The theme Park testimonial Coaster vote is one ongoing effort by myself (A.J.), chase (Comeagain?) and Robb (robbalvey). We"re proceeding to work difficult to construct THE definitive yearly ranking of the world"s roller coasters!

The factor why this poll exist is since the Mitch Hawker poll, i m sorry was considered by plenty of to be the quintessential roller coaster vote for virtually 20 years, had actually kind of fallen into a black color hole leaving couple of polls or awards the exist that us would placed real belief into the results.

This year, we had over eight hundreds people submit ballots! us would prefer to give thanks to everyone that took the time to submit one - you"re helping meet the poll"s mission!

The means Mitch’s poll functioned is that rather of being a “popularity contest” of “he that gets the most votes wins”, it in reality ranked and also weighted people’s genuine life talk experience versus each other. It took into account how many coasters you’ve ridden and also how those rankings compare versus others with similar experiences. It likewise meant that no issue if did you do it ridden 50 or 500 coasters, the results were “fair and balanced.”


As a refresher, these are the rules:

To qualify because that the poll, a coaster has to be the size of a wild computer mouse or larger, with a select few exceptionsTo receive a numbered ranking, a coaster must have actually been significant "ridden" and ranked by at the very least 12 (twelve) people; any type of with less than the are given a provisional ranking and also not had in the "top" listsIndividual installations the roller coaster clones (Vekoma SLC, Mack Blue Fire, etc) carry out NOT count in rankings; Instead, your votes are all average together, and they room ranked together a single entry; A clone is identified as any kind of coaster with three near-identical installations or moreAny coaster the is standing but not operation (SBNO) is no ranked

Normally, the extr rule is that a coaster must have operated for the bulk of the ahead season (2020) to qualify because that the poll.

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However, as result of current world events, we have actually taken 2019 season procedure into consideration as well.


Are you excited yet? right here come the results!


Wooden 2020 Results

Steel 2020 Results

Complete 2020 Results



2020 height 25 wood Coasters

El Toro - six Flags an excellent Adventure (+1)Lightning stick - Dollywood (-1)Outlaw run - silver Dollar CityT express - Everland (+1)Wildfire - Kolmården Wildlife Park (-1)Phoenix - Knoebels Amusement Park and ResortBoulder Dash - Lake Compounce (+1)Voyage - Holiday people (-1)Colossos Kampf der Giganten - Heide-Park ResortBalder - LisebergRavine Flyer II - Waldameer Water people (+1)Goliath - 6 Flags great America (+1)Coaster - Playland (at the PNE) (-2)Mystic Timbers - monarchs Island (+1)Wooden Coaster Fireball - Happy valley Shanghai (-1)Mine Blower - fun Spot Kissimmee (+1)Shivering Timbers - Michigan"s Adventure (-1)Renegade - ValleyfairTremors - Silverwood template ParkGhostRider - Knott"s Berry farm yard (+1)Cú Chulainn - Tayto Park (+4)Gold Striker - California"s good America (-2)Troy - Toverland (-1)Comet - good Escape (new to height 25)Wodan Timbur Coaster - Europa Park (-1)



2020 optimal 25 stole Coasters

Untamed - Walibi HollandSteel Vengeance - Cedar PointSkyrush - Hersheypark (+4)Expedition GeForce - holiday Park (-1)Maverick - Cedar suggest (-1)Medusa stole Coaster - six Flags Mexico (-1)Twisted Timbers - Kings ascendancy (-1)DC Rivals Hypercoaster - Warner Bros. Movie civilization (+1)Twisted Colossus - six Flags Magic mountain (+3)Helix - LisebergFury 325 - CarowindsTaron - Phantasialand (-4)Intimidator 305 - kings DominionMillennium force - Cedar PointFlying Dinosaur - global Studios Japan (+2)Wicked Cyclone - 6 Flags brand-new England (+5)Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom (+5)Twisted Cyclone - six Flags over Georgia (+2)New Texas giant - 6 Flags end Texas (+5)RailBlazer - California"s great America (-5)Goliath - Walibi Holland (+2)Superman The ride - 6 Flags brand-new England (+3)Iron Rattler - 6 Flags Fiesta Texas (new to peak 25)Hyperion - Energylandia (new to top 25)Wonder Woman gold Lasso Coaster - six Flags Fiesta Texas (-6)