When visiting Kiev, Ukraine, girlfriend don’t desire to overlook the tasty menus you’ll uncover in countless of the neighborhood restaurants. From timeless Ukrainian food, to modern Chinese cuisine, and even your take top top American food- Kiev restaurants have something for everyone.

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I noticed in the month the I spent in Kiev the restaurants serving classic Georgian dishes and also (surprisingly) Vietnamese food both seem come be really popular.

I’ve placed together a list for girlfriend of 21 of the best places to eat in Kiev, so friend don’t need to spend all your time in search of somewhere come eat. Just pick a restaurant from this list and you won’t be disappointed.

While in Kiev don’t miss out on tasks that will help immerse yourself v the city (hurry while they’re hot!):

The critical Barricade

Independence Square, near the gate Lyadsky // +38 068 907 1991

Ostannya Barykada (The critical Barricade) is a restaurant influenced by three of the most famous revolutions in the Ukraine: Student change on the Granite in 1990, Orange revolution in 2004, and also the change of Dignity in 2014.

To go into you have actually to provide a password (BORITESYA E POBORYTE), and then girlfriend are gone into into a storytelling dining adventure choose none-other. Affectionately referred to as “the storytelling restaurant”, as you eat neighborhood Ukrainian and also European key you’ll learn around the story of these revolutions and the people involved.

Because it’s so popular with tourists we didn’t suppose a lot indigenous the food. Us were pleasantly surprised- us all took pleasure in the dishes us ordered and most that the sections were large enough to share.


Not just does The last Barricade have timeless Ukrainian dishes friend can shot but they likewise have an impressive selection of steaks as well.


100 років тому вперед

Vladimirskaya, 4 // +380 68 068 6975

100 років тому вперед uses one that the finest gastronomic well dining environments, and also one of the finest places come eat Kiev-inspired meals. The chefs combine social and classic Ukrainian dishes with modern culinary methods, seeking to create new traditional favorites.

Experience your favorite Ukrainian dishes in new and delightful ways and enjoy the company of those roughly you. The staff is also an extremely welcoming and also friendly and also is happy come serve. A an extremely high-end restaurant that provides for a perfect day place v your favorite person.

Vino e Cucina

Str. Sich Sagittarius, 82 // +380 44 499 14 13

You won’t discover a much better Italian restaurant anywhere but in Kiev at the Vino e Cucina restaurant. Traditional antipasta, homemade pasta, pizza, and a wide range of Italian meat and seafood dishes just waiting to delight your taste buds.


What provides Vino e Cucina distinct is the this restaurant has three floors to it. The very first floor is a spacious, key dining area, complete with live music in the evenings. The cellar is residence to over 1000 wines and also 100 champagnes and also a different cheese rom. And lastly, the ground floor is whereby the pizza magic deserve to be found, with a real wood-burning pizza oven and stove.



114 Vasylkovska St. // +380 44 390 39 02

Odessa is a an extremely popular cook restaurant and also is one of the ideal Kiev restaurants, made so not just by the innovative interior architecture (inspired through Odessa City), yet by the famous chef in ~ the restaurant’s helm, Yurii Pryyemsky.

Yurii combines the finest local produce and also ingredients with contemporary culinary methods (Sous Vide technology, big Green Egg ovens, and more). Don’t forget to pair your meal with one of their delicious, signature cocktails.

True Burger

Khmelnytskoho Bohdana St. 42 // +380 99 010 9993

If you’re visiting indigenous America and also want a small taste of house one night, True burger in Kiev offers the ideal American cuisine choices that you’ll never uncover at home.

Enjoy handmade burgers make from your choice of meat: beef, turkey, chicken, or fish (yes, fish burgers!). Because that those that don’t choose any type of meat, they even offer a vegetarian burger. Stimulate juice or coffee come drink, or shot one of their signature cocktails, made by the finest bartenders in Ukraine.

Tin believe Vietnamese

Lipinskogo St. 15 // +380 97 828 7878

Tin is just one of the peak restaurants Kiev has for Asian and Vietnamese cuisine, made and also served with a european flair. Located right on the Kiev bicycle track, they serve healthy and delicious meals for any health-conscious person, also offering vegetarian options.

Have a seat and also while friend wait for your food, you have the right to watch the Kiev cyclists together they train, or reap a cycle polo match as girlfriend eat. The décor inside even features bicycle wheels.

And be certain to make room for part Soi Xoai for dessert, which is composed of difficult rice, mint infused coconut milk, mango, candied mango, and coconut chips.

Whisky Corner

Sofiivska vulytsia 16 // +380 50 480 3803

Whisky edge not only uses the finest whisky and spirits in Kiev because that whisky connoisseurs but additionally the best in Scottish cuisine. Through over 900 whisky arrays to choose from, the servers will very closely pair spirits and also food for you, therefore you’ll constantly have a perfect match.

Be certain to inspect out your impressive situation of dry-aged steaks in the ago of the restaurant.

In fact, I commemorated my birthday at Whisky Corner. Ours server was really knowledgeable and guided us v the menu to make great choices not just related come food but additionally to Ukrainian handmade beers and the perfect whiskeys to end up off the evening.


Str. Andriyivsky Uzviz, 19 A // +380 44 425 45 48

Kanapa gives guests through the best local Ukrainian cuisine v a modern twist. Every seasonal ingredients offered are locally sourced in Kiev and the bordering regions, offering you v the freshest of foods items that you’ll only discover in Kiev. Be certain to gain the wildfowl and also what they contact the “Butter Candle” as soon as you visit.

Enjoy signature Ukrainian dishes served from an open kitchen. The dining room features red upholstered seats and wooden dining surfaces, making this restaurant a one-of-a-kind experience.

Hutorets na Dnipri

10A Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Str. // +38 067 2091444

In our perform of finest Kiev restaurants, we would be remiss come not include Khutorets na Dnipri.

This tremendous restaurant sits right on the Dnieper River, providing beautiful see of the riverbank while friend eat contemporary versions of traditional Ukrainian dishes. There is likewise a vodka room that homes over 50 different varieties of vodka from everywhere the country, prepared for her to try with her meal.


Yaroslaviv Val St. 23A // +380 68 873 7878

Come to ChiChiko and experience one of the finest Georgian restaurants Kiev has. The staff and service are excellent and also speak fluent English. The menu also offers an English translation for you, so friend know precisely what you’re ordering.

Whether Georgian cooking is a favourite or you’ve never tried it before, you’ll uncover something delicious and also satisfying at ChiChiko. They have chicken liver salad, Georgian vegetables salad, lamb kebabs, mushroom soup, and more including mine favorites khinkali and khachapuri.

Favorite Uncle

From the moment you enter Lyubimy Dyadya (Favorite Uncle), you’ll feel together though you’ve just been lugged into someone’s residence for dinner. The interior is well-lit, warm, and welcoming.

Each corner of the room displays something from where the owner has visited or plan on visiting. There’s likewise a library filled v his favourite books, lovely birds in birdcages, a moped, and also more.

The food bring you even more comfort v its European and Middle eastern cuisine. Girlfriend should shot the warmth veal salad, pumpkin soup, or some poached eggs through spinach and also salmon. Enjoy various other favorite dishes native Greece, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco.

Milk Bar

16 Shota Rustaveli Street // +38 044 237 09 07

Come to the Milk Bar because that the ideal breakfast, pastries, and shakes you’ll find in Kiev. ~ above Mondays they serve breakfast all day long, so you can have your favorite waffles, cheesecakes, and more from open up till close.

For a tasty act you never thought of before, try their pancake lasagna or their lobster waffles.

But lock don’t just serve breakfast foods. For having lunch or dinner, you can select your favourite sandwiches, soups, or salads. Try some lavash v chicken teriyaki, or paste with beef and broccoli.

Dogs & Tails

Rustaveli Shota vul. 19 // +380 44 353 0907

For a unique take on one American favorite, dog & Tails offers numerous different kinds of loaded hot dogs, every coming v a coke to drink and a side of fries or onion rings. They likewise serve various species of cocktails, blended particularly for you come enjoy.

For dessert, you must also try homemade churros or donuts v caramel sauce that is the end of this world.


Sagaidachnogo, 41 // +380 99 289 1511

Seafood connoisseurs will certainly love dining in ~ Naprosecco, the best seafood share in every one of Kiev. The seafood they usage is fresh and locally caught, and they’re finest known for the oysters they serve and also their prosecco wine. Girlfriend can also enjoy langoustine, shrimp, and also mussels.

The menu alternatives may be minimal, however the food and wine space delicious you’ll want to come ago again and again.

NAM contemporary Vietnamese Cuisine

Inspired through Asian and also Vietnamese cuisine, the creator of Nam, Ector Jimenez-Bravo, made decision to take it recipes he found there and upgrade them, making them his own. You’ll obtain a taste of her favorite oriental dishes at Nam (traditional pho, seafood dishes, savory mute, and also more), however they’ll it is in made Ector-style, just for you.

The food served right here is both delicious and also aesthetically pleasing, favor works of art you get to eat. And speaking that art, the wall surfaces inside space painted v murals showing Asian and Vietnamese culture.

BAO modern-day Chinese Cuisine

Street. Mechnikova 14/1 // +380 (67) 693 98 98

For some delicious contemporary Chinese cuisine, BAO is among the ideal restaurants in Kiev. Bowl are all set for guests and served from an open kitchen. Reap a mix of timeless dim sum, trendy shu mai, and also authentic Peking duck.

The lengthy communal table in the center of the room is a tradition borrowed from the Chinese of not simply being close come one one more while eating, but also of sharing and also tasting each other’s food. This legacy is well-loved among the Ukrainians in Kiev, and offers every guests a welcoming and also friendly atmosphere.

Café Nikala

Str. Horeb 1a // +38 044 425 20 01

This traditional Georgian restaurant in Kiev is a good place to host informal birthday parties, corporate events, or wedding dinners. Through three different halls to select from, lock can quickly accommodate any big party, while likewise seeing to their regular dining guests.

Enjoy here your favourite Georgian dishes in addition to original Georgian wines. Select anything from their barbecue menu, main courses, soups, salads, or pastries. Leaving room for authentic Georgian desserts (pancakes with cheese or apples, or maconi) that you can’t refuse.


Pushkinska St, 38 // +38 044 234 13 00

Right in the love of the Belgian courtyard in Kiev, Ukraine, is Antwerpen, a restaurant the serves really Belgian and also European dishes (including the Belgian Waffle). The restaurant likewise features artwork, paintings, and also sculptures by the ideal Flemish, French, and also German artists.

Dictator Bar

Khreschatyk St, 44 // +380 50 346 1636

Barman Dictat, or Dictator Bar, is hidden away in a basement prefer a speakeasy and can be daunting to find. But once friend do, your senses will certainly be delighted v delicious choices of wine and also spirits, steampunk vibes, and live jazz music.


Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd, 1

Another well-kept an enig in the city that Kiev is Loggerhead Bar, discovered behind an there was no sign door in a dark alley in the center of the city. You acquire entrance you have actually to be able to guess what the password is by the items on the door. As soon as you come inside, you’ll it is in met with a live jazz club and also a emotion of flavors you never ever expected.


19 Velyka Vasylkivska Street // +380 44 235 24 13

Last but not least on our short speakeasy tour is the Paravoz. Barmen who job-related here have to first graduate indigenous the bar’s school, Parovoz Mixology Course, in order to be enabled to offer drinks come you and your friends. Beyond the bar and tasty cocktails is a kitchen that serves pasta, fish, and also your choice of favorite appetizers.

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Conclusion ~ above The finest Restaurants in Kiev

If girlfriend were ever before wondering wherein to eat in Kiev, wonder no more. This considerable list offers you with both the ideal restaurants and bars come visit during your visit come Ukraine. Allow us know which ones friend tried, and how they were!

Which of these Kiev restaurants and also bars perform you many want come try? allow me recognize in the comments section below!

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