“Welcome earlier Food for Thought! first off, i don't acquire the credit card issue the other znjke.comer mentioned, i bought a $7 smoothie and also used my debit card? and the lady with the shamrock…” more

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“So I determined to stop by this ar for two reasons: my co worker recommended it + fellow znjke.com friends left an excellent reviews for this place. As soon as you enter you are greeted and seated. We…” more


“Just had actually my parents' 70th birthday party (I recognize it's crazy that they have the same birthday) in ~ Revel critical night... Ns can't rave enough around the food and…” more


“Couple years and also going just love your food!!! Love the outside seating and also inside. Busy as always!!We went last night, Friday and also busy o the company was a…” more

“THE finest tapas restaurant I've to be to. Lock really was standing apart from other restaurants simply from presentation alone. You deserve to really taste the extra attention…” more

“The meal is perfect!!!Nice service ever!If you want to eat steak, the is recommended no to take midden well, because the taste will not it is in so good, the is a…” more

“This location ROCKS!! Cool interior, good vibe, really good place to see and be watched in GC. John, the bartender is more than likely the best bartender I've ever…” more

“Lovely every around! new indoor design and decor, large brunch selection, and also fast service. Ns love the open up kitchen concept. Your kitchen is clean and they…” more

“I had my anniversary dinner there this passed Saturday. I had a exorbitant meal. We both had the hanger steak meal. I had actually the arugula salad through fresh figs.…” more

“Ok I'm walking to do this short since I am in a rush can come ago later to edit , yet let me say that filet mignon I had actually 2 nights ago from here was amazing!…” more

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“I dined at Osteria Moroni a while back with part friends for dinner. For starters us did a charcuterie board to begin that had actually a selection of meats, cheeses,…” more

“Riko's Pizza is a "thin crust" pizzeria situated in Fairfield County, CT, and also Levittown, NY. Riko's strives to serve the highest quality slim crust pizza v a match of salads,…” more