines incredible dependability with one affordable price, technology, and also decent performance - as repetitively as any other brand.

presented in 1964, the Corolla came to be the top performer in worldwide sales in 1974, and in 1997, it exceeded the Volkswagen Beetle to come to be the world’s finest selling nameplate. Despite numerous design upgrades, the carmaker produced its 44-millionth Corolla in 2016. Today, the number is also bigger than that.


14 Ford F-Series: marketed Over 40 Million Units

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Ford presented the 13th generation F-Series because that the 2015 design year, and also for the very first time, the Ford F-Series to be mass-produced v an aluminum-intensive design. If retaining its different body style work and up-scaled GVWR frame, the 2017 model year collection retained the cab attributes of the F-150.

The F-150 is by far America"s many popular and also beloved truck to leave the showrooms. However even on a global scale, it"s definitely a force to it is in reckoned with once it pertains to sheer sales figures.


13 Volkswagen Golf: marketed Over 30 Million Units

with a myriad of committed trims and seven generations (and counting), the VW is in everyone"s mental the most renowned European hatchback ever before sold. That trims variety from tame city cruisers to beastly sleepers such as the Golf R, and the vehicle has additionally become a renowned platform for tuners.

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prior to the Golf took the limelight, the Beetle was whereby it was at. Commissioned by Adolf Hitler himself and designed through the male responsible for the Porsche brand, the Beetle was developed to it is in the "people"s car" - ergo, Volks Wagen (people"s car).

Both the vintage Beetle the 1938 and also the newer models deserve the very same spot on this list. But unlike the later versions, the classic Beetle overcame the human being markets during the "50s to "60s thereby coming to be a customary legend the the time. Fun fact: the vintage you check out on the photo remained in complete production till 2003!


11 Lada Riva - end 19 Million units Sold

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also known together the VAZ 2101, this was essentially the finest bang-for-the-buck family members sedan you could get in the "70s - thus its popularity in Europe. What"s also weirder is the version as you see it stayed in production until 2012, outdated looks and all. However, the fact that world still journey these things have to stand proof of exactly how timeless and reliable these things were.

Honda civic is also one that the ideal selling models to have actually come from the Japanese carmaker. Indigenous its initial subcompact design, the civic has end the years metamorphosed from one design style to one of the best selling packages amongst the leading brand worldwide. And also like the Golf, it additionally comes in many trims varying from underpowered cruisers to track-ready kind R"s that deserve to chase under 911 on winding roads.


9 Ford Escort: marketed Over 18 Million Units

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that comes together no surprised that America would have its very own affordable entrant competing amongst the most popular cars ever made as well. Indeed, the Escort has been through us because that decades, serving together the ideal economic situation family hatchback.

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The Corsa is a practical commuter automobile that’s been battling because that a spot among the best selling hatchbacks together with VW Golf, Ford Fiesta, and comparable subcompacts in the european market. And regardless of not being available in the US, the automobile has to be selling favor hotcakes due to the fact that 1983 in Europe. There"s no other Opel the can match its sales figures.

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7 Honda Accord: sold Over 17 Million Units

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because becoming a sales phenomenon in the "80s, the Accord has actually consistently organized its quality as a supreme affordable household sedan. Today, it"s frankly one of the best midsize sedans you deserve to buy - boasting low maintain costs, amazing reliability, a comfortable and upscale interior, and also decent power coming from its base 192-hp engine. There are a grasp of cars that can even come close to it in that is segment.

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girlfriend don"t see any of these roughly anymore, yet it"s most likely the most revolutionary automobile that"s ever been made. Ford created the 15-Millionth model T in 1927 - only 19 years after the car very first hit the streets - and also some to speak the number of Model T"s sold might be much higher than what it is.


5 Ford Fiesta: marketed Over 15 Million Units

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the comes as no surprise that ford has much more than one auto on this list. The fiesta fight the highways in 1976, and also its tiny size and affordable price tags made it an instant hit through buyers. The success has carried on come the newer models as well, and the Fiesta is still in manufacturing today.

If you prefer the Golf yet want miscellaneous roomier and much more upscale, the Passat is the means to go. In Europe, this auto represents a tasteful deluxe midsize sedan that sits somewhere in between Japanese cars and German luxury sedans favor those make by Audi or BMW. This is most likely what made that so popular.

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3 Chevrolet Impala: marketed Over 14 Million Units

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The Impala has been in continuous production since the 1960s (for the many part), and it"s to be the single most well-known 4-door sedan America"s ever seen. With a 60-year history, the version has had actually plenty of various versions. But even today, it"s the go-to selection for one affordable sedan, and also it likewise happens to be among the many stolen cars in the Midwest.

If there"s one european midsize sedan that has actually surely deserve iconic status, it needs to be the BMW 3-series. We"re not just talking about the historical performance monster referred to as the M3. The continual 3-series chin is additionally one the the most recognizable and popular luxury sedans ever made. Even the united state loves it. Today, the design is slowly making a move to a hybrid drivetrain, through BMW currently offering its very first plug-in hybrid 3-series.


1 Ford Focus: sold Over 13 Million Units


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The go-to American hot-hatch has gained to it is in the Focus. The model has actually been celebrate its popularity both in the EU and also the US, and over the years, it has advanced from a consistent commuter to sportier trims such together the RS and ST, which will certainly get any type of gearhead"s blood pumping.

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