A late-night live television map out comedy and variety show produced by Lorne Michaels. The show's comedy sketches, i beg your pardon parody contemporary society and politics, space performed by a huge and varying actors of repertory and newer cast members. Each illustration is held by a celebrity guest, who usually delivers an opening monologue and performs in sketches through the cast, and also features performances by a musical guest.

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Season 37 -Episode 15

Sleigh Bells perform “Comeback Kid" and “End that the Line"Skits include: new York sports Now, Bronx Beat, Maya Angelou’s I know Why The Caged Bird Laughs, Beyonce and also Jay Z, what’s Up v That?, super Showcase, A article from first Lady Michelle Obama, How’s he Doing?

The illustration was rated from 48 votes.


Season 36 -Episode 22

Sketches include Rikers Island, Liquorville, WXPD News, Three-Way (Digital Short), What's that Name?, Merry-Go-Love Tunnel, secret Word and The Barry Gibbs speak Show. Lady Gaga performs "The leaf of Glory", "Judas" and also "Born This Way".

The episode was rated from 34 votes.


Season 35 -Episode 14

Actor Ashton Kutcher hosts; castle Crooked Vultures perform "Mind Eraser, No Chaser" and "New Fang." Sketches encompass "On the record w/ Greta van Susteren," "Gertrude's Will," "The View," "Cialis because that Threeways Commercial," "Roman slave Boy," "Weekend Update" through guests Liam (a teenager who simply woke up), Eliot Spitzer, Jean K. Jean, and Garth and also Kat, "What Is Burn Notice?" "Access Hollywood's Oscar Coverage," "An Even-Tempered Apology native Rahm Emanuel," and "Wedding Band.

The illustration was rated from 12 votes.


#4- Jimmy Fallon with Michael Bublé

Season 37 -Episode 10

Michael Bublé performs “A Holly, Jolly Christmas” and also “Have you yourself a Merry little Christmas”Skits include: Sully and also Denise, this day with Kathie Lee and also Hoda, Michael Bublé Christmas Duets, winter Sketch, 1920s Party, fifty percent Jewish, fifty percent Italian, completely Neurotic, periods Greetings indigenous Saturday Night Live, Beethoven’s nine Symphony, local Production that “War Horse, Tebow and also Jesus.

The illustration was rated indigenous 43 votes.


#5- Betty White/Jay-Z

Season 35 -Episode 21

Sketches include "Lawrence Welk Cold Open," "Betty White Monologue," "NPR," "The Manuel Ortiz Show," "Gingey," "Weekend Update," featuring Molly Shannon as Sally O'Malley and also Betty White together Dottie Donigan, "Scared Straight" and also "Census 2010."

The illustration was rated indigenous 31 votes.

#6 - Jesse Eisenberg through Nicki Minaj
Season 36- illustration 13

Sketches encompass Bachmann attend to Cold Open, Eisenberg Monologue featuring mark Zuckerberg, Estromaxx, mister Wizard, Herb Welch, one SNL Digital Short: The Creep special Nicki Minaj, Weekend Update, Bride that Blackenstein, MTV Skins, and more.

The illustration was rated indigenous 21 votes.
#7 - Justin Timberlake
Season 29- episode 2

Live From brand-new York, It's...Darrell HammondSketches include, ""Hardball"", ""Punk'd: proper Legal"", ""Schwarzenegger press Conference"", ""A article From Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson"", ""Omletteville vs., Benny's"", ""DirecTV"", ""Boston Teens"", ""The Sharon Osbourne Show"", ""Justin and Kermit The Frog"", ""Carl Weathers because that Governor"", ""Amy Loves Justin"", and ""The Barry Gibb talk Show.""

The illustration was rated from 11 votes.
#8 - Mick Jagger through Arcade Fire, Jeff Beck, Foo Fighters
Season 37- illustration 22

Mick Jagger performs "The last Time" through Arcade Fire, "19th concerned Breakdown" and "It’s only Rock ‘n Roll" v Foo Fighters, and also a duo through Jeff Beck.Skits include: The Lawrence Welk Show, secret Word, Karaoke Champ, Lazy Sunday 2, national politics Nation, So friend Think You have the right to Dance in ~ An the end Music Festival, The Californians, Graduation Day.

The episode was rated native 45 votes.
#9 - Charles Barkley / Alicia Keys
Season 35- illustration 11

Former basketball star Charles Barkley comes back (after a 17-year gap) to organize the an initial new episode of 2010; Alicia tricks (who last appeared on the an initial episode that season 27 with host Reese Witherspoon) comes back to execute "Try sleeping with a broken Heart" and also "Empire State the Mind."Sketches incorporate "The situation Room," "Thomas Peepers Insurance," "Reel Quotes," "MacGruber" (three-part sketch), "Shana at the Ski Retreat," "Inside the NBA," "Weekend Update" with James Carville, Nicolas Cage, and also Governor David Paterson, "The Haney Project," "Digital Short: Alicia Keys' loot Call," "Scared Straight," and "Barkley's Bank."

The illustration was rated from 14 votes.
#10 - Tina Fey v Ellie Goulding
Season 36- illustration 20

Sketches incorporate Osama Cold Open, Mother's post Monologue, GOP Debate, Mermaid, one SNL Digital Short: Jack Sparrow, Weekend Update, Birthing Class, Bedelia - Sleepover, Pregnant in Heels, Discount Prom Wear, and Hallmark Mother's Day.

The illustration was rated indigenous 26 votes.
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I let go Bruno Mars critical week?!? currently I'm mad... Lol

How execute you click to watch ?

How carry out you click to clock ?

Tried watching this after many years of not seeing it. Not certain if ns matured or the show is just not funny anymore yet wow ns was disappointed and not how I mental it. Tried number of of the new episodes but just can't ceiling it anymore and also there is a the majority of other ingredient to clock instead.

When space you gonna put the new Donald Trump episode here?

I'm noticing one odd trend whereby the really funny episodes of SNL are as soon as the non-comedians space headlining, the humour in skits feels less forced, i.e. Seth Rogan's skits (39x18) felt really compelled (and fifty percent of them seemed to be about weed, whereby as Anna Kendrick's (39x17) skits felt much less forced and mostly genuinely funny.

So many hilarious moments with out the years

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