Republican presidential candidate Donald trump card speaks during a project rally Monday, in march 7, 2016, in Madison, Miss.

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(Brynn Anderson, AP Photo), Ohio -- This election season, started thinking an ext like a voter. We wanted to explore each presidential candidate and examine the an excellent and the bad, from the view of a voter spreading a ballot in either the democratic or Republican primary.

We come up with five reasons to vote for each candidate, as well as five debates for voting versus each that them. These are not our opinions, just what us think are the the strongest pro and also con arguments.

Here's our pro-con list for Donald Trump. Us hope it help you consist of your psychic before the Ohio major on in march 15. Please add your factors in the comments below.

He's bold. Trump speaks with gusto. He says what's ~ above his mind. The calls it favor it is. The joined States requirements a president who speaks the truth and also doesn't care about being politically correct. He's brutally honest: around immigration, around terrorism and around jobs. That voices the fears, worries and also concerns the voters.

He's a businessman. Trump serves together an executive for more than 500 companies, follow to the Washington Post. And he knows just how to do money in actual estate like hotels and also golf courses. That knows exactly how to construct a brand. And that service sense will translate well in the world of international relations. He will cut great deals because that the united States.

He's not component of the Republican establishment. Trump won't keep the Republican condition quo. He's bringing new perspectives and ideas come the GOP. He's destroying the strength structure. He's mixing it up. And stale Republican leaders, favor Mitt Romney, room scared of this change.

He can't it is in bought. Trump is, for the most part, paying because that his project out that his own pocket. Affluent power players can't purchase Trump turn off to support pet issues. Influencers can't demand action in exchange for money. Trump has actually spent $25 million that his very own money so much on his campaign, follow to Bloomberg Politics.

He's a task creator. He's produced 34,000 jobs as a businessman, according to a September CNN analysis.  And the plans to negotiate v China to bring more American tasks back. He wants to lower corporate tax prices to entice American suppliers to keep jobs in the united States.

He has an ugly, average tone. trump bullies his rivals with childlike taunts: Think "Little Marco" and "Lying Ted." The billionaire acts choose a mean small kid in the schoolyard. The lacks civility and also class. Rather of concentrating on problems at a recent debate, he assured voter of the size of his manhood. He heckles protesters and reporters and also keeps the press in pens at rallies. The paused prior to rejecting the assistance of a white supremacist. Once he's mad, he takes to Twitter and rants. He piles top top the vitriol in his stump speeches. That insulted john McCain's military service. That insulted ladies for their looks, consisting of model Heidi Klum and previous rival Carly Fiorina.

He has actually proposed a xenophobic immigrant policy. Immigrants built the united States. Yet Trump wants to develop a wall along the mexican border to store immigrants out. And also he desires to make Mexico pay because that it. Trump plans come deport human being living here illegally -- that's 11 million people, follow to CNN. That would cost in between $400 and also $600 billion and take about 20 years, according to a examine cited in The Atlantic. He desires to end birthright citizenship -- the legal best that permits citizenship to babies born in this country. Trump desires to make it harder for refugees to go into the United claims -- simply as Syrians fleeing a war zone require help. And also he wants to store Muslims out of the joined States.

He has no politics experience, and also his business success is overstated. Trump has actually no politics experience, but he's seen plenty that failed organization ventures. Ever heard of trumped University? The state of brand-new York is suing the billionaire, claiming that the university scammed about 600 students, according to NBC News. Then there's the failure Trump Steaks. Trumped Magazine. Trump Airlines. Trump to represent himself together an influential player in new York come voters across the country. Yet that's simply not the case, follow to the new York Times. "While Trump remains a visible brand name about the city's 5 boroughs, that is lot harder to discern his imprint as a standard power broker, someone that is feared and can make things take place with a phone speak to or a quiet aside through the right human at the appropriate time," according to The Times.

He's not a conservative. Trump donated campaign money come Hillary Clinton lot of times, follow to Politico. Conservatives advocate against huge government. However Trump supported government bailouts of the banks and also the auto industry, according to glen Beck in the national Review. He's gone versus the conservative agenda on a range of issues, consisting of "defense, racial quotas, abortion, taxes, single-payer health and wellness care, and also immigration," according to Mona Charen, a senior fellow in ~ the Ethics and Public plan Center.

He's a flip flopper. Trump has flip flopped on very closely held conservative issues, including abortion and 2nd Amendment rights, follow to Time. He formerly was pro-abortion rights. The previously believed in an attack weapons ban. He's a phony who can't be reliable on the issues.

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