This top-five prepares united state for the football Saturdays that are drawing ever so near. We understand you"ve all appreciated a few Madison burgers in her day.

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Tuesday night, a item written by Chat sports titled "5 best Places to Eat ~ a Wisconsin soccer Victory" make its means throughout the Wisconsin blogosphere.

As a true food aficionado, i felt compelled to click on that link and read the story -- especially because I simply finished up my 4 years at UW this past May. My understanding of the food game in Madison is nice darn good as I"ve live it and also eaten the (probably far too much). Needless to say, ns was really intrigued as soon as I clicked top top the Chat sports link.

Unfortunately, i was so underwhelmed -- in fact, I"d go as far as to say appalled -- by the perform provided, that I reputed it essential to come up v a B5Q reprise.

Remember the famous John Locke quote: "No man"s understanding here deserve to go past his experience."

Well here at B5Q, we have that ever-so-important Madison eatery experience, and also thus, we have actually that desire Madison eatery knowledge. So without additional ado, I offer you mine rendition (as always, amendable in the comments section below) the the five ideal places to eat ~ a Badgers win.

1.Dotty Dumpling"s Dowry

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At least Chat Sports got this one right: Dotty"s gets the peak spot. Ideal burger joint in Madison without a doubt. Various other restaurants can contend in regards to their citizens deliciousness, but year after year, Dotty"s stand alone. Plus, it"s in a prime ar for the walk earlier from Camp Randall towards State St. Or the Capitol Square. No matter what her heart desires, Dotty"s has a burger because that everybody. Mine favorite: the melt Pot.

2.The Old Fashioned

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Now if you"re planning on gallivanting all the way back to the Capitol ~ a Badgers" thumping the say, the Gophers, then try to hold off on that burger craving and also wait to have actually one in ~ The Old Fashioned. Its burgess is likewise phe-nomenal, plus they"ve obtained an extensive an option of brews and awesome side platters. Prior to you chow down the No. 29 Spicy Burger, have the No. 8 best Wurst appetizer. The doesn"t get far better than great ol" Wisconsin bratwurst.

3.The good Dane

Shihmei Barger, Flickr

Another spot wherein you"ll need to hold off on avoiding early and brave the lengthy walk native Camp Randall up previous the Capitol. This and also The Old Fashioned were a toss-up because that me, but I"ve gained an affinity because that No. 2 because it was my an initial meal in Madison together an main Badger. The Dane also has hard burgers and also its own selection of beers i beg your pardon is constantly impressive. Plus, there is a mini-pool hall close to one the the bars if you deserve to shark -- always easy money to be won with buzzed Badger fans all set to invest their cash.

4.State Street Brats

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It may be a little bit cliché because that this list, yet the atmosphere is top-notch and the brats are delicious. The rest of the food selection is so-so, but the Red Brat is as good as the gets. Brats is likewise the ideal place to clock a game by far. For this reason after you"ve took pleasure in Wisconsin whooping the inferior adversary that day, you deserve to sit, drink and also eat in ~ the bar for hours while the town hall some top quality college soccer every fall Saturday.

5.The Roast


The Roast is mine sleeper choose in this top five. It actually hasn"t seen much of a Wisconsin football season due to the fact that it just opened this previous October. However in its short existence, it has become a student favorite in Madison with its solid choice of beers ~ above tap and sensational roasted meat sandwiches. I think the will proceed to thrive in its first full soccer season this fall, especially with dishes favor the Chicken Francese. Offer me among those and also a Bell"s 2 Hearted Ale after ~ a Badgers win and I"m set for the day. However if they lose, then I"m walking to need two -- of each.

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***Sentimental side note: i really wanted to placed the extinction Fat Sandwich on the list due to the fact that it to be the sole resource of my student in the first year 15 back in 2009. The place had actually a line out the door after every football game, and I had to summon every the patience I could muster to protect against myself from skipping the line and getting my hands on a Fat Badger sandwich. Chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, ranch and also fries every on a hoagie -- i never need to have together a ludicrous meal again, yet boy was that a funny spot while the lasted.