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Do want to watch world fall in love? execute you want to watch human being fall turn off of stuff? carry out you desire to watch Billy Eichner yell at unsuspecting passersby simply trying to live your damn stays in new York City? If friend answered correctly to any kind of of this questions, climate you"re in the appropriate place!

Finding quality reality TV can prove an overwhelming for cable cutters, because much of that still airs live. Luckily, Netflix has a huge selection of reality programs ripe for the time wasting.

From The Casketeers to Rhythm + Flow, below are the 15 most binge-worthy reality shows now streaming on Netflix — ranked by just how much us think they"ll consume her life.

Note: All food preparation shows (yes, including The an excellent British Baking Show) have actually been excluded on the basis the if we had included any type of of them, they would have to make up at the very least 10 entries. We"re additionally not listing any docuseries, due to the fact that that isn"t "reality TV."

20. The big Flower Fight

You ever before want to zone out and also look at a bunch of nice flowers? The huge Flower fight is the show for you. Ten florists-slash-garden-artists complete in a series of whimsical trials that test their capacity to make something beautiful into something even more beautiful, i beg your pardon is simply as calming and also aesthetically satisfying as it sounds.

How come watch: The large Flower struggle Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

19. Tidying Up v Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo states it best in a Season 1 episode of Tidying Up: "I love mess." Rather, she loves creating order the end of that mess. Watching Kondo come in the homes of some exceptionally disorganized people and generate harmony from their piles that junk is not only psychologically pleasing — it can even accumulate its viewers to do some alters in their very own lives.

How come watch: Tidying Up v Marie Kondo Season 1 is currently streaming top top Netflix.

18. Say i Do

The hatchet "surprise wedding" sounds like a finish nightmare, however Say I do makes the idea of proposing, planning, and springing a wedding ~ above one"s far-reaching other in much less than a week seem like the peak of romance. Component of the show"s charm originates from its uplifting post — that true love deserves to be commemorated in all develops — and also the rest comes from its impressive three-man panel of experts who develop marriage magic for the adorable couples. Grab a fill of tissues and watch the love unfold.

How come watch: speak I perform Season 1 is now streaming top top Netflix.

17. Ultimate Beastmaster

A zanier take on NBC"s American Ninja Warrior, can be fried Beastmaster pits worldwide athletes against one that the hardest problem courses ever constructed. Then, they face each other.

Each episode, the competitor with the greatest score is called "The Beast." Then, at the season"s end, ripe Beasts complete on a brand-new course to come to be THE BEASTMASTER. With commentary featuring loads of spectacular hosts from throughout the globe, can be fried Beastmaster is basically the Olympics of truth TV...if the Olympics were pretty dumb.

How to watch: Ultimate Beastmaster periods 1-3 are currently streaming ~ above Netflix.

16. Billy on the Street

Chances space you"ve already treated you yourself to a Billy top top the Street clip binge. Now, gain the Funny or die masterpiece in the full-length format.

With help from celebrities favor Stephen Colbert, Amy Poehler, and also Keegan Michael-Key, comedian Billy Eichner takes come the streets of new York City come ask civilization questions they often don"t want to answer. Netflix only has actually Seasons 2 through 5 of the series, but those are some of its best. Take on the nostalgia that Eichner"s early on 2010s comedy stylings and also you"ll have actually a blast.

How come watch: Billy top top the Street seasons 2-5 are currently streaming ~ above Netflix.

15. Next in Fashion

Next in Fashion takes the fashion-focused competition popularized by job Runway and throws the curveballs the end the window, allowing designers to emphasis on developing their ideal outfits feasible without something to hold them back. The designers themselves every have strong backgrounds, although lock aren"t quite household names, and they"re completing to victory $250,000 and also a sleeve deal.

Hosts Tan France and also Alexa Chung lug a fun dose of humor to this series which highlights inclusive fashion. With just one, 10-episode season, following in Fashion is an easy binge for a lazy weekend.

How to watch: next in Fashion Season 1 is currently streaming ~ above Netflix.

14. The Circle

A social media competition the starts boring and ends batshit, The one is an gained taste.

Split into twelve episodes, this mix of Fox Reality"s Solitary and MTV"s Catfish work contestants v winning over strangers v a platform dubbed The Circle. They have the right to play as themselves or play together someone else, all the matters is gaining influence and inching closer to the $100,000 prize.

How to watch: The one Season 1 is now streaming top top Netflix.

13. Dating Around

Netflix"s very first original dating display may it is in packaged in romantic cinematography, however make no mistake: Dating around can obtain just together a dramatic as ABC"s The Bachelor.

Contestants — diverse in age, race, and sexuality yet universally ominous in love — head the end for a night in new York City. Each participant climate goes on one date, the same to all others contestants" (all eat in ~ the same restaurant, walk to the exact same bar, etc.), and also focus ~ above sparking a connection with the episode"s default bachelor or bachelorette. There space intimate conversations, surprising accusations, and lots of azer pauses. You"ll autumn in love.

How to watch: Dating around Season 1 is currently streaming top top Netflix.

12. Skin Wars

Follow me: Competitive. Body. Painting.

Hosted through actress and model Rebecca Romijn, Skin wars chronicles a team of talented artists together they take it on challenges involving person canvases. The winner of every season walks away with a one-year it is provided of speciality paints, the possibility to show up as a featured artist in ~ an worldwide body paint trade show, and also a cash compensation of $100,000.

If you love Skin Wars and also all that crevice covering, nipple disguising action, likewise check the end Skin Wars: new Paint. Held by RuPaul, this spin-off collection sees Skin battles winners train newbie artists to body paint for the first time. The goes around as badly as you"d expect.

How to watch: Skin Wars seasons 1-3 are currently streaming on Netflix.

11. Impressive Interiors

Seemingly based on the old adage "don"t judge a publication by the cover," Netflix"s remarkable Interiors access time unassuming structures that hide spectacular secrets.

From a residence that doubles as an aquarium come a steampunk wonderland, the places featured on this display are together breathtaking as they space memorable. Each episode runs a tiny under a half hour, the perfect lift noise or pre-bed display to bring into your home.

As a bonus, examine out Interior style Masters, a british competition collection that work ten artists v reimagining advertising spaces choose restaurants, version homes, and store fronts. The winner to walk away with a high-profile advertisement contract come redesign a bar at a London hotel.

How come watch: Amazing Interiors Season 1 is currently streaming ~ above Netflix.

10. Slobby"s human being

The internet-famous owner that Generation Cool, a vintage keep in Tucson, Arizona, Robert hall (aka "Slobby Robby") stars in a Pawn Stars-esque show capturing Hall"s enthusiasm for "80s and also "90s memorabilia.

Surprisingly sweet and unspeakably strange, Slobby"s civilization is one of Netflix"s weirder corners. You"ll have actually so countless questions about this man. Plenty of will walk unanswered. However you"ll be cure to glimpses in ~ plenty that cool collectibles and a portrait the one male who screams passion follow me the way.

How to watch: Slobby"s people Season 1 is now streaming top top Netflix.

9. Last possibility U

For young, talented football players hoping to make it to department I or the NFL however found us in a bit of trouble, a handful of small colleges in the United says offer castle a last opportunity to turn their stays around and also put them on a course to success. Last opportunity U focuses on a few different junior college soccer programs, primarily east Mississippi ar College, and the players who have uncovered themselves there.

Each season focuses on a year the a school"s program and gives united state an detailed look in ~ these kids who one of two people couldn"t gain into DI college or were kicked the end for one reason or another. Sometimes it"s due to the fact that of your grades, other times its concerns with the law. It"s an intimate look at few of the least privileged youth in America acquiring an opportunity to do it to the top.

How to watch: Last possibility U seasons 1-5 are now streaming ~ above Netflix.

8. swollen Away

Follow me (again): Competitive. Glassblowing.

In the back-breaking people of glass arts, the crest couldn"t be higher. One not correct move and also an award-winning masterpiece can end up being worthless shards in seconds. Because that the competitors in blown Away, the push is ~ above to pond weekly challenges and progress closer to the coveted title of "Best in Glass." There"s screaming, there"s crying, there"s a totality bunch of human being casually speak "glory hole," all alongside a 2,000-degree furnace.

How come watch: Blown away Season 1 is now streaming top top Netflix.

7. Fastest Car

Man, f*ck the rich. In this Netflix auto-racing series, owner of luxury supercars go up against "sleeper cars" (older models boosted by expert gear heads) in a quarter-mile race for a possibility at the season championship.

It"s high speed and also high intrigue, as viewers guess which racer will power supreme. To trust me once I say, also if you"re no "into" racing, nothing win a 1992 Honda civic stomping a Lamborghini.

How come watch: Fastest automobile Seasons 1-2 are currently streaming on Netflix.

6. Death through Magic

Magician Drummond Money-Coutts (aka "DMC") takes his job very seriously.

An escape artist with decades of experience, DMC to know all too well how stunts and tricks can go wrong. In his Netflix series Death through Magic, the daronger illusionist attempts tasks with a proven track record of killing those that attempt them. The result is a fist-clenching, teeth-grinding fiasco together utterly nerve-racking together it is impressive.

Not interested in city hall a dude virtually die? friend can likewise check out previous Cupcake Wars hold Justin Willman"s present Magic because that Humans, likewise on Netflix.

How to watch: Death by Magic Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

5. Rhythm + Flow

Netflix"s an initial original music competition display is usually American Idol, however waaay more badass.

Celebrity judges T.I., opportunity the Rapper, and Cardi B (with aid from guests consisting of Snoop Dogg, DJ Khaled, and Ty Dolla $ign) enlightenment the urban of Los Angeles, brand-new York, Atlanta, and Chicago in really hopes of discovering raw talent in the civilization of hip hop. The criticism is excellent, albeit periodically vicious, and the good performances are really, really good.

Buckle up, choose a favorite, and see that wins the $250,000 grand prize.

How come watch: Rhythm + flow Season 1 is now streaming top top Netflix.

4. Love Is Blind

Love Is blind combines the ideal of date in the Dark, Bachelor in Paradise, and also Married at very first Sight with simply a sprinkle of commerce Spaces and also Say Yes come the Dress.

As master Nick and also Vanessa Lachey explain, the matchmaking experiment starts with a swimming pool of contestants acquiring to recognize each other via "pods," adjoining rooms whereby they deserve to talk to their hearts" content yet never check out who they"re dating.

If lock agree to gain engaged, the entrants are permitted to fulfill face-to-face — where both your personalities and appearances can shine. Then, chaos ensues. Weddings room planned, hearts room broken, dental hygiene is discussed. Swoon.

How to watch: Love Is blind Season 1 is currently streaming top top Netflix.

3. Bling Empire

Billed together the reality show version that Crazy wealthy Asians, Bling empire delivers on the glitz and glamor the its wealthy subjects by offering a peek into their opulent lives. Pool parties, trips to Europe, purchase sprees, and closets to dice for are usual rich civilization reality present standards, but Bling Empire"s charming cast keeps this present a cut above the rest.

How to watch: Bling empire Season 1 is now streaming ~ above Netflix.

2. The Casketeers

A reality display centering top top husband and also wife Francis and Kaiora Tipene, The Casketeers records the challenges and also rewards that come with owning a little business — in this case, a funeral home.

Turns out, Tipene Funerals, located in brand-new Zealand, is a hot-bed for drama, antics, and spectacular combine of the two. Surprisingly lively and also respectful that the deceased civilization featured, The Casketeers is a fact universe that will suck girlfriend in for the long haul. Periods 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix. Season 3 started airing ~ above TVNZ 1 earlier this month.

How come watch: The Casketeers periods 1-2 are currently streaming on Netflix.

1. Awake: The Million Dollar game

So, a entirety bunch of world count soldier for 24 hours. Thousands and also thousands that dollars worth of quarters. No paper, no pen, no breaks, no naps. Then, the vain begins.

In Awake: The Million dissension Game, these sleep-deprived contestants should take part in Minute to win It-style challenges designed to manipulate their exhaustion. (As one example, in episode 1, participants are tasked with chugging frozen drinks since sleep deprivation renders you much more sensitive to temperature.)

There are a dozen caveats round to round, make ten times much more spectacular by just how exhausted everyone. Reasonable goes out the window, coordination is a no show, emotional stability is mixed. this. Episode are 40 minutes. It"ll change your life. You"re welcome.

How come watch: Awake: The Million Dollar game Season 1 is now streaming top top Netflix.

Honorable Mention: Prank Encounters

It"s Punk"d, if Punk"d took ar in a poor horror movie. 

In this intricate prank show, 17-year-old Gaten Matarazzo the Stranger points fame terrorizes unsuspecting adults who answered want ads for one-night-only jobs. One example? In the first episode, a babysitter and also a donation pickup volunteer (both the ones obtaining pranked) are terrorized by a talking teddy bear the springs to life and chases them down a hallway.

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If hidden-camera mirrors aren"t your thing, Prank Encounters will certainly hardly convince you. (There are far better ones the end there, to be sure.) however watching surprised victim desperately try to contact Matarazzo anything various other than "that child from Stranger Things" is constantly hilarious.