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Jaw-dropping thrill rides and also dizzying roller coasters can be uncovered all end the U.S., yet which ones are truly the best? asking TripAdvisor.

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With hundreds of users and also reviews for different attractions approximately the world, TripAdvisor is a treasure trove the incredible and highly recommended areas to visit on your following vacation. We asked the travel evaluation website for the ideal amusement parks in the U.S., and naturally, there space a lot of amazing ones to select from.



From sea come shining sea, there are plenty of places to enjoy a calming Ferris wheel, drive a classic wooden roller coaster, or scream her head off on a advanced thrill ride. Of course, Disney World and also Disneyland take some of the top spots, due to the fact that there appears to it is in something for anyone at these 2 locations. Disney rides in basic tend to be pretty soft in terms of thrills, as both parks are designed to be family-friendly for all ages. But if you're a true coaster lover, there room some remarkable parks through record-breaking rides that will truly blow your hair back.

Some areas are own by beloved international brands, while others are much more of a regional favorite, however every park provided below almost guarantees a work of fun.

With classic, family-friendly attractions, lover Disney characters, and also the above Cinderella's lock standing at the facility of that all, it's no surprised that Magic Kingdom Park in ~ Walt Disney people Resort claimed the number one spot. This Disney theme park isn't simply the most popular amongst TripAdvisor users — Magic Kingdom to be the most-visited theme park in the civilization in 2019, with almost 21 million guests.

Exciting thrill rides, including the brand-new VelociCoaster set to debut this summer, and also a Harry Potter-themed land make Universal's islands of Adventure at global Orlando resort a fan-favorite theme park.

Since opened in 1998, Disney's animal Kingdom has actually wowed crowds v its immersive, animal-centric experiences. The 2017 addition of Pandora — The world of Avatar and its incredible Avatar flight of Passage attraction renders this park a winner because that nature lovers and ride enthusiasts alike.

Guests room invited to action inside their favorite films and television shows, including The Simpsons, bother Potter, and much more at global Studios Florida, the second of two design template parks at universal Orlando Resort.

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This film studio template park features many of the popular attractions the you'll discover at that is East coast counterpart, add to the Studio Tour, a tram ride with movie sets.