As the reveal series continues, EA sports goes over which to run backs will be rated the highest possible for Madden 16.

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Bell look at to it is in a top option at RB again in Madden 16. EA sports
The finest running backs in the NFL can end up being the many dominating part of your offensive assault in Madden. A rapid running ago can it is in a one-hitter-quitter that when offered the ideal opportunity have the right to go 80 yards in one play, however a solid combination of speed and other running attributes makes because that a top-tier running earlier that will average 5-8 yards per carry and annoy her opponent"s defense so much that eventually their second will have to play operation support and also then her passing strike can open up.

EA sporting activities released their top 5 running backs, follow to as whole ratings, for the upcoming NFL Madden 2016 video game which is to be exit August 25th.

1. Marshawn Lynch: 96 overall, 99 stiff arm, 98 trucking, 87 strength, 94 juke, 91 elusiveness, 88 acceleration, 85 speed.

Lynch was an alleged to autumn off at some point last season yet instead you observed him conquering all the method to the supervisor Bowl. He might not possess the speed to make him dangerous on the much longer runs come the outside, however he will practically always plow with defenders because that extra yards. Versus defenses with inexperienced players and low tackle ratings he is sure to rack increase the yards and be a problem in the red zone. Beast setting is real, just be glad this isn"t NFL Street when you can add Gamebreaker to him.

2. Adrian Peterson: 95 overall, 88 strength, 95 trucking, 90 speed, 92 elusiveness, 96 stiff arm, 95 juke, 94 spin.

After a year off, Peterson is still one of the more dominant players in the game. Despite his speed has dropped, he"s lot like Lynch in that he will be a wrecking sphere through defenses and also cause so countless problems that adversaries will need eight in the box to slow him down. The Vikings have young talent on offense to back him up too v Teddy Bridgewater, Cordarrelle Patterson and now the speedy veteran Mike Wallace. This offense can be a lot more to play through in Madden 16.

3. Jamaal Charles: 94 overall, 92 speed, 92 acceleration, 98 agility, 97 juke, 94 spin, 86 catch.

Charles" stats took a down-turn indigenous 2013 to 2014, but he"s tho a consistent threat and will be the emphasis of defenses make the efforts to prevent him in Madden 16. Once the violation lines increase you need to account for whereby the Chiefs have actually Charles inside wall up due to the fact that he"s a much better option in ~ receiver than many team"s back-up wideouts. As soon as you include that his 92 speed will outrun most defenders that control to do it right into the backfield, he"s even more annoying come stop. There might not be a better player to have coming the end of the backfield ~ above a pass play.

4. Demarco Murray: 94 overall, 96 trucking, 97 stiff arm, 97 juke, 95 elusiveness, 94 spin, 89 speed, 91 acceleration, 98 agility.

Murray is much much favor Lynch and also Peterson in that he have the right to be a bowling round of a powerhouse that knocks with defenses and also breaks tackles because that extra yards consistently. Though world knew how dangerous he would certainly be going right into the season, 2014 proved to it is in his finest year and also he had the best statistics of to run backs by far. Avoiding Murray is a issue of cram a defender in every gap feasible and hoping to carry him down as he runs sideways to discover a hole or protect against him prior to he also gets started. Otherwise it will take the abilities of a top-tier defender to be a definite protect against to his run.

5. Le"Veon Bell: 94 overall, 99 carrying, 88 speed, 95 elusiveness, 97 juke, 84 trucking, 92 stubborn arm, 83 catch.

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Bell is an ultimate weapon that sorts when you consider that he"s both dangerous on the ground and also in the air, and you take it into factor to consider that he will nearly never fumble. Even if someone manages to gain a clean hit on the with sufficient hit power, his 99 bring rating considerably lowers the probability that he will certainly let the sphere go. This is well-deserved considering in his 2 years in the NFL he has only fumbled one time. Have to he have an even an ext explosive season than his 2014 year wherein he had actually the 2nd most yards top top the ground and also from scrimmage, his rate numbers can see a correct increase, which space the just thing friend could think about to it is in a hindrance together a Madden player.