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A well-maintained lawn can be one of the many beautiful and also aesthetically satisfaction areas roughly your home.

Did you snapshot a large, perfectly mowed lawn? now imagine long, untidy grass in that very same imaginary area. If only a yard can maintain itself, there would certainly be no require for you come spend valuable time and effort come mow it.QUICK COMPARISON: Our optimal 3 Picks because that Electric-Start Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

4-point elevation adjustment21-inch cutting widthLightweight designVIEW recent PRICE →SEE CUSTOMER evaluate →

Engineered tri-cut systemTwo-point height of cut3-in-1 discharge abilityVIEW recent PRICE →SEE CUSTOMER evaluate →

Folds under for compact storage19-inch cut widthSingle lever height adjustmentVIEW recent PRICE →SEE CUSTOMER evaluate →

Homeowners, who have a lawn or backyard come maintain, count on lawn mowers to do this chore quick and also convenient. And also if girlfriend are searching for one, we know what that feels like. There are hundreds of alternatives out there, and picking the finest can be fairly challenging.

But don’t worry; us have very closely handpicked 6 top-notch lawn mowers from some of the many renowned brands. You will certainly be pleasure to understand that we provided each of these recommendations broadly to obtain an unbiased expertise of the pros and cons.

So, without additional ado, let’s obtain straight come the reviews.

Top Electric-Start Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers


Top Electric-Start Self-Propelled Lawn MowersLawn Mower Buyers’ GuideVersatility
Our peak PickOur optimal PickLawn-Boy 17734Engineered tri-cut systemTwo-point elevation of cut3-in-1 discharge abilityVIEW recent PRICE →
1ST RUNNER-UP1ST RUNNER-UPHusqvarna LC221FHE4-point height adjustment21-inch cutting widthLightweight designVIEW latest PRICE →
2ND RUNNER-UP2ND RUNNER-UPBlack & Decker CM1936ZAFolds under for compact storage19-inch cut widthSingle lever elevation adjustmentVIEW recent PRICE →
Honda HRR216VKAEffortless and also speedy assemblyAdjustable self-propulsionNo must mix oil and also gasVIEW latest PRICE →
Poulan agree 967044401Dual tongue design20-inch cutting widthAutomatic battery switchoverVIEW recent PRICE →
Snapper P2185020EBriggs & Stratton 850 Professional collection engineSeven adjustable mowing heights21-inch cut widthVIEW latest PRICE →


The numero uno point out on this perform goes come the 17734 mower indigenous the deemed brand of Lawn-Boy. We made decision to offer it a shot after listening our neighbors sing praises for it, and we no disappointed one bit. What sets Lawn-Boy except its rivals is the exceptional background of over eight decades, so us weren’t hesitant to purchase this mower.

Lawn-Boy 17734 21-Inch 6.5 gross Torque Kohler Electric...
electrical start is the easiest method to begin your mower; just...2-Point Height-of-Cut System permits you to conveniently adjust...3 year Tru-Start meeting - starts through 1 or 2 traction or...Kohler 149cc/ 6.5 ft.-lbs. Pistol Torque/ OHV Engine
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Why go We like It?

Straight turn off the bat, us were impression by its basic assembly, many thanks to the in-depth instructions the come with it. It took 2 of united state a small over 45 minute to gain this point up and running. And also once we supplied it, we knew we had bagged a great mower.

Speaking that bagging, the comes through three-in-one discharge flexibility. So, you deserve to choose in between bagging, mulching, or discharging the leaves to the side. Moreover, you have the right to effortlessly adjust the mowing height between two predefined points. This flexibility is probably its most far-reaching selling point, specifically in that price range.

And that’s no all; it comes equipped through the powerful XTX OHV engine native Kohler, which guarantee long-lasting performance. Also, the Engineered Tri-Cut system with a 21-inch steel, deep dome deck facilitates superior mulching quality.

Lawn-Boy has been transporting excellent commodities for a an extremely long time, and also it backs the 17734 mower with two impressive warranties. You gain a 2-year full warranty and a 3-year Tru-Start engine warranty.

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What Could’ve been Better?

The just area of innovation is its packaging. We were fortunate to get our unit without any kind of defects since there to be no styrofoam inside package to for sure it. However this is much from a deal-breaker. Also after utilizing it because that over three months, us haven’t to be able to discover any far-reaching flaws in this mower’s operations.