What is a great SAT score? You take it the SAT, gained your scores back, and now want to know just how you did. Or possibly you want to recognize what score to target for next time.

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In this guide, we discuss how to number out how your satellite scores ridge up versus those of every the other test takers. We"ll then help you determine what a good SAT score for you is based on the colleges you room interested in. Finally, we administer the sat score arrays of 43 renowned schools and discuss what to do if your score transforms out come be reduced than friend expected.

What"s a good SAT Score compared to the entire Country?

The satellite score selection is 400-1600 because that your full score, and also 200-800 for each of her two ar scores. One ar score is Math, if the other is a linked Reading and Writing score called Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW).

As you would expect, the greater your score, the better you did contrasted to every the other test takers. Yet is over there a particular SAT score cutoff that marks a "good" score?

To recognize what provides for good SAT scores loved one to everyone else, you need to know specifically how sat scoring works. Your complete score out of 1600 (as well as your two ar scores out of 800) synchronizes to a percentile ranking. Your sat percentile tells you what percent of student you score the very same as or better than. So because that example, if you acquired a 60th percentile score, you"ve scored far better than 60% of all test takers!

The mean, or average, satellite composite score is 1051. keep in mind that the test is deliberately designed so that the typical score hovers about 1000 top top the 1600-point scale—about 500 every section. The mean score for math is 528, and also the typical score for EBRW is 523.

SAT scores monitor a regular distribution. This way that student performance has tendency to cluster about the center of the scale (1000 is the halfway suggest between the minimum score that 400 and also the best score that 1600). Much fewer check takers score towards the greater and lower ends of the scale.

Here"s one abbreviated satellite score chart with percentiles because that 2020 sat composite scores so girlfriend can inspect out the score distribution for yourself:

SAT Composite Score (Out the 1600)Percentile (2019)
600 and below1-

As you deserve to see indigenous the percentiles and also corresponding scores, more college student score towards the middle of the range than in ~ the height or bottom.

For example, a score jump from 1000 to 1100 (100 points) moves you from the 41st to the 59th percentile—so you"ve moved up past practically an whole fifth of check takers! however moving 100 points indigenous 1250 come 1350 only brings you up around 10%, from the 81st to the 90th percentile. Finally, relocating from 1450 come 1550, a 100-point margin near the optimal of the scale, nets friend only around 3%!

In terms of what renders for great SAT scores based on this chart, you already know the 1050 is around average, therefore anything over that would certainly be an above-average score. A 1250 locations you in the 81st percentile, the is, in the top fifth of check takers, i beg your pardon is very good. A 1350 puts girlfriend in the optimal 10%, making the a solid score. A 1400 is in the 94th percentile, the top 6% of all test takers. And also any score 1500+ puts girlfriend in the coveted top 1-2%!

By contrast, anything reduced than a 1050 is a below-average score. Because that example, a 950, which is in the 33rd percentile, areas you in the bottom 3rd of check takers. And a 900, which is in the 25th percentile, locations you in the bottom fourth. Not so good comparatively.

Here"s a chart mirroring the satellite score percentiles because that both the Math and EBRW sections. The distributions space pretty similar, but there are some slim differences.

For example, fewer world do really, yes, really well ~ above EBRW 보다 on Math. You deserve to tell this is the case since a 750 is a 98th percentile score because that EBRW, definition you"re in the optimal 2% of test takers. But that exact same score is in the 96th percentile because that Math, put you only in the top 4%.

SAT Score (Out of 800)Math Percentile (2019)EBRW Percentile (2019)
250 and below1-1-

Want to enhance your satellite score through 160 points? We"ve created a guide around the top 5 methods you need to be utilizing to have a shot at enhancing your score. Download it for cost-free now:


Bonus: desire to get a perfect satellite score? read our famed guide on exactly how to score a perfect 1600 ~ above the SAT. You"ll learn top strategies from the country"s leading professional on the SAT, Allen Cheng, a Harvard grad and perfect scorer. No matter your level, you"ll find useful advice below - this strategy guide has been check out by end 500,000 people.

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What"s a good SAT Score for You?

So far, we"ve discussed how your sat score and also corresponding percentile ranking shows how you compare with other test takers.

But how well girlfriend did contrasted with everyone else isn"t the most important thing because that you. What is more important is what renders a great SAT score for you personally, based on the colleges you space interested in.

A 1280 is an 84th percentile score, an interpretation that you score the same as or better than 84% of test takers; therefore, this would certainly be a solid score for colleges such together Arizona State college (average satellite score: 1240) and also Temple university (average: 1220).

However, it would be a very low score for highly selective institutions, such as MIT, Caltech, Duke, the university of Chicago, and Johns Hopkins.

Of course, no everyone is make the efforts to acquire into super selective schools. A score of 1040 (just listed below the 1050 average) is solid for much less selective colleges such together Indiana college Northwest (average satellite score: 1000) and also CSU Stanislaus (average: 980).

To sum up, a good SAT score is a score that renders you competitive because that the colleges you desire to attend.

It"s also worth noting the the greater your check scores are, the much more likely colleges offering merit scholarships room to provide one come you. For the objectives of this guide, we"re walking to focus primarily ~ above figuring out the score you require for admission (not scholarships), but it"s other to keep in mind. For much more information, examine out our overview to scholarships based upon SAT/ACT scores.

Another thing to take into consideration is that a high check score can help you get admitted to details schools if you have actually a lower GPA 보다 what their typical admits have. (However, this won"t help you so much at extremely selective institutions—they mean students to have high marks throughout the board!)


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How to find Your satellite Goal Score: 5-Step Guide

In this section, we"ll go you with how to number out what makes a great SAT score because that you based on the schools you"re applying to. Our rapid five-step procedure only calls for a worksheet (linked below), a composing utensil, and an internet-browsing device!

Step 1: Download This Worksheet

First, you"ll must download our worksheet for this reason you can fill it the end with info for your institutions of interest. Click here to download it, or click the photo below.

Step 2: fill in the colleges You"re applying To

Next, to fill in every the colleges you desire to use to in the outward column. If friend don"t know what schools you"re aiming because that yet, feel complimentary to use ones that have been argued to friend by parents, friends, teacher, or counselors.

Nevertheless, i recommend taking the moment to perform some research study on colleges you might want come attend very first so the you have actually a realistic sat goal score. The an ext your list shows the institutions you actually finish up using to, the more accurate your target score will certainly be.

Step 3: because that Each School, Google " znjke.com SAT"

For example, if I"m interested in the college of Alabama, I"d do the following search:


Click top top the connect to our sat Scores and GPA web page (or our Admission needs page—they"ll both have the details you need) and scroll under to the 25th and also 75th percentile composite satellite scores. The 25th/75th percentile range describes the scores of the center 50% of all students admitted come a specific school.

For the university of Alabama, you"ll find that the 25th percentile sat score is 1060; this means that 25% of admitted students have actually a score the 1060 top top the SAT. That would certainly be a below-average score for admitted students to Alabama.

The 75th percentile satellite score because that Alabama is 1280. That means that students v that score did much better than 75% of all various other admits. In other words, scoring at 1280 or above puts girlfriend in the optimal quarter the admits, providing you a an extremely competitive score for admission!

If friend score in ~ or over the 75th percentile for any school, you"ll have terrific chance of getting in (assuming your various other credentials room on point for the school). So that"s a great SAT score for the school. If you"re in ~ the 25th percentile, however, you"ll require to have actually a particularly strong applications to boost your odds of getting in.

For each institution on her list, Google the znjke.com satellite score information and write down the 25th and also 75th percentile scores in the suitable row for that institution on her goal score sheet.

Step 4: uncover Your final SAT Target Score

To recognize your target satellite goal score, look at the 75th percentile column. Find the highest possible SAT score in that column; that"ll be your satellite score goal. by scoring in ~ the 75th percentile level for the many competitive school on her list, you"ll be competitive in ~ all the schools you"re using to. Therefore that"s a an excellent SAT score for you!

Another advantage of picking a high score score is that if you end up fallout’s 10-50 point out short, it"s no a large deal since you"ll still it is in competitive for most of your schools.

You might be thinking, "Hey, wait! Why did ns fill out that whole sheet if i was simply going to pick the highest possible 75th percentile score?" Well, the benefit of filling out this info is the you now have it handy as a reference. You"ll be able to compare your very own SAT score with the 25th-75th percentile ranges of all your institutions of interest as quickly as you get your scores back.

Step 5: Make your Goal Known

As a last step, I indicate that you execute two things with her target sat score:

#1: re-superstructure it with your parents. This have the right to turn right into a helpful conversation about your an individual goals and also how you want to achieve your target satellite score. Plus, your parents can aid hold you accountable transparent the test-prep process!

#2: Tape the to your wall. This will keep your score score front and center in her mind, encouraging you to stay encouraged to store up v your SAT study schedule.


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Good satellite Scores for popular Schools

To assist you determine your score score, we"re providing you an satellite score chart v the 25th and 75th percentile sat scores because that 2020 for 50 well-known schools. I"ve also listed the existing US News ranking and acceptance rate to offer you one idea of just how selective each college is. All schools are i ordered it in stimulate of ranking.

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For an also longer list, inspect out our repertoire of good SAT scores for 101 famous schools.