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I think you’ll agree v us once we to speak Washington state is gorgeous. There’s plenty to do, see, and enjoy in this fabulous state – it’s no wonder Washington vacations space so popular, not just amongst Washingtonians!

But where deserve to you uncover a romantic getaway in Washington state that’s not too much – a rapid weekend romantic getaway? i beg your pardon romantics will in Washington space the best?

Below, we’re going come share our favorite romantic getaways in Washington, plenty of that are 4 hours far or less! If you’re trying to find getaways in Washington state for couples, we’ve obtained you covered. Whether you’re in search of romantic cabins in Washington state, or just vacation point out in Washington for a Washington weekend, you’ll love these beautiful areas to stay in Washington state!

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Looking for an ext things to do approximately Spokane?

The ideal Romantic Getaways in Washington State

1. Leavenworth

With a backdrop of the Cascade Mountains, friend can’t skipping Leavenworth together a beautiful couples getaway place in Washington state. Native the views to the accommodations come the activities, there’s something because that every form of couple.

Only 3 hrs from Spokane, Leavenworth is among our favourite romantic getaways in Washington state. From romantics will to vacation spots, Leavenworth is a not-so-hidden endowment in Washington.

The Alpine Spa, photograph courtesy that Visit Leavenworth

Popular romantic activities in Leavenworth include:

Go because that a hike and take a picnic – Visiting Leavenworth in the spring or summer? You’ll definitely want to gain outside and take a hike! Making that a important affordable romantic getaway in Washington state, simply bring your own snacks and also wine because that a scenic and tasty picnic. In the spring, you’ll be rewarded with views of vivid wildflowers, and in the fall, you can enjoy the transforming leaves (perfect for photos!)

There room even an ext things to reap in Leavenworth – us haven’t even really extended Christmas in Leavenworth, yet that certainly deserves its very own post! you can additionally enjoy wine tasting approximately Leavenworth, add to a horse-drawn carriage or sleigh ride.

Look at this lovebugs! – photograph courtesy of Leavenworth Reindeer Farm

In the winter, spring, summer or fall, you deserve to enjoy the sights that Leavenworth’s Bavarian-themed downtown in a horse-drawn carriage or sleigh! In the winter, you’re given fuzzy warm blankets as you look at all of the Christmas lights downtown.

Looking for something more adventurous? shot a reindeer farm tour. Yes, you have the right to see reindeer in Leavenworth! Leavenworth Reindeer farm offers avenues to check out the reindeer native November v February. The farm yard is also open native March v October, and April is infant reindeer season (also, frequently fewer crowds!).

Looking for romantic locations to continue to be in Leavenworth? all of the lodging choices below offer warm tubs in your very own room – making that a very romantic getaway in Washington!

Photo courtesy the the Bavarian Lodge

2. Kennewick

Only 2 hrs from Spokane, Kennewick is a delightful and also less checked out romantic getaway place in Washington state. It also makes terrific weekend expedition in Washington, given how close that is come Spokane!

Love looking at the stars, and want to share your passion for room with her loved one? while it’s no your typical room observatory, space aficionados will reap a visit come the LIGO Hanford Observatory.

Even if it’s not romantic enough for you, a visit to the Observatory is wonderful vacation spot in Washington come visit!

Free tours take it you around the property and include a look in ~ the “Weber Bar,” which is one of the earliest develops of measure up gravitational waves. Dress for the season and also photos room encouraged.

Afterward, your space fan can take you come Badger mountain vineyard. Home to organically-grown grapes due to the fact that 1982, Badger hill was the an initial Washington vineyard to it is in certified necessary (1990). Situated among the beautiful setup of southeastern Washington, a visit to Badger hill offers a fun excursion in wine sampling, consisting of the vineyard’s chardonnay, Riesling, pinot noir and also merlot.

One the the best things to do during romantic getaways in Washington is enjoying local art! Stroll with the shops, boutiques and also art galleries in downtown Kennewick. From eclectic homewares to antiques and chic apparel boutiques, you’ll enjoy time together as you inspect out the area.

Enjoy a tour of Europe as you dine at Europa Italian and Spanish Cuisine. The restaurant’s owner draft a menu that shares his europe background. From standard fettuccine alfredo to a spicy chipotle pesto trottole, which combines the ideal of both Italy and also Spain. ~ dinner, enjoy a part of tiramisu cake or bowl of spumoni through your love. It’s a perfect lid to a romantic outing.

Looking for a ar to stay in Kennewick? You have a variety of options, consisting of hotels and local home stays!

The Lodge at Columbia suggest is the area’s just 4-star hotel. Situated in Richland and offering a beautiful watch of the river and also surroundings, when you work out in the spacious, upscale room and take in the amenities, you may not want to leaving the property. Gain a glass of wine at Vine, breakfast top top the patio or a quite evening approximately the fire pit. You’re sure to have actually a wonderful endure at the Lodge.

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3. Snoqualmie

Less than a four-hour drive follow me Interstate 90, Snoqualmie drops features a beautiful check out of the waterfalls follow me the Snoqualmie River. Dropping 270 feet, the waterfall is considered one the the many beautiful clues in Washington. That truly is among the most gorgeous romantic getaways in Washington!

It may not be Niagara Falls, however Snoqualmie drops sets the traditional for a romantic outing. Take a hike follow me a trail come the lower observation deck, and also getting a riverside check out of the area.