September 22, 2013, 4:01 afternoon · We"ve shown you the finest roller coasters in America, as well as the worst. But couple of people plan a holidays or also a work trip about a single roller coaster. Pan are in search of value native a template park admission than that. Thrill ride fans want to discover the parks that supply the ideal collection that roller coasters — the many thrills for their money.So what are the finest roller coaster parks in the united States? when again, we"re turning to girlfriend — layout Park Insider readers — to make the call. We"ve gathered the reader ratings you"ve it is registered on roller coasters at peak parks around the country over the past year. From them, we"ve calculate our cumulative picks because that the country"s finest roller coaster parks.Here"s exactly how we walk it: an initial we tried to find excellence. Come be thought about for the optimal five, a park had actually to have had at least two coasters rated a "9" or above by theme Park Insider readers. From there, we sought high-quality quantity, too, offering parks points for roller coasters rated "8" or above. We wanted to weigh the terrific coasters also more, for this reason we provided parks an extra allude for each coaster rated "9" or above. (Rankings were figured out on the communication of ratings it is registered by last Friday afternoon. Coasters had to have had actually a minimum variety of votes to be considered.)With this system, parks aren"t penalized for having actually mediocre coasters or other varieties of rides, due to the fact that we"re ignoring castle in the rankings. So long as a park supplies plenty of high-quality coasters, they"re good by us. No sense noting a park under for offering other rides, too. Hey, if those rides draw a few people out of the queues for the height coasters, all the better. ;^)So, below they"s top Roller Coaster Parks in America, 20131. Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California

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Raging Bull
El Toro, which also was our pick for the ideal roller coaster in America.
Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa
Again, if you"re a coaster fan, you"ll perform well at any of these five six parks, and several others the lurk just listed below in ours rankings. Here"s to looking earlier at a great summer at the country"s local amusement parks, and looking front to another great season of riding coasters, beginning next spring.
September 22, 2013 at 4:17 afternoon · when again Busch Gardens Williamsburg inexplicably shows up high in ratings in which the does no belong anywhere near the top. It rightly deserves a top-five rating because that cleanliness and landscaping, yet it has too few roller coasters to even be taken into consideration for a optimal 20 in "Best roller coaster park." it isn"t also close to being the finest in Virginia alone, wherein Kings dominance is a far better park because that roller coasters.
September 22, 2013 in ~ 5:09 afternoon · I want to do a comment around Magic Mountain. I have never feeling unsafe in a layout park...until I went to Magic Mountain. Ns was fear to fatality all day in that park and also thought ns was walk to it is in shot by gang members. Every day long, ns observed groups of competitor gangs having concerns with one another, at time pushing and also yelling. It felt choose being in the center of a gang war all day. It to be the worst emotion ever. For everything reason, Magic mountain has allowed the gangs to take it over. Knotts Berry Farm has some the this trouble too, however nowhere near Magic Mountain. Ns think the only thing that keeps Disneyland from having actually these worries is that Disney"s prices room too high for the gangs come afford.
September 22, 2013 in ~ 5:25 pm · ns agree with the various other Michael above around BGW, and I"ll take it it one step further. I have actually not been on Verbolten, and also I have a whole lotta love for the Loch Ness Monster. But not just does the park have relatively couple of coasters, the continuing to be three, in my opinion, space inferior examples of their particular genres. Ns can easily think of 5 inverts ns like far better than Alpengeist, and at least 5 B&M hypers I"d rate higher than Apollo"s Chariot. I additionally much choose Sheikra to Griffon..although, granted, I just rode the last once. That course, this is subjective, however it"s mine takeaway.And, I"ve never ever been come Magic Mountain, so my rankings would be:Cedar PointGreat AdventureKings DominionHersheyParkKings Island(at this moment while I"m thinking around it...may adjust in five minutes once my now-49-y.o. Brain remembers something else that should be there...)
September 22, 2013 in ~ 5:37 pm · Disclaimer- ns don"t consider myself a coaster enthusiast also though I have actually been ~ above a lot. I haven"t been to 1 or 2 or 3 but have been to 4 and also 5a and 5b. I never ever thought that BGT or BGW together coaster parks also though the coasters over there are height notch. As others said, not sufficient coasters. Mike, Shiekra is much better than Griffon even if some coaster sites rank Griffon high and barely cite Shiekra. However, i think that as a group, the BGT and also BGW coasters would certainly be same to the optimal coasters at any type of park. Montu at BGT is great, Verbolten at BGW is unlike any type of coaster I"ve to be on, additionally great.
September 22, 2013 at 6:05 afternoon · placing BGW top top this perform is a joke. While the is a fine park, that is absolutely not one of the height roller coaster parks out there. I additionally really question SFGAm together none the their present coaster heat up is any kind of where close to ideal of each other in any category. Hope Goliath will be on par or much better than El Toro. I would certainly rank SFoT greater than SFGAm. Mine list would certainly be 6 Flags great Adventure (El Toro, Nitro, Kingda Ka)Cedar allude (Millenium Force, Maverick, top Thrill Dragster)Six Flags Magic hill (X2, Tatsu, Riddlers Revenge) 6 Flags end Texas (Texas giant which is mine #1 coaster) 6 Flags end Georgia (Goliath, Mindbender) Hershey and Busch Gardens Tampa gain Honorable Mentions
September 22, 2013 in ~ 7:03 pm · Well, I"ve only been come the very first two parks (grew up an hour from Magic Mountain, & do my very first pilgrimage to Cedar allude this summer!), and I should say, ns agree v the ratings! ns hope come visit the following two six Flags parks on the list next summer. But, I"m a bit perplexed by the 6 Flags Gurnee, IL position on the list. Ns live in Minneapolis, and also the overwhelming majority of people say the park isn"t precious the price of admission, permit alone the 6 hour drive! ns guess I"ll just need to be the judge of that myself next summer.
September 22, 2013 in ~ 7:59 afternoon · thank you for giving props to six Flags great America. The is always easy to criticize Six Flags parks, but great America important stands above the remainder with their an option and selection of Roller Coasters. Castle have terrific representation that every kind of Roller Coaster technology and many of the instances are few of the finest in the industry. Thanks!
Annette: "I want to make a comment about Magic Mountain. I have never felt unsafe in a layout park...until I went to Magic Mountain. I was fear to fatality all work in that park and thought i was walking to be shot by gang members. All day long, i observed groups of competitor gangs having concerns with one another, at time pushing and also yelling. It felt favor being in the middle of a gang war all day. It was the worst feeling ever."I"m not sure just how long earlier this experience took place -- yet this has not been true because that at the very least the past three-five years. I have the right to never remind a time i felt unsafe in ~ this amusement park, or yes, really ANY significant amusement park.You can slam Magic hill for a /lot/ of things, but "gang activity" is not among them.
September 23, 2013 at 11:20 am · over there is no concern whatsoever in my mind that six Flags good Adventure is the best roller coaster park. One factor is that it"s only among two parks I"ve went to - the other is majesties Island - that has actually both a wooden coaster and steel coaster exceptional enough to consistently be in the top ten. (As for KI, ns don"t think the either The Beast or Diamondback have the right to rival El Toro or Nitro.) come me this is an essential consideration. And also of food it"s the only park with a great woodie, a good hypercoaster and a released strata coaster.Cedar suggest is most likely my favorite park in its entirety but one point it certainly doesn"t have is a topnotch wood coaster therefore in the respect it is lacking. In truth its wooden coasters range from meh (Blue Streak) come egregiously worse (Mean Streak).I think that one of the ideal coaster parks - again, doing not have a state that the arts woodie - conspicuously lacking from this list is kings Dominion.I am in agreement with those who think that BG parks don"t belonging on this list. Sure, they"re both gorgeous parks however as has been spicy out, lock don"t have much that a coaster selection. BTW, I"m not in covenant that SheiKra is far better than Griffon yet then mine opinions regularly go against the general consensus; I choose Kingda Ka to height Thrill Dragster. And also I think the Apollo"s Chariot is a an excellent coaster, similar to Nitro but not rather as good.
September 23, 2013 in ~ 2:51 afternoon · no sure exactly how to rate a park together the "best" for coasters. Ns agree about BGW not seeming to fit. But when i go there, I will certainly look forward to riding every 5 the the coasters, even if none of them are the "best" of their type (Verbolten -- go it have a kind? -- but I don"t really like the drop even though I like the rest of it).I do take place to prefer Apollo"s Chariot together just around the smoothest fun pure waiting time coaster. As soon as I go to King"s Island, i look forward to 3 coasters, back it clearly has more great coasters 보다 BGW. At Cedar Point, I additionally look forward to 3 coasters, although I"ll occasionally ride up to 7 the them.Kings ascendancy is my residence park, and it sure has a lot of coasters, and also I"ll job-related to ride around 6 the them. Dominator, Intimidator, Volcano space three really great coasters. Litter in Grizzly, Rebel Yell. Then ns don"t know, but I"ll enjoy anaconda if I"m not already sore, or hurler if ns can get to the front, and I choose the italian job, the avalanche is an excellent but i don"t count it together a coaster, I"m no a fan of stand-ups though.I psychic liking a the majority of roller coasters as 6 flags an excellent America. However I was just thinking that when I go to Hershey park in a week, I"ve gained a perform of 8 coasters I"m feather to acquire on. The brand-new one, The good bear, stormrunner and also fahrenheit, wild cat, wild mouse, lightning racers, and then the comet. Does that make it "the best"? Or is it simply that I need to PAY for the park, and therefore feeling I need to obtain my money"s worth? (I"d additionally ride the at sight duper looper ~ above occasion).
September 23, 2013 in ~ 2:52 afternoon · BTW, till the past couple of years, ns would have rated average STreak as an excellent wooden coaster. But it has actually just gotten so unstable that even in the front, that is fixed fun. And Gemini was a pretty good coaster, yet I simply never desire to take the moment anymore.Of course, i loved son of Beast at KI, up until the day they closed it for good. Ns never interpreted the hate. I did always ride the former though.
September 23, 2013 at 4:29 pm · The way I check out it, there space three ways to look in ~ coaster parks: quantity, quality, or variety. Very few parks have all 3 of these traits in their lineup. Parks that have a large number of good coasters often have little variety, parks through a an excellent variety of top tier coasters usually don"t have really many rides, and at parks with numerous coasters that various varieties there are often couple of good rides (for the functions of this discussion, we"ll define a good ride together one you"d journey multiple times every visit). I have actually not to be to six Flags great America or Busch Gardens Tampa, yet for the other parks listed: -SFGAdv has a huge quantity the coasters and a large variety, but only has actually a pair headliners-Cedar point has a big number that coasters and most the them are good, however several of your rides are reasonably similar-BGW only has a few coasters, but all are great and lock are really different from every other-SFMM comes the the next to having actually all 3 categories, yet they still have actually a couple duds in your lineupBased on just parks I"ve checked out (and excluding Canada"s Wonderland), I"d perform the following as top five for every of the 3 categories above:Quantity:1. Six Flags Magic Mountain2. Cedar Point3. Kings Dominion4. 6 Flags great Adventure5. CarowindsQuality:1. Dollywood2. Busch Gardens Williamsburg3. 6 Flags Magic Mountain4. Majesties Dominion5. CarowindsVariety:1. 6 Flags Magic Mountain2. Carowinds3. Six Flags great Adventure4. Queens Dominion5. Cedar suggest

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September 24, 2013 in ~ 9:50 to be · An competent roller coaster enthusiast would never rank 6 Flags Magic mountain as one of the best. The park is all quantity and very small quality.The park uses too plenty of repetitive looping coasters, mediocre versions of various varieties of coasters and lacks any type of that are really superior with one exception- X2.Revolution would certainly be exceptional, however it"s been ruined with changes over the years. Colossus is a victim the mods as well. Ninja is a great (not great) rely coaster, yet is most notable because its type is therefore uncommon.When someone states "Six Flags Magic mountain is great or #1" it just tells me the you have very restricted exposure come roller coasters and the various parks exterior of California. As soon as you take trip the significant parks transparent the us the native "Six Flags Magic Mountain" will seldom come increase in a sentence offering praise.However, the other parks you point out Six Flags good Adventure, Cedar Point, Busch Gardens Tampa and also Six Flags good America are great choices for the title. 6 Flags an excellent Adventure has superb line up with impressive coasters like Nitro, El Toro, Kingda Ka and Bizarro. Cedar allude offers more exceptional roller coasters than any other park- Gemini, Millennium Force, Magnum XL-200, Raptor, Maverick, height Thrill Dragster and also GateKeeper. Also Blue Streak, Corkscrew and also Wicked Twister room worth a mention.Busch Gardens is a good example of top quality over quantity, but if you incorporate Tampa then you may also include Busch Gardens Williamsburg.Notably missing from the list space Hersheypark, emperors Island, majesties Dominion and even to some degree, Canada"s Wonderland, all of which I"d choose to visit very first before 6 Flags Magic Mountain.