When one imagines one American city complete of Cuban society and influence, the an initial one that pertains to mind is the vivid Miami, Florida. Many view visiting Miami as leaving the united States and also entering a different country full of Spanish speakers. Despite the Cuban affect in Miami knocks girlfriend in the face immediately upon entering Dade County, the flavors and also traditions that Cuba can be watched in Tampa, together well.

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Accompanying the chicken fricase and also roast pork, native left come right: yucca with mojo, garbanzo bean soup, traditional Cuban black beans. Photo by author.


The inner of La Terestia. Photograph by author.

Whether the lunch prior to the video game or dinner after ~ a long overtime fight for the pigskin, La Teresita is her spot come refuel and also savor the sabor that Tampa’s Cuban influence.

Just one mile from Raymond James Stadium, La Teresita lies in the heart of West Tampa, one area that high Cuban influence. After the Capdevila family members opened Capdevila’s at La Teresita in 1993, which followed a couple of other La Teresita small business ventures like La Teresita Grocery and La Teresita Bakery & Cafe, your customer base has actually only expanded. They have actually hosted name such together George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, john Kerry and also many more. While human being from all cultures and walks that life suffer their wonderful offerings, when you walk through their doors, friend feel prefer family.


Have a emergence at the menu while munching top top cuban toast. Picture by author.


Puerco asado: roasted pork through mojo marinade and raw onions. Photograph by author.

There is nothing prefer an authentic Cuban breakfast. If your Bucs game is booked for the at an early stage afternoon, gain your breakfast or brunch at La Teresita. Omelets v ham or bacon, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and the staple Cafe Cubano. Is it also late because that breakfast? you can’t walk wrong v their Sunday lunch specials: Roast Pork, Potted Steak, Fried Rice, Fish Marinera or Pot Roast. If you’re no feeling the specials menu, choose from your laundry perform of food selection items in miscellaneous categories choose Carnes (Beef), Pollo (Chicken), Mariscos (Seafood), Ensaladas (Salads), Vegetales (Vegetables) and also an A La Carte menu.


Fricase de pollo: fricase is a cooking method where meat is sauteed, braised, and served through a sauce. Chicken fricase is typically stewed with potatoes and other vegetables, in a sauce. Photograph by author.

If your video game is scheduled for the evening, La Teresita Cafeteria is open 24 hours. Nothing quenches her post-game scarcity like a basket of traditional Cuban bread, painted with butter and also pressed down through a ‘plancha’ come a crunchy crisp, or a plate of juicy, soft pork doused in garlicky-citrus mojo.


Cuban toast brushed through butter and flattened with a ‘plancha’. Photo by author.

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Picadillo: a Latin-style hash traditionally containing soil beef, tomatoes, environment-friendly pepper, environment-friendly olives and also garlic. Photo by author.

Visiting Tampa because that a Buccaneers game is the perfect chance to take advantage of the ubiquitous Cuban flavor. However, there room plenty restaurants bordering the stadium that you deserve to indulge in. Right here are a few other options for your game day eats (and drinks):

Lee Roy Selmon’s: 4302 W boy Scout Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

Earl that Sandwich: 2223 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

Bar Louie: 2223 N Westshore Blvd Ste B-202, Tampa, FL 33607

Rick’s top top the River: 2305 N pasture Ave, Tampa, FL 33607

Tampa Bay brewing Company: 1600 east 9th way Tampa, FL 33605

Fleming’s prime Steakhouse: 4322 West young Scout Blvd. Tampa, FL 33607

Kona Grill: 4134 W young Scout Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

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