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when recently discussing the best-selling car of 2017, I added a figurative asterisk to the list since although the Toyota RAV4 crossover to be the top car ~ above the market, that was actually the fourth best-selling vehicle. First, second, and third place were all organized by trucks.

That is great news for automakers, since these vehicles often tend to be their priciest and also most financially rewarding vehicles. With that in mind, let"s take it a look at which van models (including SUVs) are winning as the year pertains to a close. These are the height five, in reverse order, with their year-to-date sales and also percentage increase or decrease end last year (as of November"s sales numbers).


Image source: Fiat Chrysler.

5. Jeep grand Cherokee (217,074, increase 14.8%)

Fiat Chrysler"s (NYSE:FCAU) Jeep cool Cherokee stays the automaker"s top-selling Jeep model, and also its most profitable, particularly as the other models have actually struggled. Yet even here, sales appeared to tail off toward the end of the year, together they were growing about 20% over 2016 at an early stage on. Still, that"s a healthy gain, and also the biggest percentage boost of any of the 5 top-selling trucks. The was likewise the model"s finest November showing due to the fact that 2003.


Image source: Ford.

4. Ford explorer (242,565, up 7%)

Early on, Ford (NYSE:F) was predicting the the SUV segment would carry out well not just this year, but also for the next couple of years. That anticipates SUVs "accounting for more than 45% that the non-premium U.S. Retail industry in the next five to seven years." That"s an excellent news for Ford, together it states that 35-to-44-year-olds buy an ext midsize and big SUVs than any kind of other demographic. Then, as millennials acquire older, they"re expected to step right into SUVs as well, and the explorer (and Expedition) ought to advantage from your upgrades.


Image source: Fiat Chrysler.

3. Dodge lamb (455,816, up 3.2%)

Like the Jeep cool Cherokee, Fiat Chrylser"s Dodge lamb pickup van is a profit center for the automaker, and accounts for about one the end of every 4 of its auto sales in the U.S. It confronted a difficult November as sales that the third-most-popular light-duty truck dropped 0.5% because that the month, yet sales space still increase 3% year come date, in spite of a huge recall previously this year. A just-released special-edition 2018 ram 1500 Hydro Blue Sport, i m sorry Fiat Chrysler says will it is in the last special-edition sport the brand will market in 2017, may be the truck that will get traction next year.


Image source: basic Motors.

2. Chevrolet Silverado (518,188, under 0.5%)

General Motors" (NYSE:GM) Chevrolet Silverado is perennially the second-best-selling truck in the U.S., and 2017 is prove to it is in no different. Though sales increased 2.6% in November, they"re under a half-percent so far throughout the year. The Silverado can still finish 2017 in the black, as GM"s VP that sales pointed out, "More vehicles are marketed in December than any other month," so that still has a little time come score big.

GM"s domestic light-duty trucks typically are law well, up practically 5% this year, even as it has actually seen auto sales slide more than 18%. Still, through the increases in incentives GM was giving on its trucks beforehand this year, it would undoubtedly be a disappointed if they can"t overcome the end up line with greater sales.


Image source: Ford.

1. Ford F-Series (807,379, up 10.1%)

It"s no surprised that Ford and also its F-series pickup truck was once again in ~ the height of the list. Choose day adheres to night, this pickup truck is America"s best-selling vehicle year after year, and has been because that decades. In fact, the F-series pickup has actually been the best-selling auto in the U.S. For 35 continuous years and also the best-selling van in the country for 40 years. With simply a month to walk in 2017, and the wide gap between it and also the Silverado, it"s for sure to assume that Ford"s pickup truck will notch that 36th and also 41st years, respectively, atop the lists.

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