It’s a tricky thing. To measure up greatness.

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Statistics space quantified. Features of a subject that one deserve to measure with a certain standard. Touchdowns, yards, and, yes, also gold jackets. These points share a confident correlation v a player’s affect on a city. But they nothing necessarily go hand in hand.

But once an attack lineman is a superstar, it’s quiet.

The finest offensive linemen space the people who remain out that the headlines, and off the protective highlight reels. The ones who perform their job. Quietly. With efficiency. Deadly, nullifying hazards to a defense. That is in this way that brute strength can be covert.

Chris Samuels to be that sort of attack lineman. Drafted 3rd overall by the Redskins in the 2000 NFL Draft, Samuels to be a premier prospect at attack tackle, own a like the mountain 6-foot-5, 325 frame and also solid mobility for a blocker.

The Redskins have actually drafted commonly from the talent swimming pool of the Alabama Crimson birds in current years, yet the reality is, they’ve constantly loved your ‘Bama boys, andSamuels was the one who collection the standard. The SEC product quickly established himself as among the ideal blind next blockers in the league, and also in 10 seasons as the Redskins’ beginning left tackle, Samuels notched six Pro bowl berths.

The best offensive linemen take their adversaries out the the game. They might not it is in flashy. But they get the project done. And as Joe Bugel, the Washington’ attack line coach in ~ the time, stated of Samuels: “He’s prefer Gilligan; he’s obtained this man the totality game”.

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There’s a widely embraced theory in the NFL; the theory of the positional shelf-life. There room outliers, yet many positions have generic shelf-lives: Time durations where we have the right to reasonably predict as soon as a player will peak, and when a player will regress.

Running backs typically have the shortest careers. Kickers and also punters generally have the longest. And more often than not, the height is lined up in the middle, v the slopes ~ above either side symmetrical, equidistant to every other. Groups make projective decisions with this theory, and this trend, in mind.

But London Fletcher place this theory to shame.

Fletcher gotten in the league as one undrafted totally free agent, signing v the St. Louis Rams. Together a center linebacker, Fletcher was the team’s most prolific rookie, and in just his 2nd year, Fletcher ended up being the starter in ~ the position.

For a long time, playing through the Buffalo Bills and the Rams, Fletcher was a high-end starter. Yet Fletcher eventually wouldn’t knife a pro Bowl berth until he join the Redskins. By that time, Fletcher was 32 years. But, if I may use the fine wine cliché, he got far better with age.

Fletcher earned four straight agree Bowl berths native 2009 to 2012, notching his last one in ~ the period of 37. By the moment he retired in 2013, Fletcher had actually amassed nearly 1,000 tackles in a Redskins uniform, and over his whole career, he’d totaled end 2,000. One of the most active and long-lasting defenders of the modern-day era, Fletcher’s resume, as well as his usually origin, provides him impossible to forget.

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Great running backs have actually an attitude. It’s comes v the territory. Running the football is as an individual as it gets in the NFL. And also Clinton Portis to be one ago defenders didn’t want to trifle with.

Admittedly, the means that Portis was got was doubt at best. The Redskins traded Champ Bailey and a second-rounder for Portis, a running ago whose career size was virtually guaranteed to be much shorter than the of Bailey, because of Bailey’s position.

Bailey would go top top to reap a agree Football hall of reputation caliber career v the Denver Broncos. But Portis would certainly make a surname for self in Washington together well.


In his very first two seasons with the Redskins, that was automatically clear what Portis brought to the table: A top-tier running back. The amassed over 300 carries and 1,200 yards in each of those seasons, totaling 20 rushing touchdowns.After one injury-shortened season, Portis went back to the 1,000-yard rushing club for two more years, earning a second Pro bowl nod in the process. That career to be cut quick soon after the by injuries.

In light of the Redskins recent struggles at to run back, plenty of have involved appreciate what the team had in Portis. His career may have actually ended previously than most, however when he suitable up in burgundy and also gold, friend knew the Redskins had someone they could count on to run the ball, churn the clock, and also give the team a chance to win.

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The Redskins know how to discover quality attack tackles. Yet hitting on one isn’t enough. An excellent teams store talent coming in, and they uncover a means to preserve continuity, also when the name on the back of the jersey can be different.

The 2nd act is simply as necessary as the first. And Jim Lachey, Joe Jacoby’s 2nd act, discovered a means to carry the mantle.

Lachey wasn’t the very same caliber player as Jacoby, but that’s choose saying Matt Ryan isn’t as good as Aaron Rodgers. The goes without saying, however both space high quality, and the lesser player is borderline elite. At his peak, Lachey was among the best in the business.

As the Redskins progressively phased the end the regressing Jacoby native the left tackle position, they brought in Lachey, a former first-round choose who’d most recently played v the Raiders. In 1989, the Redskins moved Jacoby to best tackle and also started Lachey in ~ left tackle, and also the outcomes were immediate.

In 1989, Lachey cemented himself together yet another Hogs great, bulldozing the competition en course to All-Pro recognition. From 1989 to 1991, Lachey was a dominant force ~ above the edge, and also by the time his height was over, he had actually been to the pro Bowl twice, and also recognized as an All-Pro player three times. And also in 1991, he earned the rite of passage of any Hog: A Super bowl ring. Lachey had actually both the team success and also the individual accolades to form a legacy. No player asks because that more.

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One of the many criminally underrated football player of the contemporary generation, Ryan Kerrigan isn’t often mentioned in the very same conversation as players prefer Von Miller and also Khalil Mack. In a sense, there’s a factor for it. He’s not as athletic as either player, and also he doesn’t have trademark moves. For Kerrigan, there’s only one trademark: Consistency. But he’s as regular as lock come.

Drafted through the Redskins v the No. 16 as whole pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, burst the end of the gate, logging 7.5 sacks and four compelled fumbles in his rookie campaign. He followed up that season through two an ext with 8.5 sacks, and in 2015, he reached a career high 13.5 sacks, while additionally accruing 5 forced fumbles.

Now, in 2018, Kerrigan is coming off a year in which that arguably detailed his best value, maintaining the Washington happen rush respectable amidst a slew the injuries. After ~ registering 13.0 sacks in 2017, Kerrigan now sits in ~ 71.5 sacks in his career. 3 or four an ext years of regular production (which we’ve pertained to expect indigenous the 29 year old), and he’ll be in the 100.0 sack club. That the 32 players to reach that esteemed note in NFL history, 13 space in the pro Football hall of Fame.

On optimal of his happen rushing prowess, Kerrigan also has a penchant because that pushing the turnover battle. In seven periods with the Redskins, Kerrigan has actually 22 required fumbles and three interceptions, all of which have actually gone for touchdowns.

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Kerrigan is just one of the league’s many under-appreciated players. To do the leap indigenous the hall of the Very an excellent to the illustrious agree Football room of Fame, he’ll need an ext team success. Yet he’s proven he can hold increase his end of the bargain, time and also time again.