The Seattle Seahawks proficient a resurgence during the 2010s, but only one player from the te cracked the franchise’s top-five players of all-time.

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While Seattle’s success in the past decade is well-documented, the team employed many of legends before the rotate of the century. Now, this long-forgotten superstars will get the respect lock deserve.

5. Kenny Easley, S

After wait 20 years, Easley finally got inducted to the pro Football room of call in 2017. The fourth all at once pick in 1981, Easley invested his entire brief seven-year career v the Seahawks. Throughout that time, he intercepted 32 passes in 89 appearances.

Beginning in 1983, Easley earned three consecutive First-Team All-Pro selections. He likewise made five Pro Bowls and even won the protective Player that the Year award in 1984. Easley made the agree Football room of Fame’s first Team All-1980s alongside Ronnie Lott. Seattle later on retired Easley’s number.

4. Cortez Kennedy, DT

Kennedy is the greatest protective player in Seahawks history. Perhaps Bobby Wagner deserve to challenge the hall of Famer for the title at some time down the line, however Kennedy holds the advantage for now.

In 1990, the Seahawks drafted Kennedy with the third overall pick. The Miami product only started two gamings as a rookie, yet he quickly took over afterward.

From 1991 to 1996, Kennedy made six consecutive agree Bowls. After missing half of the 1997 season with a broken ankle, Kennedy do two last Pro Bowls in 1998 and 1999. The imposing protective tackle earned First-Team All-Pro honors three times in his career and also won the defensive Player the the Year award in 1992 when he post 14 sacks.

Kennedy invested his whole 11-year career v Seattle, and the team ultimately retired his number.

3. Walter Jones, OT

Paving the means for Shaun Alexander and Seattle’s first Super bowl appearance in 2005, Jones established himself as among the most leading forces in NFL history. The Seahawks drafted Jones through the sixth in its entirety pick in 1997, and the Florida State product yielded on his high draft stock.

Jones spent his whole 12-year career with the Seahawks, and he just missed 12 starts throughout that time. The left tackle saw nine agree Bowls throughout his career and earned 4 First-Team All-Pro selections. Jones also received Second-Team All-Pro selections in 2006 and 2008.

The hall of Fame tackle is one of 4 players to have his jersey retired by the Seahawks. The various other three additionally appear in this article.

2. Russell Wilson, QB


The Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a three-year, $26 million contract in 2012. That very same offseason, the team selected Wilson through the 75th overall pick in the NFL Draft. Wilson winner the starting job, and Flynn never started a game for Seattle. The franchise traded him the following offseason.

As because that Wilson, the led Seattle to an 11-5 record as a rookie. The adhering to season, Wilson and Seattle’s Legion of boom defense brought the Seahawks to Super key XLVIII. The Seahawks torched Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos in a 43-8 rout and the franchise’s an initial Super bowl victory.

Coming from humble beginnings, Wilson is currently the most achieved quarterback in Seahawks history. He own franchise documents for pass yards, passing touchdowns, wins, and also game-winning drives. He also leads all other qualified Seahawks quarterbacks in completion percentage and also passer rating.

Eight seasons right into his career, Wilson hasn’t let go a single start. His team just missed the playoffs once and racked up an 86-41-1 record. Despite facing continuous pressure behind a negative pass-blocking attack line, Wilson is a perennial MVP candidate.

By the time he retires, fans will universally identify Wilson together the biggest Seahawk of all-time. However, he’s no there yet.

1. Steve Largent, WR

Initially taken by the Houston Oilers in the fourth-round of the 1976 NFL Draft, Largent almost never played because that the Seahawks. Luckily, the Oilers didn’t need any much more receivers and traded Largent come Seattle because that an eighth-round pick.

Largent play every constant season snap that his career through the Seahawks. The Tulsa product spent 14 periods in Seattle, amassing 7 Pro Bowls, a First-Team All-Pro bid in 1985, and also four Second-Team All-Pro selections.

When he retired following the 1989 season, Largent held NFL documents with 819 receptions, 13,089 receiving yards, and also 100 receiving touchdowns. That made the pro Football hall of Fame’s first Team All-1980s alongside Jerry Rice.

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The pro Football hall of call officially inducted Largent in 1995, and Seattle retirement the legend’s jersey.